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SPN: "In The Beginning" Episode Review

Um, this is quite lengthy and in-depth thinky-thoughts, just FYI. Also, GIP because I HAS A CASTIEL ICON NAOS! I am so obsessed with Castiel, like whoa. He's just one badass motherfucker and I love him for it, and he's such a hotass angel and just, guh.

Supernatural 4.03 "In The Beginning"

As Sam mysteriously sneaks out in the middle of the night with Ruby, possibly to hunt for demons and practice his psychic powers, Dean gets a visit from Castiel who tells him to "stop it", and without giving a proper explanation he sends Dean back in time to where his parents first meet and fall in love. There he learns more about his family past, including that his mother, Mary, comes from a family of hunters and is exceptionally trained as well. Trying to not give away too much, Dean realizes that this is where it all began, and he decides to try and stop the Winchester curse once and for all by killing the Yellow-Eyed Demon once and for all. However, it is learned that he cannot save them; that destiny cannot be changed, that the tragedy that'll soon fall upon their family is inevitable.

So why go back in the first place? Castiel tells Dean that he needed to see the truth, knowing what those above already know, and what else kinds of plans Azazel (the YED) had in store for Sam because of that deal made by Mary. This also becomes more about Dean's quest to stop Sam's destiny from being fulfilled.

Mary Winchester: Everything saga has a beginning...

Perhaps one of the biggest reveals is that Mary was a hunter and came from a hunter background. So I'm guessing that it's the family business really rings true, doesn't it? First of all, I knew that this season was going to reveal more about Mary's past and her origins and what happened that night she died and her relationship with the YED, and now we know, and it's kind of awesome. The cycle of sacrificing to saved loved ones started here, with Mary saving John's life, and while he never specifically said what he was going to be collecting in ten years, it really places things into perspective on what happened, and why in "Home" first season she apologized to Sam.

I also loved how Mary was all sorts of kickass. But of course to become a Winchester you have to have some sass and spunk inside you, and Mary had that. And that makes her even more awesome than I already thought she was before.

I loved her interaction with Dean, from when she attacked him in the alleyway thinking he was some sort of demon or something along those lines to accepting him as a hunter and bonding with him for the most part. Though when she was confessing to him about wanting to leave the hunting life, wanting to raise a family with John and not submit the hunting lifestyle to her family, it made me sad the way it made Dean sad. Because in such an extraordinary journey back in time he knows that what happens to them is what she desperately wanted her family to avoid. Kind of like how Sam was with Jessica, getting out of being a hunter and living a normal, mundane and safe life. However, as Castiel says, you cannot change destiny. What happened was inevitable, and even when Dean tries to stop it he can't. Because what we've learned from "What Is And What Should Never Be" is the ripple effect; change on thing and everything else gets screwed up.

I think what really makes me happy is just having more backstory to what little we'd known about Mary. We didn't see much of John in the episode, only because this was primarily Mary's turn at seeing how it all began, since we know how John got into hunting and even before he'd hunted.

Though this raises some interesting questions regarding certain things. Had Mary survived, and not only understood what was going on but knew the path that the YED had for Sam, that she and John would've eventually become hunters anyway? Since hunting is part of the family gig one way or another, and despite her wanting to get out of that life, perhaps she would've realized that there was no way around it and had the Winchester family stayed together, no deaths or misery of obsessing over whatever ruined their lives, they could've worked together as a family. Because the idea of Mary, with a background of hunter knowledge, and John who, after Mary's death, became a hunter with probably little knowledge of her ever being in the business herself, it makes for something really interesting.

There was something regarding a journal that Mary kept that got burned in the fire, but it's never explained what that journal was. Perhaps recollections of hunting? Dates or protections because even with getting out of the hunting gig, Mary knew of the dangers and wanted to make sure that whatever was out there wouldn't get to her family.

Okay, I'm really going off on this but I just really am in love with this reveal. So many possibilities, so many kinds of ways things could've gone done despite the inevitable. Just, Mary Winchester y'all. I love her. ♥

The Upcoming War: Dean's Work For The Higher Power

Just as predicted, the reason we're led to believe why God commanded Dean to be plucked from the fiery pits of Hell was to have him stop whatever dark road Sam is heading towards. Since Dean knew very little of what Azazel had planned for Sam, knowing that he didn't tell his brother about what Azazel had shown him in his dream back in "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1", this is all new to him, and he's going to discover more about what Sam is doing which he strongly opposed towards. Or else Castiel and his band of angel brothers are going to do something about it. I know most don't want the brothers to faceoff, but this is precisely where they need to be.

effervescent pretty much nailed it on the head in her review, so I'll mirror those thoughts in here as well. I have the suspicion that Dean's presence in the past definitely set things in motion, although it would've happened eventually, the timewarp was a meant to be strategy by Castiel and the others. An inevitable action to take, because like he said destiny couldn't be altered even if one tried. Perhaps Castiel knew that it was Dean that set those things up, kind of like how Hiro goes back to ancient Japan and meets up with Kensei who will later becomes Adam Monroe in present time in Heroes. Perhaps they, meaning God and his army of angels, knew of the path the Winchesters were going and needed Dean to not only witness and see the truth of his origins, but also let him understand that no matter what his destiny would still be the same. This is why I think Castiel appeared and disappeared several times, repeated what Dean already knew about if he tries to change the past then everything they worked towards would've never happened. Also, Castiel was very discreet and nonchalant, like he knew what was going to happen and just wanted to see how Dean would react.

Now Dean knows the truth, understands where he comes from, what's in store for them all, and more importantly that something terribly wrong is with his brother. My guess is that he's always known that deep down but has refused to believe it, until now that is. Which is why I believe Castiel is there, to guide Dean and help him prepare for what's to come. Mirroring the opposite of how Ruby is helping Sam, and that makes things even more interesting.

Who knows where this is going to lead, if Dean is going to figure out what Sam is doing and has been doing underneath his nose, and lying to his face about it, and how he's going to stop him from going down that dark path. If Sam is going to listen or completely dismiss Dean's words and objections. Where this season is going, there's so many possibilities and the threat that Castiel made is obviously something to be heeded, because angels aren't to be trifled with. We all know this, and if they see the Winchester path if Sam goes down that dark road, they know what to do. The Apocalypse is coming, drawing closer, and they don't have the time to have an intervention; smiting first, it's what they do. So I find Castiel's warning to Dean about Sam very personal, because he wants to give him a chance to turn things around before they come to that last resort, and who knows what could happen.

I find this new direction for Dean very intriguing, because this means that he has a purpose. Of course there's more to it than this mission, because their legacy is more than that. They are part of this war, and always have been, and with knowing the deal Mary made which set up these chains of events, there's going to be more revealed soon about Sam and his Destiny the YED wanted from him, and possibly the End of the World if there is no salvage for him.

Supernatural Season Four: Apocalypse Now, So Gimme That Damn Pie!

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm still totally pumped for what's to come this season. Three episodes in already and I haven't been disappointed once. Everything is moving fast, revelations at every corner, and this episode especially means that Kripke has a straighton plan on where he wants the show to go and where it's going to end (because he's planned for five seasons and that's it, y'all). We knew there was something regarding Mary, and this episode revealed that and then some, and now we're going to be focusing more on that and revolving around the Light versus Dark aspect, which I've been dying to get to since like season one, the direction they're going in and what's to be expected from the information we've been given in these last few episodes and it's just going to be kickass all around. I can feel it.

Going deeper into the mythology and lore of the show, going places that pushes those boundaries that many have been wary about (e.g. the religious aspect) and I have to say, they've been dealing with the angels concept very carefully and respectfully, and I like that. They've done their homework and research, which is what I love.

I honestly am so giddy for Supernatural right now, I think it's the fandom I'm more excited about this fall season. \o/

Squeeful Moments in the Episode:

++ Lying Liarpants Sammy sneaking out to do some dirty psychic work with Ruby. While we only got like, less than a minute with him, it's easy to understand that he's going somewhere to practice his powers and skills that Dean desperately has been opposing from the start. It'll be interesting to see his reaction to this revelation in future episodes.

++ Also, some don't want Sam to turn evil and for Dean and him to go against each other. But I don't see it that way. Sam admitted in the premiere that he believes what he's doing is for the greater good, using his psychic abilities to save people, to help them instead of the old fashioned hunter way which can be sloppy. What if in his mind he doesn't see anything wrong with what he's doing, but from others perspectives it's highly dangerous and morally wrong? That's the kind of thing I want to see, and for Dean to make him snap out of it, if he can. And if not, this is where the brother versus brother comes into play, and it's going to get nasty if they play it out like I'm hoping they will.

++ I know people are thinking this is becoming the Dean Show, but seriously this is setting up for more things to come. We know what Sam's been up to, though vaguely, so this is Dean's turn to really be one with the audience. And it's been working out fine, IMO.

++ "What were you dreaming about?" Oh my Castiel. This is incredibly slashy with him appearing at the edge of the bed peering down at Dean. Teh slash, it writes itself amirite?

++ LOVED the timewarping time travel, and how Dean didn't realize anything until he was getting strange looks and actually took the time to glance around and think, "hey, people are dressed like they're back in the 70s...." Hee. Oh Dean, I love you and your oblivious ways. Though his expression when realizing he was communicating with young!John was priceless. The same when he saw young!Mary.


++ Dean's kind of bad at stalking and is kind of socially awkward, but I love him for it anyway. *hugs him*

++ "Sammy, wherever you are, Mom's a babe...I'm going to Hell. Again." This was an EXCELLENT delivery. ILU Dean.

++ And he was right of course, Mary certainly was attractive, and kickass too. YAY FOR HUNTER!MARY AND HER FAMILY! I loved the casting of the younger versions, they really look like mini!versions of the original adult actors, it's almost uncanny. Just wow. I fell in love with her instantly, not only because she's Mary Winchester but because I liked the acting, how sweet she is but can totally whoop your ass 'till next Thursday, like whoa.

++ "To be with a mechanic from a family of mechanics?" Oh young!John, it's better than knowing about being with a hunter in a family of hunters. Irony there, gotta love it. I also loved how Grandfather Samuel was relectant about Mary being with John, I'm guessing it could've been about her wanting to leave the job or abandoning the family business or getting a "naive civilian" mixed up in their line of work. Heh, again with the irony.

++ I love how Sam and Dean were named after their grandparents. Hee! So awesome. Keeping it all in the family tradition, nice.

++ "Son of a bitch" is said a lot in this episode. Hee.

++ Dean trying to be ambiguious and discreet about himself and concealing modern day references, like the Internet and all that. Hee, it's so cute. Also him meeting his grandfather and not hitting it well under the circumstances of just introducing himself as another hunter is to be expected, of course you'd think if he'd told him before the YED had possessed Grandfather Campbell's body that there'd be more talk between them. About hunting, about John becoming a hunter (and a damn good one at that), there should be fics exploring this. Because I wanted Dean to tell Mary SO BADLY that he was her son in the future, but no.

++ Speaking of, no matter how many times I watch that scene of him warning Mary not to get out of bed on the night she dies, it still tugs at my heartstrings. OMG DEAN WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?! *wibbles*

++ Castiel appearing and disappearing, I love his mysterious he is. Hell, I just love Castiel in general, m'kay?

++ The return of the Colt, the Yellow-Eyed Demon, the mentioning of special children and Azazel's plans and all of that. Everything comes full circle here, and that's what I am loving about this season. We're getting answers to things we've been curious about, and it all comes back to the Winchester beginning, to Mary, to everything. I just, asd;fljasldkjflaskdf LOVE THIS SHOW.

++ Dean is the priests uniform, again = LOVE. And calling his grandfather "Father Chenney" made me LOL so hard. XD

++ THE IMPALA! I loved that Dean was the one that introduced John to the Impala. You just know that this was a predestined thing for Dean to return to this particular part of their past to set things in motion, as I said earlier, otherwise John would've never considered buying the Impala in the first place. OMGOMGOMOMGLOVELIKEWHOA!

++ Psudeo-incestuous overtones, anyone? Dean/Mary and now Mary/her father even if he's just a dead meatsuit with the YED possessing it? HAI KRIPKE, U R A SICK BASTARD AND ILU FOR IT.

++ The ending is just so sad and bittersweet, and when Castiel lays his hand on Dean's shoulder and Dean looks over at him, a morose look on his face I just died. And their conversation back in the motel room was just so much love. I love Castiel's calm demeanor, his poise and how he speaks to Dean, he has such a calming but intimidating presence. Duh, he's an Angel of the Lord. Also, from him demanding respect for his authority because of his occupation and where he stands and now with his warning to Dean about Sam and that threat, you know that he isn't fucking around. Castiel is one badass motherfucker, and I love him for it. He's Leoben in that way which I mentioned before, another reason to love him.

++ ;lajs;ldfja;lskdjfl;askdjfl;k THIS SHOW IS LOVE I CAN'T STAND IT! ;lkj;lasjdf;laksjdf

Overall: I've said it before and I'll keep on repeating it: this is probably the best if not the greatest season of Supernatural ever. Though it's only been like three episodes and not even close to finishing things up with the plotline, we're really setting things up for what's to come shortly if not very soon to what could be the ending of the series. I've heard things that this season might be the last even though Kripke signed up with Warner Bros. for five season, so IDK. It's awesome they're taking things in full stride with everything they've been setting us up for all series long, though, and it's about time too. I love the religious concept, of God and angels and the battle between Light and Dark and the end of the world and how the Winchesters are involved, Sam's destiny and Dean's mission and just....OMGLOVE. I am super, super excited for this show and where it's heading. Like, totally.
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