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Times are good, yes indeed.

Hey mah peeps, friends and new friends alike!

So it's officially fall, fandoms have returned, school is about to start up for me, the temptations of fall fashions, y'know. The usual stuff. I have yet to actually write up my Heroes review, since there's too much I need to write about and discuss and speculate. I'll probably post it by the weekend before the next episode. Although honestly, I am much more excited about Supernatural this week, this season in general really. I mean so much is to be told with their continuing mytharc that I'm ridiculously giddy. Sam! Dean! Love ya boys!

Speaking of, I'm pimping spn_castiel. Don't lie, you know you love that angel hotass.

I'm currently working on a few fanmixes of the crossover variety. Trust me, the more crackalicious the better.

That's about it for the moment. I got over a massive headache yesterday, like whoa blame Kring for the wtfery messing with my mind, and just settling into what my new schedule is going to be in real life.
Tags: rl on the dl, supernatural
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