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SPN: "Monster Movie" Episode Review

There will be an actual update really soon, you guys. I just needed to get this written because I am so loving SPN this season. For serious. More substantial stuff of a variety to come, promise.

Supernatural 4.05 "Monster Movie"

This episode focuses on the classic retelling of monster movies from the 1930s, including Dracula, werewolves and mummys. As Dean and Sam Winchester investigate a case where a man claims to have seen a vampire killing a girl, they stumbled across some strange out-of-the-ordinary from the paranormal they've witnessed, which is saying something from all the bizarre encounters they've seen over the course of their entire lives as hunters. When upon they learn they're dealing with a shapeshifter who likes transforming into classic monster movies.

At the end of the day, the Winchesters save the girl, Dean does get sweet with that girl for this episode specifically, and they ride off into the end of the episode and we wait until next week to see what other antics they get themselves into.

Monster of the Week: Sympathetic Shapeshifter on the Horizon

While this episode didn't really focus on a major plot like the previous episodes have, it does raise something that this season has been dealing with, or at least with the one before this one with the ruguru man. The MOTW have been featured having sympathetic moments, but not really making them pitiful or worth saving in time. You start understanding at least their motives for doing so, but also understand that they're choosing to do this instead of stopping themselves.

I believe this is foreshadowing more about Sam and his destiny. Perhaps not a whole lot of connection like between him and Jack from "Metamorphosis", but there's a hint of where he says his father called him a freak and thus he started doing what he was doing. Sort of mirrors what Dean has been referring to Sam's "freaky visions" and his abilities, seeing them as abnormal. Now I could be way off the mark here, but even if the episode didn't focus on the Apocalypse and the Big Bad Demon War and the brotherly angst, there's subtle hints given about where Sam and Dean could be heading. Shapeshifter!Dracula had his sad story to tell and we saw previously that Jack had a normal life before he started changing, and while both were killed because they were monsters, it definitely mirrors the relationship between Sam and Dean a lot.

I don't know if I'm looking too much into this, but seeing where the season is heading I'm looking for more connections even if they're small and subtle.

The Squeeable Moments of the Episode:

++ I loved the filming style they used for this episode. The black and white filters, the classic homage to all those old monster movies with references and those little camera tricks here and there. Plus with the hilarity happening in the scenes it made for loads of LOL-worthy moments. Like with them running around and such. It's not cutting here and then cutting there, and going with the motion of the camera. It was all smooth cutting and editing and I was just bursting out laughing. Espeically when shapeshifter!Dracula was walking, cape in front of him, down the hallway; again the mirror of that and Sam holding the gun out in front of him. which only shit, I knew he was tall but that shot made him look like such a GIANT! OMGLOL!


++ Speaking of that little comment he made, I notice people were making notes about that particular point. Being dragged out of Hell means he doesn't have any marks or old wounds. He's like been made clean of them from being resurrected. Which makes sense, since he'd been healed from being torn to itty-bitty shreds from those Hellhounds. Now I'm sure the tattoo still remains, and I'm not sure if Castiel's burned handprint still is there but I'd like to think that it's like ordinary burns. IDK if it's still there or not, but I agree with others, it would be cool to see Castiel's handprint stay there for a while, like a signature of him saving his ass from the pit.

++ Dean mentioning wanting to see the new Indiana Jones movie made me squee with joy. 'Cause hello, Indiana fan here. That whole exchange between him and Sam was hilarious ("you saw it without me?" "you were in Hell." "that's no excuse!") XD XD

++ BIG PRETZELS! Dean and his food, and Sam just smiling and shaking his head. Luff!

++ I really liked Jamie, she had that kind of S1 Girl of the Week spunk. I liked her and Dean's interacting scenes, that she was the one that killed the shapeshifter, and that she and Dean got to makeout in the end for their little small "happy ending" scene. Again, with the classic endings it's always lovely to see.

++ Dracula with the coupon and little vespa scooter never fails to make me crack my shit up. LOL!

++ "This is stupid" Sam saying this was practically the highlight of the episode among other highlights of the episode because really, when one of the Winchesters thinks a case is stupid and ridiculous, you know it's meant to be stupid and ridiculous. This whole episode really was about having the really strange and wacky come to life through the shapeshifter, so it's bound to be fun and entertaining.

++ LOL @ Dean in lederhosen. LOL @ Sam making the crack about him being "Hansel".

++ MAJOR LOL @ Sammy kicking the door down....literally. The whole thing just fell down, and their expressions were priceless!

++ I liked that Dean was the one that figured out what the hell was wrong before punching out the lights of the "friend" of Jamie as he realized it was a shapeshifter. And then he just went FLOP! Right onto the floor. Hee.

++ Even though it wasn't a big plot episode, I would've liked to have seen Castiel in at least one scene. I don't know why, and I mentioned this during my capslock post, but it would've been beyond hilarious if Castiel would've just arrived where they were at and looked at their situation with such a puzzled look on his face. Or with the typical commercialized angel representation with the white robe and halo and all that. He would definitely NOT be pleased with that, because he is WAY ABOVE that bullshit. Srsly. Of course this is me wanting more Castiel but....the boys in black and white also do it for me, so it's all good. :)

Overall: This was a solid, Grade A classic Supernatural episode that was not only a homage to the classic monster movies but also to the classic episodes from early season one. Just regular old cases that had nothing huge about the plot, with just the right about of humor and mystery and pacing of the episode and ends with the boys riding out together after solving the case and saving the girl. I mean, there are a few that didn't like it and that's okay, it's their preference. But I felt this is what we needed after four episodes of pure intensity and seriousness and angst, especially after the last episode. We neede something lighthearted and fun and entertaining before getting more deeper into Dean's mission and Sam's destiny and the big honking Apocalypse and the End of the World. Just a little break, which I found awesome.

Then again, so far I'm loving this season so having this break was good because it allowed me to sit back and just enjoy. Which I do already but, yeah. I think you understand my point. It was fun, it was classic, and I loved it.
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