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I'm so so so hot hot!

It's official, I freaking love the Wonder Girls. Not that I hadn't liked them before, since I've enjoyed their hit singles and had them on repeat, but for the past few days I've been on boards and sites reading up on information, their performances and even some programs they appeared on. They are so adorable! And unlike some girl-groups where you'd suspect there'd be catfights in the background, all the members of Wonder Girls form this close sisterhood bond and look out for each other, which I think is great. I like all the members, but I think I fell in love with Sun Ye from their "Irony" video. Hee. So yeah, that's my fangirlishly thing I'll be distracted with for a while.

I've also been straying away from any kind of fandomish spoilers that has been unleashed online, so I've been distracting myself with foreign dramas, since it's been a while. Currently I'm watching Seigi no Mikata, which is so hilarious and corky.

Some time ago I found a very well-done Sylar/Rose Tyler crossover fanvideo, and have been meaning to rec it because holy shit it's awesome, from the coloring to the editing of clips together. And the only one out there that crosses them over, I think. I love crossover pairings, sometimes made of crack but oh so much fun.
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