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26 September 2008 @ 05:52 pm
SPN: "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" Episode Review  
Supernatural 4.02 "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester"

As Dean is still questioning the true identity of Castiel and whether or not there's actually a God that may have an interest in saving him from Hell, a brash of hunters are appearing dead left and right, and soon the boys and Bobby find themselves getting visited by ghosts of people they couldn't save. Including Meg Masters, the girl that was possessed by the daughter of Azazel back in seson one, Ronald and FBI agent Victor Hendrickson. But this wasn't just some random ghost revenge hunt, as it's been revealed that this is a sign; it's the first step of the upcoming war, the Biblical war in Revelation, the Apocalypse, the Lilith's plan to release Lucifer from the final seal. We've reached the high point of the mytharc of the show, what it's all about, what everything has been leading to.

What is Dean's mission? Why did God command him to be rescued from Hell? How does Sam factor into all of this? All these questions and more are going to be revealed or carried out through the season, and I'm really hyped over it too.

The Rising of the Witnesses: "We Save People, But We Can't Save Them All"

I found this concept very interesting, the opened seal aside, because I've always wondered what if the spirits of those that had died underneath their watch or had been caught in the crossfire on one of their hunts and what happened in they came back to confront Sam and Dean. Now in some way, I kind of wanted them to be understanding that it wasn't their fault and it was just bad luck or whatever, but them being angry that they weren't saved whereas the Winchesters continue to be standing and sacrificing everything for each other. They hold grudges, ask the "why" and "how could yous" and all that, they want answers and they are pissed.

Though I do wonder, why those individuals specifically? There are a lot of people that Sam and Dean couldn't save, either accidentally or inevitably. That's the way the job works, and that's life. But it's the ghosts placing that blame on them, their agony of dying in unnatural ways and being exposed to unnatural things that wouldn't have happened if they were never involved. Meg was inevitable but Hendrickson and Ronald? Their deaths could've been avoided, but it was at a greater price.

Either way, it was nice to see old faces again. Nicki Aycox is still amazing, and I felt for human!Meg. Her story was so sad, and it makes me wish we'd seen more of her original self than possessed!Meg, even though I loved her too. Also Hendrickson and Ronald, nice to see them as well.

But you know who I would've loved to have seen? Jess. Imagine the kind of emotional punch that would've had on Sam, especially since he spent a long time afterwards mourning and blaming himself for her death. It would've opened up those old wounds again. Understandably they couldn't get Adrianne, I think filming conflictions with FNL or something, but still. The idea is just too good to pass up, especially if we're going for the ghosts of people they couldn't save and would have their guards down to apologize or whatever.

Theory of the Apocalypse: Demons, Angels, the Antichrist, Lucifer and the End of Days

I wholeheartedly believe that this is what the Winchester legacy has been about. I have been thinking over this since yesterday, and it makes total sense.

I'll probably get into this in a near future meta post or something, but looking at all the evidence presented to us in the Supernatural lore and universe, there's so many connections to this that I am freaking out and squeeing like mad. Sam possibly being the Antichrist, because he has part demon in him and his psychic abilities, Dean possibly being the savior or soldier in this coming war, Castiel and the other angel soldiers of God, the releasing of Lucifer that Lilith is trying to do....everything. This gets me so giddy like you wouldn't believe.

And it all has something to do with Mary Winchester. That much I do know. She either was involved with something or knew something and we're finally going to find out this season.

I also like that they're treating the religious aspects respectfully so far in the series. I know people have been iffy about that, or possibly don't care or for whatever reason don't want their precious fandom to be mixed with religion. But in the lore and mythology of the show, if they hadn't done this I would've been kind of pissed. We need this revelation to happen because it's essential to have the Light along with the Dark, because without one there cannot be the other. As I mentioned before, it's the yin and yang of life, and whether you are religious or spiritual or don't have any faith whatsoever is not the point, it's about the show and how it affects the boys and their journey and destinies.

Anyway, I find the seals bit really interesting. Now in the Book or Revelation there are only seven seals but this being a fictional show, they can use the actual references to fit into their own mythology. Which is fine. I do like the representation that Lilith is the one breaking these seals to reach the final one and release Lucifer. However this goes down, whether Sam is the Antichrist or will help Dean defeat Lilith once and for all without going darkside or it'll be a brother versus brother or something much bigger, with the demons versus angels in such a battle, I am all over this season like whoa.

This whole thing feels me with absolute joy and squee, you guys have no idea. ♥

Castiel and Dean: There Ain't No Fluffy White Wings or Halos For This Angel

Another thing I loved is Castiel laying down the law before Dean. I literally had goosebumps when he was staring him down intensely and warning him that if he doesn't try him with respect he will have no hesitation to drag him back to Hell. Double yay for Kripke for not making Castiel a fluffy Cupid of an angel, and that they are actually going for the realistic portrayal, or at least the portrayal that is not commercialized by our culture concerning angels. They are soliders to do God's will, and they are powerful and dangerous and scary as fuck. Y'all think demons are badass motherfuckers? Angels can be just as bad, if not worse. Srsly, Biblical angels ain't to be trifled with.

I also liked the difference in Dean's posture and attitude whenever Castiel's around. Granted he's having all these thoughts and mouthing off to Castiel, trying to understand whether he's really an Angel of the Lord as he claims to be, but I found it interesting that when the demon!waitress threatened to send him back to Hell he didn't blink. However, when Castiel gave that same threat Dean looked freaked out. It could be because Castiel could probably do that, since he did pull him out from the Pit, but I also think that Dean really does believe in what Castiel says.

It also raises a question on whether or not Dean actually does believe in angels or at least have an agnostic side to him. We know that Mary believed in angels, and despite all that's happened to them over the years with the hunting and living abnormal lives, that perhaps buried deep down that he still have a little bit of hope that somewhere there's something looking out for them. Faith or no, I do think he has some belief left in him, he just has to find it again.

I love that Dean is asking all these questions about believing and not believing, about God and angels and Good and Evil; these are appropriately good questions that should be asked.

This season is going to be one hell of a journey for them all. We know that Sam believes in angels but is practicing with his demonic psychic powers, something I know that God wouldn't be approving of because, honestly, he was touched by evil, and Dean's disbelief may turn into a bit of soul-searching as he comes to terms with God and what has been planned for him and his mission. It's going to be very interesting, indeed.

Also, more Castiel and Dean scenes are just love. ♥

Shiny Things About The Episode

++ First of all, the episode title? Made of awesomeness.

++ Dean + Pie = OTP, amirite y'all? Of course, pie is considered evil so, heh. But yay for continuity with teh pie.

++ The female hunter, Olivia, was awesome in the opening teaser although she died rather quickly. But I liked seeing a normal kind of household for a hunter. I know we've seen a few but usually hunters have a lot of stock in their homes or hideouts, like obsessions, so this seems like this woman hunter had a life outside of her hunting but was still prepared nonetheless. Too bad she died, though. She seemed cool from the limited time we saw her, and I believe Sarah Connor would approve of that hidden arsonal stash. Srsly.

++ The squabble in the beginning between Sam and Dean and their conversation with Bobby, that whole scene just rocked my socks. Loved the dialogue and the pacing of it all. In fact everything in this episode in the writing was awesome.

++ Y'know, I'm actually warming up to Geneviere's rendition of Ruby. She's not as sassy as Katie obviously, which I still miss the snark, but seeing her in the daylight and with her hair almost like how Ruby's was initially in the beginning of S3, I'm starting to like her more. I mean, I've always kind of liked the actress and I am curious about Ruby's feelings towards angels. Demons as a whole, really. Also, she reminded me like Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen (Kendra Shaw from BSG) in appearance. IDKW.

++ "I'm not afraid of angels." Oh Sammy, you should be. You REALLY should be. *shakes head*

++ Hunters winding up dead is kinda scary. This makes me worried about Ellen and Jo. Which I really want them to reappear somehow, either as a cameo in an episode or mentioned by the characters. Just give us some continuity that they still exist, dammit.

++ MEG! ♥ I love Nicki Aycox, and I loved at how much emotion she poured into human!Meg. It's such a different aspect than what we saw of her before and I liked that. I also liked Dean's reaction to her and her story, he was nearly affected by it because she was an innocent person trapped and they didn't know until it was too late. I'm betting he does feel an ounce of guilt for that.

++ It's so sad about what happened to Nancy. :( And holy shit, 45 minutes of torture?! Lilith is really sadistic.

++ Dude, Bobby built a panic room for the demon apocalypse. "I had a weekend off." BOBBY IS TOTES AWESOME U GUISE!

++ CASTIEL IS LOVE AND HOT AND JUST LOVE M'KAYS! Seriously, Misha Collins is just superb in this role, and when he was all in Dean's face with such intensity I swear I was crushing on him harder than I was in the premiere. And really, Castiel is the Leoben of Supernatural. Amirite?

++ I liked that Dean meeting Castiel in the night was a dream. Or was it? Hmmm. Anyway, I don't know if Dean is going to tell Sam what he knows, he probably will because hey he's told him all the other stuff about Castiel, but I liked that the final shot of him was in such contemplation over what he'd just learned from Castiel. And Castiel's warning, obvious. There's danger afoot, and it's a lot bigger than they've ever faced, and now that Dean is starting to finally get that picture in his head of what's to come I'm guessing he'll start revising what he believes or doesn't believe.

++ Lucifer. God. Demons and angels. The motherfucking Apocalypse. THIS SHOW IS THE BESTEST SHOW EVER, SRSLY!!!!!

Overall: Awesome Supernatural episode is awesome. I'm really enjoying where everything is going, the continuity of the bigger mytharc and everything in connection to the boys, their destinies and paths and just OMG. This is what I've been waiting for since last season, more about this war that they're going to be fighting and I'm just....tingling with utter excitement. I don't think I've ever been this excited about my fandoms since the first half of BSG season four. Seriously. OMG. I can't wait for this to unravel and get answers and more mystery and OMG EPICNESS! :D :D :D

My Heroes review will be up by tomorrow for sure, I'm almost done revising and polishing it up. Though I just had to write this because, in all honesty, I'm more excited over Supernatural than anything other fandom right now. I'm more squeeful over this because, hello, the epic mytharc that has been waiting to be revealed since like, ever! So excited for SPN this season and yes, you will be hearing this quite frequently from me.
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bitterbird on September 27th, 2008 06:01 am (UTC)
nice review hon!
I love Jess, I dont think I could handle watching Jess be so mad and upset at Sam though, that would be so hard. I think they mostly made good choices who they bought back, I loved seeing Meg especially and her story was really sad.
I really am so so so curious about what Marys role is, and what it is about her we dont yet know, I hope they tell us soon, eeeek!
Mischa plays Castiel so so so perfectly seriously he is pure &hearts
I wish next week would hurry up I want more eps now!
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2008 06:38 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D

Yeah, having Jess being all upset at Sam would be difficult. I love her too much to have that happen, but I think she would've been kind of aching for answers, begging him why he didn't just tell her about his job, why he didn't warn her about his dreams/vision of her death. I think that would've been interesting to see. But I agree, they picked great people to be brought back. Meg especially.

I've heard nothing but I do know something will be revealed. I don't know how much but anything involving Mary is going to be good. WHEE! :D

He really, really does. I just love what he brings to the show. ♥

The Large Purple Weed: *hearts*tracy on September 27th, 2008 04:00 pm (UTC)
YOUR REVIEW MAKES ME SO HAPPY, especially the bits where you couldn't help but sneak BSG in there. XD

Everything you said about Castiel and Dean and Lucifer and God and the apocalypse. and the PIE. Plus, it really tickles me that when they're at Bobby's they're all comfy- and snuggly-looking in their socks like it's a slumber party or something, hahha. Which is random and has nothing to do with your review, but it had to be said. :">
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)

Hee, actually I agree. It's nice that for once they aren't in some random motel room and are staying at Bobby's house, comfy and cozy like having a sleepover at their BFFs. And that's kinda cute. ♥
(Deleted comment)
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 27th, 2008 08:09 pm (UTC)
Hee, thank you! ♥

I couldn't help but make that connection, because it's true. I think that's what made me love Castiel even more. :D

This is honestly the first time anyone outside of Sam has ever been concerned so much with Dean and what he does, and he's freaked out. Once he gets over that and starts actually carrying out what's expected of him -- and is praised for it, something totally foreign -- maybe Dean will finally come to terms with himself and step out from under John's shadow.

Dude, totally. It's going to be the first time that he looks at himself and everything around him objectively, and realize that oh yeah, his life does mean something and that he does deserve to be saved, that God wants him to live for a specific purpose. Whatever the purpose is, he'll find out, but it'll be a nice turn of events from his normal routine he's been under to really step from that shadow and into the light (so to speak). Him being freaked out over God thinking he's important was kind of cute, because to him that makes no sense. Like, why should God give a second thought about Dean Winchester? Also him asking these questions, confronting Castiel about it, it makes me really hopeful for what's to come.

Now I'm all tingly with excitement again. ;D OH SPN, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?!
I'm the devil. Nobody knows it.silme711 on September 28th, 2008 08:20 pm (UTC)
Love your review! ♥

Thought the same way about Jess. I'd have loved to see her! There are still so many unanswered questions between them and to see Sam's reaction...*sighs* That would have been so nice...
Renéerogueslayer452 on September 29th, 2008 04:18 am (UTC)
Thank you! ♥

I know, it would've been awesome to see her and how Sam would've reacted and interacted with her. I mean there are so many people that they just couldn't save but, in the end, I'm happy with the choices they made. It was nice to see Meg and Ronald again, and Hendrickson after last season. I just wished we would've seen Jess amongst them, or Gordon. Or Ava! Andy! Any one of them. Now that would've been kind of a doozy of angry spirits, don'tcha think?
I'm the devil. Nobody knows it.silme711 on September 29th, 2008 10:15 am (UTC)
Jess would've been really awesome. I just can't imagine her being angry at Sam just, you know. Looking for answers.

Omg you're right! Ava! And Andy!!! I loved him to pieces ♥
So many great characters on that show!