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This is what happens when you start shitting sparkles.

No matter what's happening, the Twilight fandom never fails to bring the frightening lulz. It's borderlining laughing hysterically at these people to repeatedly headdesking, or hiding by diving behind a couch like one would upon seeing a Dalek in real life. This is one scary fandom, boys and girls, and while I like reading upon the lulz, the fanbrats are equally as terrifying as Meyer's attempt to write fiction that she created out of her own ass. Of course the best place to get your lulz rolling for that fandom is by cleolinda's recaps of teh batshittery nonsense, and then some.

I don't read nor care about the books, but seriously? This fandom is crazygonuts, like whoa.

While I haven't been watching it I've been reading up on the coverages of the Democratic National Convention. As I mentioned before politics is a real nasty and fickle business which I don't spend too much time over, but to get the highlights of what's happening is all I need. Whether from MSNBC or CNN, but when in doubt there's always The Daily Show which never fails to bring mock-worthiness to such political events. Speaking of which, anyone notice that Stephen at TCR is in serious need to take some time off because he's all stuffy and sick? The poor guy, he's a real trooper for enduring that but seriously Stephen, you should go home to bed and get well.
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