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A series of rather fortunate events

Saw Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events this weekend, it was incredible! Of course, now all the diehard ASOUE purists are going to bitch and complain on the inaccuracy and how rushed the film was. I didn't think so, in fact I believe it was better than the first two Harry Potter movies combined -- it this was describing the first three ASOUE books in just one movie. All I can say is, it waa fantastic and an amazing adaptation of the first three books of the series.

I wonder if this is going to cause wankage in this fandom now. Considering those that whine and complain have nothing better to do than slam the movie with their misunderstanding of movie budgets and film-making. But I'm not wasting my time on those certain people, because they want everything to be absolutely perfect and exactly the way it is in the books when it's physically impossible to do; it's easier said than done, my friends. All it's going to do is cause wankage, wankage, and more wankage.

I'm going to make this brief, because I know I ramble on and on about films that I either enjoyed or disliked. This film goes right next to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for me. Seriously, it was beyond excellent.

All the actors were great, and their performances were just amazing. Emily and Liam both portrayed Violet and Klaus outstandingly and perfect towards the characterizations of the characters in the books. Oh, and Liam/Klaus was just too darn cute for words! Devouring books and loves to read, what is there not to like? Besides which, he's definitely moved up on the scale of acting, and through this movie you can tell just that. Emily was fantastic, as well. She was, also, adorable and portrayed Violet just as in the books. I really adored her attire throughout the film because it suit her, and the whole ribbon-in-the-hair-when-she-invents deal was done, again, perfectly. As you can tell, I think these two actors are amazingly perfect in this film -- not only because they have excellent chemistry they have together onscreen, but because of the fabulous and hardwork they've done for this movie. Not to mention the incredible Violet/Klaus innuendos I bluntly sought out while sitting through the film, and the amount of ASOUE porn I read before seeing the film made this viewing experience just a little interesting.

And, the ultimate fun-tastic adventure of all, the geniusly talented Jim Carrey. He didn't steal the spotlight, as some where worried about, and he wasn't excessively making wise-cracks as many people were worried about either. It was about the Baudelaire orphans and their incredible journey throughout a series of rather unfortunate events, and Jim Carrey's character Count Olaf was just one of the prime main characters to spice up the excitement in the film. I thought he was hilarious, aside from Sunny (which I laughed my butt off because reading the subtitles was almost like reading reading the subtitles of Japanese anime, and that made it even the more fun).

The costumes, the set-ups, the locations and the storyline was just -- perfect. I wasn't even tired from sitting down inside an overcrowded theater in those uncomfortable theater chairs, which is what normally happens when seeing a movie that's over an hour and a half long. It was fantabulous, imaginative, film-making magic that brought the ASOUE books to life, and it was such a great adaptation that it just blows my mind that people are really bitching and complaining and whining like little kids in a candy store when they don't get their way.

However, even though the film wasn't entirely like the books -- because what book-to-film recreation is -- it was well done and exquistely beautiful visually. Just like the Harry Potter movies, this was visual eye-candy for those that have read the books, and it opens a door to those that haven't read the books to now want to read them. So, technically and logically, everyone wins.

The cliffhanger in the end was really something, because this does explain the first three books of the series and it opens a door for the director, if getting enough good reviews for this film, to want to continue with making the ASOUE films. And if they do (which I hope they're considering on doing just that) I hope that Emily and Liam and Jim Carrey sign themselves up to return in those films, because no matter what people say or complain about, it was a phenomenal film that should be continued.

Oh and, by the way, Jude Law? Fantastico! That is all.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go read some more Harry/Draco and Violet/Klaus pr0n. >:D

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