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Heroes: Season Two Rewatch

This is a Heroes Re-watch for season two to get ready for season three. Obviously a shorter season than the previous, only eleven episodes due to the strike, but I figured it would be nice to relive those episodes and talk about certain scenes and storylines I either liked or didn’t like, characters and my opinions on them, and so forth. A more in-depth look, if you will. Beware though, it's a bit TL;DR, but I tried to be concise as possible without going overboard.

2.01 “Four Months Later…”

++ The opening sequence is something I found interesting, with Mohinder’s voiceover interweaving between him giving his lecture speech to the montage of scenes from season one and unseen episodes for this upcoming season. What’s interesting in this teaser is that we’re given at least half of the episodes of season two. I’m reminded of how BSG teasers are before each episode in the opening theme, giving a flash of quick montages of what’s to be expected of that episode; in Heroes S2 they did exactly that but for the season, and we’ll see this interweaving of voiceovers and montages in the finale during Nathan’s conference speech.

++ It makes one wonder, though, how Mohinder manages to do this world tour. It’s never stated how much money he does have, going by personal canon we know that his family may be well off and he has plenty in his savings, but it’s also mentioned in this episode that despite whether he may or may not have that kind of money he doesn’t have the proper expensive equipment that does an efficient job that the Company provide.

++ I will say this: I was interested in the twins’ storyline and thought it had potential, however it was executed poorly in the writing and never went anywhere.

++ More with the personal canon of how Matt Parkman came to live in Mohinder’s apartment and how they managed to both become guardians of Molly Walker. They never addressed to how this evolved or came about, which on an understandable level it’s not relevant to the main plot, but I feel like there should’ve been some back story. Anyway, I’ve always been fond of the M3 storyline and will continue to love it because the concept is too adorable to pass up. And the bickering like an old married couple bit, but that’s for later. I also liked that Bob called out on that but didn’t dismiss it, in fact he approves of Mohinder and Matt living together and taking care of Molly.

++ The Bennet family…you know, the whole point of being incognito from your alleged enemy is picking an alias that doesn’t resemble your previous name. “Butler” isn’t an effective fake alias. I’m surprised the Company hadn’t tracked them down months ago. Take advice from the Winchesters, HRG.

++ About Hiro in ancient Japan, I did call it last season when Hiro and Ando were in the museum and he was retelling the tale of Kensei and the infamous sword, so the surprise that he would actually become his own hero didn’t really shock me (although finding out my predictions had been right did!) Did Hiro spend too long in ancient Japan? Perhaps, but seeing the antics of him and “Kensei” was interesting to see.

++ Even though we know the outcome of this later, the reveal that Mohinder and Bennet are working together never fails to make me squee a bit.

2.02 “Lizards”

++ One of the things about this season was the evolution of character’s abilities, and in this episode we see that Claire is really accepting herself for who she is and what she can do. From the moment she says to her father that she wants to do something more with what she can do, save others instead of being cooped up forever never knowing her true potential, I was cheering for her because I’d assumed this meant she was going to do something heroic with her powers, like we’d seen in S1. Unfortunately, another backfire of this season, she didn’t really do much. It was there but nothing came from it. However, the concept of lizards, as the title suggests, is that with her regenerative ability she can re-grow parts of herself that have been mutilated. We saw a small part of this during the pilot episode when she stuck her hand in the garbage disposal and her fingers were fucked up – and they repaired themselves back to normal. But this takes another step that with her cutting off her own toe it can grow back, much like a lizard’s tail can overtime.

More about the evolution and progression of character’s powers as I do more of these re-watches.

++ What I found interesting was the Haitian getting the Shanti Virus. We will learn in "Four Months Ago" that he helped Peter escape, so this has me wondering if the Company did this purposefully after knowing that one of theirs turned around and helped one of their inhabitants escape. I wouldn't put it passed them to do so.

++ Another thing I found interesting was the conversation between Mohinder and the Haitian, the discussion of God and faith. It's a common recurring theme of Fate and Destiny, and there are those that believe that their powers are gifts from God or whatever deity they worship. It's interesting to see Mohinder give his attitude towards God in general, which is understandable since he does give a reason, however I don't believe he's truly an athiest like his father. There needs to be more exploration into that but, I'm not sure that Heroes can sustain the subject matter of religion unless done in a subtle manner. We already have BSG that constantly does that, and now Supernatural is going down that road, and I know that Heroes has done it a few times but only in passing conversations with characters. So I don't know, I would like it to be explored more but, again, only if it makes sense in context of what's happening.

Of course there's this theory that I also partake in that perhaps all our "heroes" in the show that have extraordinary abilities are actually angels sent to find their path and save humanity. A stretch, I know, but plausible if you're goint down that route.

++ The ending scene with Mohinder coming home and finding Matt and Molly asleep was the cutest thing ever. And then the phone call with Bennet -- I keep feeling there's a goof here, because if it's nighttime in New York shouldn't it be daytime in California? Or is it early morning for NYC and becoming dusk in California? My mind is kind of not working with timezone things at the moment. Either way, I still liked the reveal of the Haitain appearing before Bennet. It was all a ploy! Whee!

2.03 "Kindred"

++ I still maintain that this episode doesn't execute well in terms of pacing and editing. It was something different they tried I get it but, not really the best outcome it terms of editing IMO.

++ Pretty much the only thing that I loved about this episode, personally speaking, was the Mohinder, Matt and Molly reunion back at the apartment. It's a small little scene that I wished had gone on longer, but I found it nice nonetheless. I really love the connection Mohinder has with Molly, when she cries out "Mohinder, you're home!" and jumps in his arms and him with this absolutely joyful smile. Of course his worries mirrors Matt's in this dangerous mission and I do tend to agree with Matt, that he he does seem to be in way over his head concerning this partnership deal with Bennet.

++ There's also omnious thing when talking about Mohinder's fate in these few episodes ("try not to get yourself killed" by Bob, "don't die on her" from Matt, and "as long as I'm alive you have nothing to worry about" from Bennet). Was it a sign of what's to come, of his conflictions about doing the right thing, of some significant meaning to his character? I don't know, but I did get worried quite a bit over the season because of them. And I still am, going into S3.

2.04 "The Kindness of Strangers"

++ In my opinion, this is probably one of the best episodes and I'm sure y'all know why. The M3 family. I can't help it, ever since the premiere I've wanted more of their domestic homelife and although we didn't get much of normalcy, which I understand, we did get this episode which Tim Kring I believe wrote. From the moment that both Mohinder and Matt rushed into Molly's room after her waking up from yet another nightmare, I think I squeed a bit. No, actually, the squeeing came right when Mohinder sang Molly a lullaby. al;sjdfl;ajsl;dfjas!!! DADDY!MOHINDER ILU.

++ Another reason why I liked this episode was the reveal of Maury Parkman, Matt's father, but the Nightmare Man Molly sees in her dreams. This naturally raises questions. Back in the S1 finale "HTSAEM" we are given the hint that there's another "boogeyman" that sees Molly whenever she thinks of him, and it's revealed in this episode that that other boogeyman is Matt's very own father. Now, did the Company ask her to locate him for something during her stay at that facility before she'd acquired the virus, or did he randomly seek her out? I like the first option, because it would make sense considering the Company would have many uses for someone with Molly's clairvoyant ability. I know many were disappointed that this new big bad was actually this ordinary man that wasn't so creepy like Sylar, and had never been mentioned before until this season, however I digress on that.

I find having someone using your own nightmares against you and trapping you inside your own mind inside that nightmare to be repeated over and over is far worse than the death Sylar would give you. I mean, it's totally Nightmare On Elm Street. And yes, while Maury wasn't a scary-looking man it's the POWER you have to fear, and the intentions of that person and what they're willing to do to you with it.

This also brings up a lot more about Matt's abilities, which will progress more like his father, and knowing this show it's all about the daddy issues and becoming your parents.

++ Matt and Nathan, I quite enjoyed their bonding moments as well. It would've been a lovely friendship between these two, I think.

++ But of course, it all comes back to Matt and Mohinder in the end. Admittingly I do love the Matt/Mohinder pairing along with the M3 setup, the greatest thing to ever happen this season and I'm totally serious about this, and while I do have a guilty pleasure reading teh fluff with them all I do like the flat-out bickering like an old married couple between Mohinder and Matt. I liked that in "Kindred" we see how they interaction, in a kind of "you're my roommate but we have differences in opinions and views on things" and it's repeated in this episode. We see that Mohinder is irritated with Matt wanting to use Molly's ability for his own personal gain, and then we see them going at it once again. It can be seen as simple bickering, but they're doing it because they have the same love for that little girl and have differing thoughts on how to properly take care of her. That kind of domestic animosity is something I really wished they explored more thoroughly, but I can take what I get.

And I admit, seeing bitchy!Mohinder fills me with glee. More sarcasm and snark for him, please. *g*

++ As much as I love Sylar I'm disappointed that we hardly had much to go on with him this season. Him joining the twins should've at least spiced things up a bit but, eh, not so much. Again, that storyline was poorly executed thus having everyone hate it. I didn't dislike it but, I was becoming rather bored and uninterested to be honest.

++ The ending still leaves me with this OMGWTF DID YOU DO MATT?! I mean, I loved that Matt had gotten a bigger part in the season but srsly dude, you could've just gone by the apartment and done your telepathic and detective skills. Not sacrifice your little girl for your father the bastard. Molly screaming in her mind still wrenches my heart, almost like the one she does in "Powerless".

2.05 "Fight or Flight"

++ Epic mindtrip fight is epic, y'all. Seriously, I loved everything from Nathan joining Matt with this quest to them confronting Maury to both encountering their worst nightmares, to the choreographed fight between them and their demons except it's with each other, and then it's Matt that pulls himself out as well as mentally pulls Nathan out of his. That still is just fucking awesome, it also ups the stakes to what they're dealing with. It's not a big threat like Sylar's psychopathic ways, but it's still just as dangerous with that kind of ability. And my God, could you imagine if Sylar actually got THAT power? It would be fucking terrifying.

++ You know, when this first aired I kind of really wanted Niki to have been planted there in the Company as another double agent working with Bennet, sent there to be Mohinder's backup because really, Mohinder can't do that job by himself. Not with what he's up against in such a morally gray alliance of superpowered and influencial people. Which I still think was a mistake on Bennet's part, and really it was for his own gain. Also, I still love Niki despite the lackluster of her storyline this season, so had they'd gone in that direction I think it would've been better. But whatever.

++ Nathan + shotgun = OTP, for reals people. I also love his mussed up hair this season. So frakking hot, like whoa. Gimme moar Nathan, plz.

2.06 "The Line"

++ Some people didn't like this episode too much, but I loved it. The main reason obviously being Mohinder's conflictions about doing what he's told versus doing what he believes to be right. He calls Bennet asking for assistance, but as usual Bennet dismisses him and says to do what the Company asks of him otherwise they'll suspect something is up. Mohinder doesn't like this but decides to go through with doing what Bob tells him, only to discover that it's against his moral compass to do so. One of the things I've always loved about Mohinder is that despite the crazyass shit he's bombarded with, even if he makes his mistakes at times he proves to be human and go with his moral conscience.

++ Bennet becoming so damned obsessed with those damned paintings. Y'know, as much as I do love HRG there are times when his badassery is just too much, and had he thought through with the series of events he should've been more careful.

++ This is probably the only episode that has Mohinder in a white lab coat. Srsly.

2.07 "Out Of Time"

++ Possibly one of the best episodes of this season, for serious. The fact that Mohinder, Niki, Nathan and Matt all team up together, in a sense, to try and prevent Maury from killing or at least hurting someone is just awesome. I liked them all together in Bob's office, and the setup of them was lovely; Matt and Mohinder standing next to each other as well as Nathan and Niki doing the same thing. It's like the battle of the OTPs, and Bob is in the middle because he's just out of place. Heh. Anyway, I like how they all know each other but it's all business. The looks they give each other, it's just so obvious and yet they have no time for catching up. IDK, I do wish there had been more screentime with Mohinder and Nathan.

++ Speaking of characters coming together, I do secretly have this wish of the possibility of Niki/Mohinder they are so the Six/Gaius of the Heroes!verse, if you catch my drift. Or at least have extended their partnership in a way. I think they would've made a lovely team, and I liked how Niki spoke to Mohinder regarding the Company. Again, he sees things black and white there but it's Niki that kind of gives him that open window that sure, they may do questionable things but they helped her. So even if they do morally gray things their intentions, at least originally, were for bettering those with abilities. It only got into a darker shade of gray over the years.

++ I have to say it: OH NOES, NOT MOHINDER'S NOSE!

++ The confrontation between Matt and his father was kind of heartfelt, and Greg Grunberg really put everything out there. The raw emotions, the way he spoke, it was so good. Along with that scene in the room with Molly before that. I liked that he's finally overcoming his daddy issues and facing it head-on, and thus saving Molly in the process. His "I love you" to her in the end of that was so lovely, as well. It made me smile. However this opens the door for Matt's abilities that are just like his father's, which I'll get to later. But let's stick with the happiness for now.

++ I know what most people thought about the ending. Mohinder reaching his decision to tell Bob about his and Bennet's partnership, thus seeming like a betrayal. Which it is, but really did people think that their partnership was actually heading in the right direction? Bennet practically implied in the beginning of this episode that Mohinder was expended, so really Bennet is just using Mohinder as a crutch so the Company won't go after him or his family. Surely he knows that Mohinder will find loopholes around them but seriously, the whole point of making a partnership is to have a mutual contact and planning. Mohinder is doing all the work, whereas Bennet has been off doing his own thing and not even mentioning to Mohinder what he's doing and why.

True, it might've not been the smartest move but place yourself in Mohinder's shoes, not knowing this Bennet man's truest intentions and then learning that he ruthlessly killed another man to get to those prophetic paintings that he's become so obsessed with. He literally has no one else to fall back on, and when presented with the task of getting Claire Bennet for her regenerative blood to create a vaccine for this virus, he doesn't know which side to trust anymore.

People may have been starting to dislike that here, but I think this adds more to his character development with these inner conflictions. He choose the better of the two evils he's dealing with, and even if the audience doesn't like it it's a human thing to consider, especially with all he's dealing with.

2.08 "Four Months Ago"

++ To be honest, I think this was the weakest episode. We only had like two main storylines going on here, the third being kind of nonexistant to me because we've seen that shit before with Maya and Alejandro so it really wasn't anything new. I felt that Niki's storyline was kind of messed with a bit, although we really do need more about her abilities and whether it's just superstrength of there's a connection between that and her alter ego of Jessica. And Peter and Adam....really though, you'd think Peter would start using his brains after all those months staying inside that facility. Hell, one day there like a cell-like place would give it away. It's like yeah, we get it, Adam needed someone like Peter to believe everything he was saying to be truth, like he'd done so many years ago with the founders of the Company organization, so he could escape and then continue on with his plan for the virus.

++ I hated Elle. I hated the slutty act and just everything about her. I'm sorry, but I cringe and pretty much bypass this episode in general because of this.

++ I also hated that we didn't get more about what happened in those four months. Like how Mohinder and Bennet got together and formed this plan of theirs, how Matt and Molly came to live with Mohinder in the first place, the move of the Bennet family, how Sylar was saved and yet transferred into the middle of nowhere -- which in the new season, why couldn't they have just placed him in one of the high security cells with the other "villains" or something? Nothing. So yeah, lackluster of an episode.

++ Though we did get how the timeline for Heroes is, which isn't that long at all. For this entire season it was like a week ever since the premiere. There was also Nathan which, squee! Loved that last scene with him all healed by the window, giving Angela this intense look.

2.09 "Cautionary Tales"

++ I think it was this episode that screamed "Heroes is back in business, baby!" From the style to how it was edited and paced, the action and mysteries and the unfolding of the prophetic painting of Bennet's death. Everything.

++ I've already said what I wanted to say regarding Mohinder and his decision-making, so I'm not going to repeat myself. I will say this however, even with people hating on Mohinder for betraying and killing Bennet they fail to understand the circumstances everyone was in. Everyone in this show has made mistakes, nobody is perfect, however many characters seem to get off the hook for their mindlessness at times. But Mohinder, the only character that has been doing things on a good moral scale, does something in the heat of the moment, where there was no other option because Bennet was about to shoot another man and his daughter ruthlessly, and everyone yells at him for doing so, I kind of question whether people are upset that it happened or upset because they would've done the same thing in that exact situation regardless of who it was. Because I believe it's the latter. We all would, and Mohinder being the everyman of the show does what we the audience would do in such extraordinary situations.

I actually started loving Mohinder more after this because it really tests his psyche a bit, he's been dealing with inner conflictions over the course of the season and this was the breaking point. And people forget that Mohinder never truly intended on killing Bennet. He tried talking him down first, he told Bob that if anything went wrong he'd tell Bennet everything, he tried desperately to steer clear from that path. Him shooting Bennet was the last resort, and I think he handled it better than any of us would've.

That is why I love Mohinder, and I make no apologies.

++ This episode was also about all of the character's mistakes and not heeding the warnings of what is to come before it's too late. It shows the consequences of that, of the good and the bad.

++ I will still never get over my fear over watching Bennet holding the gun directing in Mohinder's face. Never. I was actually doing the same thing Mohinder was, hands covering my face in shock and terror. If anything, I think that scene alone should be nominated for something. It was just so intense, so well done, and I loved the closeup shots of Mohinder's eyes. Just everything about that whole sequence I just loved, even if I was all "OMG NO DON'T KILL MAH MOMO!" through the whole thing.

2.10 "Truth and Consequences"

++ The scene between Mohinder and Bennet after he'd been revived via Claire's blood I still find kind of interesting in an odd way. Intense yes, because Mohinder is finally taking control of the situation and dominating over Bennet that sounds dirty, heh, but he regards to the Company like he's willingly working with them. Which he is, but there's something off about the line where he uses terms like "we" and "us" about him and the Company, as if he's on board with them when he really isn't. Just felt like mentioning that.

++ Okay, I'll put it out there. I don't hate Maya, but in all honesty I don't care for her either. I'm willing to give her a chance of course since we didn't get much about her character, but I felt irritated during this episode when she choose Sylar over her brother. I'm sorry, but even if someone proves they are just like you in ways another cannot understand, I would never choose them over family blood, much less send them away or allow them to disappear. She hardly knows Sylar and barely knows that he's actually telling the truth, and I think that's one of the things I hated about her characterization and in the writing, and I honestly hope they don't use that dependent thing again in S3 although judging from that one thing we already know is going to happen I fear they will repeat that, which is the thing I am wary about. Also in the end of the episode, she just seems so naive I just, I don't know. There's too much about the character I felt was wronged in this season that I am very nervous on how things are going to be executed next season with her.

Just my two cents.

++ Onto lighter notes, I loved when Mohinder was finally taking charge when he was confronting Bob about the lethal virus and about everything else. Again, this is presented in a way that shows that Bob is bending over backwards for Mohinder and his research. We don't know for what reason if there is another agenda, but I find it interesting that Mohinder is just really laying down the law on his side and Bob is agreeing to it. This has one of my wishes that if things happen accordingly, that Mohinder could end up working for the Company but also as the new Head Director; changing the way things are operated and helping others by a larger range. With his moral compass it could be a good thing. Right?

++ Flashbacks to the Older Generation need to happen more, or just flashbacks in general. Just saying. It would be a great opportunity to explore different connections to storylines and the plot; flashbacks or flashforwards, either one would work.

++ I am still in love with the ending with Sylar calling Mohinder from his apartment. Him hovering over sleepy!Molly is just fucking creepy, and how he was shushing Mohinder over the phone, and Mohinder's terrified look on his face. I just, there is nothing that can ever beat out the Mohinder/Sylar scenes, and I'm glad we finally got something in this season because we were lacking the Sylar scenes, especially creepy!Sylar. And I read on Beeman's blog that the whole scene with Mohinder in the taxi, with the moving backgrounds, was all CGI'd in. Now that is just frakking awesome, the same with the backdrop sunset for the ending scene in "Cautionary Tales". Just filters. If anything this show does well is scenery, cinematography and how effects are done. Srsly.

2.11 "Powerless"

++ Mohinder and Sylar. Sylar and Mohinder. Nothing can defeat what kind of chemistry these two have anytime they share screentime together. I pretty much was squeeing the entire time the beginning sequence was happening. I mean with certain actors you just know there's a connection, and with Sendhila and Zachary you get that immediately. Their interactions and reactions to each other is just out of this world. Just how Mohinder has this expression throughout the scene is just "how in the hell can my life get any crazier...?" Not to mention when he picks up that knife only to find Sylar pointing a gun at him, his expression alone speaks volumes. Sylar may be powerless, but he's still a dangerous motherfucker.

++ Again I go back to Molly and Mohinder, which I think their relationship is of the special kind. From when Molly cries out that heartbreaking scream and Mohinder trying to get to her, but cannot, you can see the anguish on his face. And afterwards he hugs her like there's no tomorrow, his face of utter relief. Srsly, Sendhil bb, ILU so much.

++ More Nathan and Matt time! I still LOL about Nathan flying Matt all the way to Odessa, Texas. It cracks my shit up that they actually went there. *g*

++ Y'know, I don't consider Peter one of my favorites but I like his character well enough, but something about season two really kind of lacked something about his character, and this goes beyond the amnesia bit in the beginning of the season. Just the fact that he follows Adam all the way to the end, and even as Hiro and Matt try to convince him that Adam is not to be trusted he still doesn't listen, until it is Nathan that comes to him in the end. Okay, trusting your own flesh and blood I get, but seriously Peter you know if there are more than one person that says that Adam can't be trusted you have to really start reconsidering and questioning whether this may be true. I'm just glad that there was the Nathan and Peter reunion in the end.

++ I still have my questions and theories regarding why they kept Sylar alive, why they kept him stranded elsewhere instead of at one of the facilities to be tested on, and all of that. But for Mohinder to discover that the Company was using Sylar as their test subject for their own purposes makes me really wish that this upcoming season has him questioning more about the Company's intentions involving those that may be just as dangeorus as Sylar.

++ I will admit, I did start warming up to Elle in these later episodes. The fact that she does have redeeming qualities and wants to do good, even if it is impressing her father who seems to want to use her as a weapon rather than a person. Also, her going to Bennet for guidance and answers really says a lot about how much she lacks that kind of fatherly love that Bob doesn't provide.

++ ....And then Nathan gets shot in the end. Nathan just isn't destined to live, is he?

++ I do know that the original ending before the stike they wanted to release the virus, and Nathan was suppose to have collapsed at the conference and thus the world would be in huge trouble. I think that would've been a great story to tell, how that would've been done and the kinds of stories that would've been told. It could've been a lovely second-half of the season, but alas the strike happened so we had an alternate ending that was used as the actual finale. So we skip directly to the "Villains" portion, which the tagline is "inside every hero, there may be a villain". Going to the "everyone has a light side and a dark side" concept; that nobody is purely good or purely evil, and that it is our choices that define who we are.

The new season starts tomorrow, and honestly I don't think I'm ready. I know it's been almost over a year since new episodes but, I don't know. Fandom is going to explode after being so quiet over these last several months, that's for sure.
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