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Heroes: "The Second Coming" & "The Butterfly Effect" Reviews

The premiere review, which I've combined both episodes into one since, well, it was a two-parter after all.

Heroes 3.01 "The Second Coming" and 3.02 "The Butterfly Effect"

The premiere begins with a bang where we're transported to four years into the future, where a future!Peter and future!Claire square off, talking about events that we have yet to actually see, disastrous events, and before future!Claire can shoot future!Peter he freezes time, takes her gun and disappears and transports back to present day. The day that Nathan is giving his speech at the conference, and he's the one that attempts the kill him, believing that he's stopped Nathan from revealing the truth about them and people like them that would've set off the dangerous turn of events. Now it seems that future!Peter is not done, that he has to make sure certain events never happen to prevent whatever dark!future he's come from from ever happening. But in order to do so he must be in disguise as present day Peter, so he rids Peter into the body of one of the "villains" inside Level 5 of the Company facility, so he can walk freely, transforming back and forth between present!appearance to his future!appearance.

It also appears that Nathan's surgery was a failure, and yet is cured and saved miraculously. He has now had some kind of spiritual intervention from returning from possibly dying or having already been dead. He believes that God has saved him, given him another chance. However it is revealed that Linderman healed him, and that Linderman appears to him but only Nathan alone can see him. Yet Nathan continues to believe in being an Angel, and that their powers are gifts from God to do His will, and there are great things ahead of him as he takes an offer by "Tracy", who is actually Niki but doesn't realize or remember and somehow is projecting a freeze kind of power.

Getting confused yet? Well, that's not even as mindfucking as it becomes.

As it appears from the spoilers I'd been kind of worried about, Mohinder and Maya are having this...whatever you want to call it, it's just a thing I don't even know. Makes no sense to me. Anyway, he apparently has created something from a mixture of her blood or whatever that has not a reversal of powers but gives a power to a non-superpowered individual and decides, on a whim, to break the number one scientific rule and tests it on himself. He gains some superpower, have no idea what it could be, is all hyped up from it, his hormones are all outta whack and turns into Gaius Baltar and gets his nookie on, only to discover that there are ugly side effects from the injection and he starts transforming. Like dude, should've known.

Back in Japan, Hiro has taken over his father's organization and is quite bored with his task. Nevertheless, a video from his father has been sent to him for another mission which is to protect an artifact that is inside a secured safe. Hiro, naturally, takes curosity in it and opens it up, only for it to be mysteriously wiped from his hands...literally. He finds this mysterious speedster, named Daphne, and learns that's she has superspeed and is a thief. And what she took could, in fact, destroy the world if in the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Sylar gets to Claire and takes her power, but doesn't kill her. Claims that she's "special" and leaves her alone. This starts to self-evaluation for her, since her power has now kind of evolved; she no longer feels pain, and this kind of freaks her out since that was the only indicator that she was still human. HRG is released after Sylar has killed Bob and wants to kill all the others with dangeorus abilities in Level 5, but Elle uses a powerful explosion from her ability due to her emotions from her father being dead. Angela is now in control of the Company, Elle is without a job, and HRG returns to his family briefly and brings along Claire's biological mother to help take care of them while he's away, for safety precautions.

Also, it appears that Angela Petrelli may be Sylar's mother...but that's a mystery for another episode.

Confusion set in yet? Believe me, I know how that goes.

The Characters: The Good, The Bad, and the WTF?

Mohinder Suresh: First and foremost, everyone knows that Mohinder is my favorite character. I've loved how he progressed from season one and I loved his storyline in season two, however something was definitely off with his characterization in this premiere episode. As a scientist he should've known the primary rule that you never, under any circumstances, test anything foreign on yourself. And if you do, don't think there won't be any consequences. There's a certain level of keeping things in continuity and I don't think that Mohinder from the previous seasons would ever do something like that, he didn't even want to use the needle on Monica and went through many conflictions because of it. Why not here? Is there something about Mohinder we don't know, like he's secretly wanted a power all along but has never voiced it? I don't know, there was so much OOCness with him in the premiere that I can't believe this is my boy. Hopefully things will get explained as the season goes on but, honestly, since this takes place only like hours if not a day since the S2 finale there is no indication of that Mohinder in this premiere. Shouldn't he be worried about Sylar? About the Company? About anything like that at all?

I know I shouldn't be nitpicky over something like this from only two hours, but I can't help it. I was excited for him in season two because that was Mohinder we knew even four months from the S1 finale but this, this didn't feel right. I've always said that his characterization has never faltered but this may be the ending line if it continues on like this. Note that I have NO IDEA where his storyline is going or what's in store, but I just want to be explanations for all the WTFery that happened.

Claire Bennet: I'm so happy that there's more going on for her character this season, after the lackluster blah that happened last season. Claire's finally getting more into the main plotline, involved with different characters, being reunited with some characters, and even questioning herself about her capabilities. This is going to be an interesting season for Claire, since we saw her her future!self was there are going to be events and experiences that may explain how she became like that (like her encounter with Sylar, as spooking and disturbing as that was, it really made her think or at least contemplate inside her own head), and if it's preventable or inevitable. This goes for all the characters, I think. Because that future doesn't go away even if you change one aspect that you think is the main point of that future. Which brings me to....

Peter Petrelli: Seeing future!Peter again was nice. I kind of suspected that he was the one responsible for the shooting of Nathan at the conference (like hai thar spoilerish previews), and it's going to be interesting with him because he's trying to change the past for what's to come in the future. Whether he changes it for the better or he fucks everthing up, or if things are the way they're supposed to, like Hiro going back to ancient Japan that it was an inevitable time jump. Whatever happens, I like the personality differences between him and present Peter, and I like that Milo is going to have a challenge with playing the cold and somewhat cynical badass future!Peter and the current one who is trapped inside another man's body.

Angela Petrelli: The Ice Queen Bitch is back, and I'm loving every second of it. I also read she's going to be part of the major story this season, and I'm really happy for that. Also yay, her power! I kind of suspected either she or Arthur Petrelli carried the dream ability, and now we know. I liked that whole sequence, too. Her dream. And what was in her dream, and who, it's going to be kind of awesome.

Nathan Petrelli: From the politician to the shotgun!weilding mussed hair guy to an almost deadman turned religious covert. I can actually see why he went in that direction, because when you're on the verge of dying or have experienced death but came back, it changes you. It makes you think, self-evaluate yourself, look at things differently. Now him going to the chapel and making his speech about God and miracles did seem almost like he was possessed in a way, but we also see him kind of slightly losing it when he's seeing Linderman. His very own head!Linderman. Now there's something trippy. I don't know what's in store for Nathan, but it seems that there's another offer being made to him, and perhaps this is something that's been kind of predestined all along that hasn't been there. Who knows?

Niki Sanders: Or Jessica, or Gina, or Tracy....whatever she's called now. This is another what the major fuck moment because it's clearly Niki, but how did she survive the fire? How does she not remember? Is it really her as in really Niki, or is this possibly a twin or whatever? And what the hell is up with that newly discovered power? Is this symbolism with how she survived the fire, if that's possible? Like did she repel it by using some kind of cyrokinesis or something? This is too weird, and also note that the Heroes timeline is shorter than we think because this took place only days after the finale, if less. So again, another thing that needs to be, y'know, explained to us.

Hiro and Ando: The antics with Hiro and Ando have returned! With what was revealed when Hiro transported to the future, once again, it seems that what his father wanted him to protect is a type of formula that, when the second piece is connected and created, could bring forth the end of the world. It's also seen in this future that Ando, or someone that shares the identity of Ando, has a certain power. Perhaps this is a formula that creates a power for another, like what Mohinder created only far more powerful and dangerous? Also Hiro seems a bit nervous when speaking to Ando, at least a little bit, because what he saw. He didn't tell Ando though, which makes me think why didn't he? I don't know, but we've learned that not telling someone something that important leads to more disasterous things. IDK. But the whole antics with Daphne was kind of fun.

Daphne: New character, not exactly a villain more like a troublemaker. I like her. She's spunky and fun, and I liked how she and Hiro interacted. She's like the Heroes version of Bela Talbot with the thieving, only less irritating and more with the sassiness and just plain good fun. Hee. Can't wait for more with her.

Elle Bishop: I'm actually loving her this season and take pity on her for what happened. Less with the slutty, more with the sympathisizing. I felt for her, and I actually want her to take her revenge. Team up with Claire, Elle.

Sylar: Hairdo, questionable. Behavior and personality, wicked creepy and disturbing. Like, whoa. Never underestimate the levels of creepiness that Zachary Quinto can create by being this character. I liked him creeping around the Bennet house, in the dark, hiding and lurking in the shadows, behind Claire. Being creepy and disturbing and just how Sylar is supposed to be. It was so much like a horror film, that I was literally freaking out in a good way. Not to mention how resourceful Claire was with the knife and hiding, but also how he seemed to like chatting with her while she hid and while he was inspecting her brain on the table. So much creepiness. And we're back with the brain-slicing. I guess you couldn't have Sylar regain his powers without that, could you? I liked his streak in the Company, but then he gets captured. Yet again. Ah, just his luck eh? And what's going to happen....I can't wait.

Maya: Meh. I'm trying to give her a chance but, nothing says I should care about her character so I don't. Meh.

Noah "HRG" Bennet: So glad he got out of jail. But it makes me wonder why they placed him on the same level as the other dangerous people with abilities? Isn't there another level they could've placed him in, like for people without powers that are like in detention or something? Anyway, I liked his expression when Elle mentioned Sylar and then saw Sylar and then shot him, and his face when he regenerated. Oh boy. Of course I loved the ending with him and Claire reuniting. Their father-daughter bond, let's not break it again this season, m'kays? We've been down that road before, they need to be on the same page, and I'm glad that HRG did the right thing and told her all about the "villains" that escaped.

Matt Parkman: Lost in the African desert. Seeing symbols. Thinking he hears turtles' thoughts. Meets African spirit guide guy who knows him. Yeah, that's pretty much it. But thankfully we don't spend the next few episodes with Matt lost in the desert, and hopefully we'll understand more about why he's there and how this fits into everything.

Volume Three, Villains: My Opinion On The Premiere and Show and the Mindwhirl of Plotlines and What The Fucks

I thought the premiere was good, had interesting twists and turns and storylines I can't wait to be revealed. However, to be completely honest I didn't think it was a perfect premiere, and I felt like I stepped into the show like many changes and tweaks had been done which made it seem like it wasn't the show anymore. More notably the characterizations and certain plot twists that make no sense whatsoever.

Now I understand it was the premiere, that we're being given clues and hints and tons of things that are going to be revealed as the season progresses. But there's such a thing as giving too much confusion that makes us all go "what the flying fuck" which kind of destroys the enjoyableness, at least in my opinion. Surely I want to continue watching but only if certain things get cleared up on the "hows" and "whys" and explanations for what happened in the premiere. Now I appreciate Kring for wanting to fix the show and bring it back and, but there's something called overdoing the shock-factor. I don't want this show to turn into something like Smallvile or Grey's Anatomy or Stargate where continuity doesn't matter, that shit is made up as they go along or it's all about the ratings (which Heroes is NBC's top rated show on their network and it has been overpromoted like whoa, so I don't know if the hype is as good as it is or what). I know Kring and Co. have things planned out, but it's knowing what happens in between and making those things make sense to the viewer that is what I'm looking for.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Heroes, but I don't want to show to fall down that rocky road of having so many seasons yet forgetting to bring in a good story and confusing the hell out of everyone. That is why I stopped watching LOST, and I don't want this show to fall down that same crack. And I DO want this season to do well and be kickass, and with certain storylines I'm already curious and invested in I know it's going to be. I just worry about these things, especially when it involves my favorite characters.

The Mischaracterizations Which Make No Sense Whatsoever

It's not an unknown fact that Mohinder is my absolute favorite character on the show. He has had some amazing character developments, gone through moral dilemmas that challenged where he stood between sides, is the everyman of the show and is very much under appreciated in fandom. So when I say that I've been having mixed feelings about certain things that happened to him in this premiere, I want you to understand what I truly mean.

The premiere delievered some punches, some amazing turns and twists and even suspenseful moments that pretty much declared the return of the show. But upon seeing the first scene with Mohinder and, apparently, Maya, I was a little confused. First of all, he sent Molly away somewhere (understandably to keep her safe, although with Sylar roaming freely you'd think he would keep closer tabs on the little girl he loved). He goes off and discovers a kind of genetic serum that when injected can make anyone have abilities, and then injects himself and now he's underneath some superpower high, and now he's playing savior and hooking up with this woman he's barely known for like a day or so. It all seemed too rushed and abrupt for two-hour premiere, which is what the main problem was in season two was the rushed relationships. It also seemed very out-of-character for him because usually, Mohinder is very careful and reserved to do these kinds of things, he knows that there are consequences so him testing the serum on himself was kind of reckless. It's something he would never do.

Also, I don't like the development of Mohinder/Maya. At all. I didn't like it when it was rumored and seeing it onscreen doesn't make it better. It just left a bad feeling in my gut and I feel like it's a wrong move, quite frankly. Honestly, I don't outright hate Maya but seriously....she needs to get herself a better storyline than hooking up with guys almost instantly upon meeting them. It's getting a bit ridiculous.

That is honestly the thing that had me wary all these months, and I'm kind of afraid they'll be butchering Mohinder's character if they continue on like this.

I'm not the only one that thinks this, of course. Sendhil himself even declared his skeptism of where his character was going this season, and even he's still kind of uncertain how it'll play out. I loved him in season one, I loved him in season two with all his moral conflictions, but season three, despite the claims of it being a "better season", seems to have gone and cut some of the things that made Mohinder awesome in the previous seasons. Now yes, this was just the premiere and they have an entire season to give explanations and fix things that need to be fixed in order to make sense, but I'm really scared about where this is all going to lead and I don't want Mohinder's character to be ruined. He's become one of the best developed characters in the show to fall into the pits like this.

Mohinder Suresh and His Special Destiny, a.k.a. How To Scientifically Dose Yourself With A Superpowered Drug

Because this season has yet to actually make something of itself or have these storylines unravel to reveal more than what we do from the premiere, my initial thoughts from this went from "this is an interesting development" to "what the hell did Mohinder do?", and now I'm going back to thinky-thoughts regarding this arc for him and what this could mean for his character development, assuming they don't screw it up.

I know most aren't happy about this, and I'm very indifferent to it myself, but perhaps Kring and the writers wanted to show what the after-effects could be for someone who doesn't have a power. Since Mohinder is basically the everyman in the series, a reflection of the audience so to speak, maybe the concept of a non-superpowered person who had the chance to get a power that is unnatural and not within their own genetics would make for a great morality tale. Because mostly all the people who have abilities don't want them, or feel like sideshow freaks and often have to hide it, but there are others that don't have abilities and would think it would be cool to be special. To have something extraordinary in their mundane, ordinary lives. We all what something like that, a talent that nobody else has. Perhaps the intent of this storyline for Mohinder is to show that even if you do get an ability, whether by wishing or injection or whatever, there will be repercussions. Especially if it's foreign to your body, meaning not a natural progression in your genetic code.

We see Mohinder really giddy and hyper and hoped up after injecting himself, where whatever power he now has acquired has consumed his entire body. He's literally high off of this power, but like all dosages he comes down hard, only to discover that it's not as extraordinary as he thought. Something is happening to him, transforming him, changing him. This is not what the fantasy of having an ability is, and while I don't understand why he didn't consider this beforehand (like he normally would), this has me thinking that not only is this something to consider, but it raises some interesting questions.

This is what Sylar went through before he actually became Sylar. He wanted to be special, he wanted to be something more in life, and he had the chance but was shot down. So he then took matters into his own hands and he's become more and more power-hungry all due to his need to be special.

Does Mohinder believe that he needs to be special? Is he still harboring some resentment towards his father about not being able to save his sister, Shanti? Aside from his blood being a cure for the virus, he probably doesn't hold much value and possibly envies a lot of people that have such extraordinary talents. It's never been addressed in the show before but judging where he came from, the path he choose and where he is now maybe him injecting himself, only to see what a power might be like, could be like a scientific experiment in his mind. To understand and observe from the inside. Even if it was a reckless move on his part.

What does this mean about his development in the show? Who knows. There's been talk about him possibly going a little darker or entering more into that gray area, questioning his morality a bit, which anything involving that turn always intrigues me. I wouldn't mind seeing that development of understanding himself.

*is totally not thinking about having an future!Mohinder that is evil....*

Plotlines Exploding! The Excitement Over What's To Come

Despite my little nitpickiness as it seems there is over the premiere, I did enjoy many parts of what has been offered for this season.

I liked the Sylar and Claire encounter. I mentioned before it felt like that was straight out of a horror movie, and anything involving Sylar wanting to get powers it's like a horror movie every single time. I loved how Claire is now questioning herself and coming to terms with her power, and actually wants to help out in something. She mentioned this before in season two but it was never brought up again. I am hoping that this season, with what's been hinted at for her character in general, she'll be able to do that. And with Sylar, his kindness of not killing Claire because of what he saw for her future really makes me curious. I'm not for a Sylar/Claire pairing obviously but their interaction was interesting, to say the least. If future!Claire is a bad Claire then I wouldn't mind her and Sylar teaming up to do evil things. Or her and Adam. I don't know, but it could happen.

What's happening with Nathan and Linderman and "Tracy", and with Hiro and Ando and Daphne, and Elle with HRG and Angela and future!Peter and....this season is going to get even more mindfrakking. I don't know in the good way or bad way, but it's guaranteed to make our minds s'plode after every Monday night. For serious.

Things I Liked About The Premiere:

++ Once again, the creepy factor of Sylar and Claire. Zachary does a brilliant job of being absolutely disturbing, even if I do like him I wouldn't want him to be hiding inside my house at any given time. Good for Claire for the knife, it's not as effective for someone like Sylar but it was better than nothing, and it proved to be useful even if her plan backfired.

++ Shirtless!Mohinder. Though yeah, I don't mind that who wouldn't?, you better make sure his characterization is in tact. M'kay? Let's not have something how Peter was last season, gratuitous shirtless scenes but nothing with the development over the course of the episodes. Srsly Kring, please? Have something of substance for my boy, he's come such a long way for be put in a storyline like this. Just saying for the sake of him and his awesomeness to not be squashed, is all. Like having him experiment with powers can only go over well in theory, but with the Spidey/Slayer/hyper/turbo-charged hormonally sexed up slither-gonna-turn-into-something!Mohinder? I don't know. It's a comination of X-Files and The 4400 as someone mentioned to me. IDEK.

++ I did like him geeking out over his scientific knowledge, though. It was cute for him to be that giddy over genetics, as he is.

++ Oh yeah, and him drinking milk and that little bit of him with the "oh yeah, this milk is gone" before going to the fridge for another one. IDK, it made me chuckle. That and him doing that flip from the ceiling, which Sendhil did that himself. Heh.

++ Claire + cleaver knife = awesomeness. Resourceful gal, that one.

++ Nathan!! And the return of Linderman, who is the head!Six to his Baltar apparently.

++ The return of Claire's bio-mommy! So cool, reunions upon reunions, and I hear there's gonna be more. Whee.

++ I do have to say, when Mohinder injected himself and then was about to get shot by those thugs (Mo always attracts getting guns pointed in his face) and he did that flip from the ground, I couldn't help but think "Buffy". Martial!Arts!Mohinder should happen again in the series, but somewhat less influenced by an artificial kind of power serum.

++ Angela Petrelli never fails to bring the awesome. Loving Cristine Rose's performance.

++ Also noting her dream, obviously dreams are disoriented but her power means she's seen things, seen what has been and what's going to be, so we shouldn't take things for granted for them. There was Claire's head chopped off, Matt being stabbed by a sword(?), and some Company members themselves who appear before her in the dream. There's Adam Monroe, Niki (who may or may not be Niki, who knows), Maury Parkman and another new black character. Then Sylar appears right behind Angela. What the hell is going on here, and what does this mean? I am intrigued, yes I am.

++ Hiro stopping time and seeing the trail from Daphne's speeding was an awesome effect, and it makes for a good yin and yang. He stops time, she races against time, and apparently can break out of it. This is going to be neat.

++ Niki, except not!Niki. I'm waiting for this to be revealed. But I do have to say I liked her professional talk with that guy she's working with, since she is very professional!looking in the show currently. And sexy, all versions of herself. If Mohinder is the Final Cylon then she's the many versions of Six we see. Srsly, I am not giving that up. It's trufax.

++ WEEVIL! WEEVIL HAS APPEARED AND IS AWESOME! WHEE! I knew he was going to be in the show, I just didn't know when. Now we know. Also, I wonder what kind of power his character has. HRG was hesitant to mention it to Claire, so it has to be something dangerous. Oh, I can't wait!

++ Future!Peter and present!Peter, this is going to be a doozy of a season.

++ The ending with Peter inside of Weevil's character's body, and witnessing all the other released villains creating chaos. Kind of reminds me of Supernatural a bit, with the baddies creating mayhem for good old fun. Except these are people, not demons, and that happens in almost all fandoms so yeah. IDK. Kind of want Sammy there to be all "you call that power? Aha! I show you power with mah psychic demon skillz!" and be all demon!Jedi mindtricks on their ass. Okay, I'm going on a tangent now.

++ Elle! I wanted to hug the girl, seriously. I think I've redeemed my love for KBell because of this premiere episode. She's like a wounded lost puppy, and I like that side of Elle better than the sluttasticness when she first appeared. More endearing this version of her. And I seriously want her to avenge her father's death, I really do. And I think she should team up with Claire for that, or HRG, or somebody. Somebody that can be trustworthy. Hell, I wouldn't mind for a Mohinder and Elle partnership now because of this, it would be so cool (since they were, still technically, partners despite all that's happened).

++ WHAT'S WITH THE SLICKED BACK HAIR?!!? Is that the new hairsyle in Hollywood shows this season or something? We have Mohinder and Sylar and Peter, we have Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, Sam from Supernatural, my god. Some can work it like Chuck, others not so much. Or it makes them look like they're turning evil. IDK.

Overall: As much as the premiere held too much information to be crammed inside our heads, with all the wtfery that happened and was revealed, I found this two-hour premiere too much to handle. I actually preferred S2 premiere than this, to be honest. I'm still unsure about how things are going to be executed; some I like, some I'm indifferent to, and others I just am cringing on how it'll end up. I honestly don't know, and this is the first time I've felt like this about Heroes. Indifferent to how the season is going to be. Now honestly it was just the premiere and things can get better, but I'm not holding my breath. I am more excited about Supernatural this season than I am about Heroes currently, and this worries me a bit.

Because I am going to be busy with piles of schoolwork and real life, I'm going to be more invested with that and a few other things than watching and obsessing my fandoms daily. So I may be lagging behind on a few fandoms because of that, just a heads up for the folks that enjoy my reviews and fandom talk about new episodes and theories and such.
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