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Stopping to smell the roses

++ An actual post? OMGWHUT! Heh. Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to everyone that granted me birthday wishes the other day, which I did have a lovely birthday. With everything that's going on with my life as most will know, schedules and my exhaustion from school, just seeing those wishes on my f-list made me feel a whole lot better. So once again, thank you. You made my day and weekend. *smishes you all*

++ Aside from my total giddiness over this current season of Supernatural, I am absolutely smitten over Misha Collins. Like for reals. Partially it's due to how he portrays Castiel on the screen, which is completely captiviating whenever he appears, but there's also the various of interviews (such as this one, this one, over here too as well as here, and even this adorable CW interview which isn't spoilerish unless you haven't seen 4.03 yet) and honestly, I'm completely taken by him. I'm sold. I mean c'mon, this man cannot be real. He used to be an intern at the White House, built his own home, is a published poet, has a widened range of vocabulary which rivals ZQ quite a bit and has such a great sense of humor. Also upon getting the role of Castiel he went home and researched about angels in the Revelation section of the Bible. And he's just utterly adorable in general. Seriously, where have they been hiding him all this time?

See what I mean? Smitten. Totally have developed a crush on the man, from his interviews to when Castiel first appeared in the premiere. Which, I guess would be considered sacrilegious since I've fallen for an angel. But heh, if I'm going to Hell he'll just pull me out. So it's all good. Hee!

++ BoA's "Eat You Up" music video has been officially released. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH NOW! This is her American debut song, and although this has been labeled the "Asia version" of the video, there's rumors that they may be scrapping the US-made video and planning on using this as the international release. Either way, this is BoA tearing it up and just being fierce and rocking it. She's made of awesome, the song is off the hook. Just listen and watch.

++ Can the elections be here like, now? Please? Srsly.
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