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SPN: "Yellow Fever" Episode Review + Meta

It's funny how I can become so coherent with my reviews even with my entirely busy and exhausting school schedule. Heh. But the awesomeness that is Supernatural does that. And really, who can blame me for my squee?

Supernatural 4.06 "Yellow Fever"

During a strange case where victims have turned up dead by alleged heart attacks, even though there's no normal signs of it anywhere, Sam and Dean come across something called "ghost sickness" where the unfortunate victim slowly, but quickly within fort-eight hours, becomes infected with the ghosts' signs of original death. In this case, the victims all suffer from massive paranoid anxieties and are scared of everyone and everything around them, which has them becoming so scared that their heart stops. Literally being "scared to death."

And unfortunately, Dean gets infected.

As he undergoes the same side effects, including paranoia and hallucinations, Sam and Bobby try to investigate deeper and solve the case before Dean's time is up. The MOTW has a tragic death, but the way to vanquish the ghost and stop the disease from spreading from person to person is to scare the ghost to defeat it; in the end the ghost is done for and Dean survives. But not without a few more rising fears that has boiled its way to the surface, which may or may not have already been present in his conscious mind.

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

I thought this was an interesting concept because it's not so much the ghost coming after the victims but the ghost's internal fears that have manifested into a kind of sickness, thus infecting the ones that have the same kind of personality or similar traits the killer of the ghost had. It's getting revenge on those particular guys by using their own fears against them, and everything else around them. I like how it starts off being irrationally paranoid by everything, but nearing the end it becomes more and more about the victim's own fears that ultimately leads to them dying. Also the way of getting rid of the sickness entirely was to destroy the source, being the ghost himself, by scaring the ghost to his demise. It's like full-circle, even though I did feel for the poor ghost. His death was unpleasant and uncalled for, so it was his spirit kind of lashing out at the unfairness of how people treated him and how it was never resolved or brought to justice.

Which has me concluding that this season's MOTW have more sympathetic sides to them. Not so much that they're less evil or harmful, but you understand them more. Again, going back to Sam and what he's becoming to what he could turn into, and this upcoming war in general. Noting that not everything is as black and white as some see it.

This also introduces the situation with Dean's fears.

Aside from the hilarious moments of him freaking out over things that Dean Winchester doesn't ordinarily get scared of easy, or at all even, there's the nearing of his final hours with him hallucinating his own fears. There was evil!demonic!Sam, which was a pleasant thing to see but it also gives off Dean's fears about his brother. He's openly stated that Sam's psychic powers scare him, but the manifestation of what he's scared of and why really is terrifying, because he doesn't want his little brother to go Dark Side, after all those years of protecting him and keeping that promise. He was told by his father that he needed to watch out for Sam otherwise he'll have to kill him based off what he might turn into, and then he's told by Castiel after finding out the entire truth of what happened and what the deal is with his little brother that he has to stop him or else the army of angels will have to if he goes too far. He fears of losing Sammy completely, that he has failed in this life with his mission, and more importantly he's failed his brother.

There was also his fear of returning to Hell. From the ferocious sounds of the hellhounds and hallcuinating Lilith that threatened to bring him back to Hell; it was like reliving his final hours all over again from his deal. He desperately does not want to return there, not after being saved. Though it would've been interesting had he envisioned Castiel telling him he was going to drag him back downstairs. It would've made sense given that it was Castiel that saved him, and had he hallucinated that whole thing of Castiel telling him that it was a mistake to bring him back, that he wasn't worthy; it would've broken him completely. Because for once this is Dean's chance to finally start accepting himself, accepting life and understand that he does have a place and is worthy. We see that during this freakout period that he gripped the Bible tightly, which means that he's finally come to terms that perhaps, out from all this madness, there may just be a higher power looking after him and to cling onto that little piece of salvation during his final hours/minutes from this ghost sickness makes sense in his current state and situation.

So yes, while many times his fears came off hilarious many of them were connected to his time in Hell and from ever returning there. I see this as another pivotal moment because, we saw him reluctantly believing in angels and that God ever existed, but he's coming to terms that perhaps his luck was of the divine kind. Dean is changing, and I think he's changing for the better, even if there's going to be more weight on his shoulders. But now he'll have some hope for something other than seeing there is no point to life. That's what I'm wishing for, anyway.

Accidental or Intentional? Dean's Unfortunate Case of Ghost Sickness

Due to Kripke's recent public statement regarding confusions over what occurred in this episode, it is revealed that Dean caught the ghost sickness not based on "dickish" personality, but by his time in Hell and the fact that he harbors some sort of secret. It is also known that the victims of the ghost sickness inflicted fear as a weapon, thus being infected meant having that fear being turned onto them.

We know that Dean has many internal fears, many of which he has repressed because of his life mission of protecting Sam, for being the strong big brother and the one to keep the Winchester family legacy going. Though I get the feeling there's more to it than that, especially with what he hallucinated with Lilith telling him that he knows why he'd gotten the sickness, and then he should "listen" to his heart. Even he was confused by these cryptic words from virtual!Lilith, but this has me wondering if Dean knows what caused this or if, due to him not remembering anything from his time in Hell, this may come up as he starts remembering piece-by-piece which will reveal what dark secret he has buried inside his subconscious. Which leads to the question, what kind of dark secret is he harboring? How will this be important to the bigger things to come, and will it affect his and Sam's relationship in any way?

Having no idea whether this is in connection to his mission, but I have a feeling that it's definitely going to be something significant to the bigger picture. Which I'm glad that he didn't remember everything that happened to him during that longass time in Hell; remembering all that would've destroyed him and he wouldn't be Dean anymore. He'd be a wounded version of himself, more wounded than usual, and he would become so distracted and disoriented that it would affect how he goes about hunting. So what really did happen to him in Hell? What did he encounter and what is this secret? Has he kept it all this time, from before or during being in the pit? We'll find out in episode 10, that's for sure. And I can't wait.

Honestly, I didn't find this confusing at all and I'm scratching my head as why others were complaining that it wasn't clear enough. It wasn't blatantly stated in the episode itself but, if you take a step back and look at everything, it makes sense. At least for me, anyway, since I picked up on the implications rather quickly after rewatching the episode. I don't get involved or understand what the fandom wanks about in general, so whatever.

Squeeable Moments of the Episode:

++ Really, this episode brought a shitload of lulz that I don't even know where the begin. The dialogue and interactions between Sam and Dean were utterly hilarious and spot-on perfect. I loved the reversal roles of the two brothers. Usually it was Dean being the protective and concerned sibling, but this time it was Sam being the calm and collected one of the two brothers while Dean was going spastic and freaking the fuck out. I mean, how could you not love Sam mothering Dean with his "stop scratching" and "take a deep breath...feel better?" and all that. I found that very sweet.

++ Jensen Ackles. ♥ Man, he rocked the screen this episode. Going from normal!Dean to petrified!Dean to insane!Dean back to normal!Dean. He's absolutely adorable, I just want to take him home and feed him cookies pie. There are people saying that this season is focusing more on Dean than on Sam, and I what? I love both the Winchester boys and I find this season to be awesome, and Jensen is knocking it out the park in all these episodes.

++ DEAN SCREAMING LIKE A LITTLE SISSY GIRL AT THE LITTLE KITTEN!! OMGLULZ ALL AROUND! It doesn't matter how many times I watch that scene, I still laugh so freaking hard. It's that mixed with his "that was scary!" and cutting to Sam's expression! And when he ran like a wuss when seeing the ghost. PRICELESS SHIT Y'ALL! XD XD XD

++ I was tempted to make a "WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE SNAKES?!" comment with the huge snake crawling on Dean, since we know he's an Indy fan. LMAO.

++ Dean rocking it out to "Eye of the Tiger" in the car. Leading up to the special in the end of the episode, of course, which is MADE OF WIN. :D :D :D

++ Also, I fully believe that Dean is not a dick. He can have prickish moments here and there, but that's who he is and always will be, and we love him for it. He can make sarcastic jokes and wisecracks and be somewhat offensive, but we understand that's who he is. Seriously though, with the lives they lead, it would be kind of strange if he wasn't acting like a jerk from time to time. Plus with all the weight he has to carry, all the responsibilities along with saving people? Not to mention just coming back from Hell! You gotta cut the guy a break once in a while, y'know. ILU DEAN! ♥

++ They're doing something to Sam's hair this season. There are episodes where it's all flippy and Sam!hair, and other times where it's all gelled and looking like he's ripping off of Chuck Bass or something. IDEK.

++ "You're dying. Again. Loser." and "You gonna cry? Is baby gonna cry?" hallucinations from reading the research book made me LOL. And him smashing the clock. XD

++ "I don't wanna be a clue" Awwww! He sounded so adorable here, seriously.

++ "Who would pretend to be an FBI agent huh, that's just nutty!" LOL, O DEAN.

++ His entire rant at Sam about hunting. That must've been a riot to film. Jensen does amazing facial expressions in this episode, and here when he's going off he's all wide-eyed and insane-looking, and Sam's just standing there and it's hilarious and I loved it! Of course it turns into Dean running away from the wee Yorkie with the pink bow, I just couldn't stop laughing.

++ EVIL!SAM! EVIL!DEMONIC!SAMMY WITH YELLOW EYES! \o/ Jared pwnd it right there with that deep voice and laughter. Oh man, if they ever go down this road with Sam turning Dark Side at the end of the season or something I want that to be part of the package. No joke. Also, the split second of Dean seeing the flash of yellow in Sam's eyes in the end, SO MUCH AWESOME AND WIN! I'm guessing people were paying attention to what hint in "Dream A Little Dream of Me" where some were claiming to see a flash of yellow when Sam was taking control of the dream instead of Jeremy. Awesome stuff. I have a theory that perhaps it was just Dean imagining it because it's still his fear. Though it has me wondering, what if it wasn't just a trick of him imagination? What if that flicker really did happen, and he just thought he imagined it? Okay, I'm rambling on, but you never know. Since I don't fully believe that Sam has stopped using his powers for good. Perhaps it's foreshadowing things to come.

++ The little blonde girl version of Lilith is creeptastic. Kudos to the young actress.

++ I'm still wondering about whether the four months = forty years in Hell is actually true or a speculation of Dean's fear? We know that Kripke mentioned that it was longer than four months in the Hell timeline for sure. Still, if it was forty years or so, poor Dean. :( So glad he doesn't remember all of that. *huggles him*

++ Bobby knowing Japanese = another reason why he's awesome. Whee.

++ FAVORITE PART OF THE EPISODE: Dean clinging to the Bible. This says so much about his character at this point in the series, it made me so happy. Loved it completely.

Overall: I am in love with this show so much. But you can tell that, can't you? Hee. I am just loving the directions this season is going in, and even with these passed two episodes were more lighthearted this one still had more what's happening with the bigger plot, being with Dean and his mission and his missing time from Hell and his fears and what could be coming up in the future for the Winchester boys and this war. This was a classic "Supernatural can be funny as it is scary" episode without losing its charm, while making us wonder what's to come next. Plus Jensen is adorable and a fantastically talented actor that needs to be recognized more in this business. Seriously. And the preview for the next episode there's going to be more badass angel involvement. Castiel! :D :D
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