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Today is made of shiny things, and here's why

++ HOT DAMN SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY. He should do photoshoots more often. Seriously, for someone that ridiculously gorgeous it's kind of difficult to not consider making an entire editorial magazine dedicated to him. Just, boo to the watermarks and non-hi-res. I want to see the pretty, dammit!

Also, NBC has FINALLY released the S3 Mohinder Suresh wallpaper. About frakking time.

++ I'm absolutely obsessed with BoA's "Eat You Up" even though I have yet to actually hear the entire song. It hasn't been released yet, but I've been rewatching the teaser commercials for it, along with the "making of" which OMG, her English is too adorable for words! It's just so addictive and I'm just waiting for the entire song to be released so I can put it on repeat over and over and over. Same with Kuu's new single "TABOO" (which BTW, the PV is drop-dead sexy featuring girl/girl and guy/guy moments which involve Kumi as well, something that the U.S. should probably consider for their music videos Y/Y?). Super hot and sexy, both songs are in fact.
Tags: jpop: koda kumi, kpop: boa, sendhil ramamurthy
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