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"Didn'tya know karma's a bitch? We know Blair is."

Despite not actually having it in my hands yet, getting a chance to see the Target exclusive extra from the Heroes S2 DVDs, thanks to himhilien, pretty much makes my day. It was a special of their 2007 World Tour they went on, and it reminds me why I love this cast. Like the Firefly cast, they are this huge loveable family and are all so humble and appreciative of their fans, and it's amusing to see their bewilderment of how big they've gotten worldwide just after its first season. Plus seeing Sendhil juggling oranges is just too damn cute (made me want to make a joke of juggling geese....)

I have discovered sixwordstories, what seems like a community for RPG journals to write a six word entry and other characters respond, usually having something to do with their own RPGing universe. It's become an addictive drug for me, I just can't look away! And some of the voices for the characters are surprisingly convincing, and others are just amusing to watch the interactions unfold.

It's September, and do you know what that means? The returning of our fandoms! Last night was the season premiere for Gossip Girl, which here are my furthering thoughts on the episode:

Gossip Girl 2.01 "Summer, Kind of Wonderful"

Leave it to Gossip Girl to start off hot and steamy with tons of scandalous things. We have Nate who is having an affair with a married woman, who is pretending to be with Serena, who Serena has been trying to get her mind off of Dan all summer but can't, while Dan has been jumping from girl to girl and not taking his job seriously therefore gets fired and pwned by the two girls he'd been with that one night. We then have Jenny who is trying desperately to redeem herself but it'll be a long time coming before that happens, but there's more Eric screentime so yay for that. It's all rather complicated, but surprisingly if you know the characters it doesn't give you a headache than if you didn't. Of course the books are worse to keep track, as I've heard. So be thankfully we have recaps of these things.

But my main focus, and primarily the only reason why I watch the show, is for Blair Waldorf and whatever schemes she is conjuring up and, most importantly, the battle between her and Chuck Bass.

Admittingly, I did want Blair and Chuck to kind of get back together this episode, but I think it's smart to have them plotting against one another for a while because that's what they do best. Though I would rather they get over themselves and team up to plot against others, since that's what they do best really well.

So in this episode Blair is making Chuck jealous by getting with a guy she'd just met, though she doesn't let him know that and she finds this man quite boring. Only it turns out that this man is no ordinary guy, he's a British Lord. This is going to be a problem for these two kids because Blair lives in this fairytale dream of finding the perfect guy and living inside a movie, and this kind of fulfills her dream a bit. And because Chuck cannot shy away from his Chuck Bass reputation, he has a difficulty time saying "I love you" when Blair asks him for it in the end. Which is typical Chuck, but will be extremely hard to win her back from Lord Marcus. This is where the scheming comes in, naturally, and neither will go out without a fight that they'll win.

Unknowing what's going to happen, I do have faith that they'll do these characters and their storylines justice, and I want them to reunite without it being sappy and overdone. It's Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass for goodness sakes. Their cruel bitchiness can't be overseen, even when they are together. That's just how they roll, yo.

I felt this episode was more of a filler before the real entertainment begins. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but I feel that we need to get back to New York before anything else truly happens, and this was setting up for what's to come. And hopefully it'll be good.

My predictions: Serena and Dan won't last, because they've stated before they won't be getting back together this season, as much as cute and cuddly they are. I was, of course, going OMGWTFDANUIDJIT! during this episode. He can be a real hypocrite sometimes, and I have no frakking idea what's going on with Nate, but I have a feeling everything'll bite him on the ass. Also, I read months ago that there was a plan on having a hitman sent by Georgina to go after Blair? Or was that just a rumor? Because if this season starts to become lackluster, though I'm hoping it doesn't because it's Gossip Girl and it's all about the eyecandy and drama for me, a hitman storyline just might pick it up. But I'm crossing my fingers things will go well this season. Dirty, sexy, scandalous.

Favorite line in the episode: "Damn that motherchucker!" ILU BLAIR!

Oh guilty pleasure entertainment, how I've missed you terribly! And Blair, how I've missed your nasty snarky self. Glad to have you back, bb!
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