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I don't know what that means...

++ Exhausting day is exhausting, omgsrsly. I find out I'm taking more naps after coming home than I should, although not long I think I should be more energized based on what I do. The thing I'm peeved about is whenever I take like an hour nap I wake up and it's already dark, making me all confused about whether it's tomorrow already or not. Damn early evenings and daylight savings.

++ Despite my feelings towards Heroes lately, this particular spoiler has me all happy and hopeful.

++ And yet more Misha Collins love in another recent interview (mild spoilers for Thursday's episode). I say again, how can someone so adorably perfect exist? I'm beginning to think he IS a descendant of the Heavens because he sounds almost too good to be true. For serious. If only I could go to the convention he'll be attending because I want to give him a huge bear hug. He's just too precious. ♥

++ Teh ~*~SPARKLING VAMPIRES~*~ will be premiering Friday. Let the insanity and the many lulzing begin. And if Edward and the others don't dazzle me I won't be seeing it. THEY NEED TO DAZZLE OTHERWISE WHAT'S THE POINT IN GOING? I CAN MOCK BUT I NEED TO GET DRUNK BUT I DON'T DRINK SO THAT WON'T HAPPEN. WHAT TO DO. WHAT TO DO.
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