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I've been dealing with real life things, some that's kicking my ass others that's making me very incredibly happy, but overall it's less with the stressful and just more crowded than I'd like it to be. Without getting into too much details at the moment I'm reaching certain goals I've made for myself and achieving in them, overcoming obstacles that life often throws at you, especially in this young adult life of mine, and just sort of trying to keep my sanity in check. Plus female monthly things happening that may be TMI for people so, I'll spare you that kind of ranting.

Is anyone else ready for fall? I am. As much as I love summer, it just needs to start cooling down over here.

I'm also looking at the previews for the fall fashions this year, and I love them. I love seasonal clothes but as a preference, fall/winter fashions are my favorites. Just the mixture of comfort and cozy as well as fashionable is appealing to me. I've already bought some previously before summer and now, in the catalogues I get in the mail, I'm craving for more. I'll probably make a fashion post sometime in the near future, since I'm intrigued by what this year's fashions are and what I'm influenced by in my style, and other substantial posts of that nature.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great time with these remaining days of summer and before school starts for some of you.
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