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Don't worry, if I go to Hell my angel will just pull me out.

I'm seriously fangirling Castiel to a certain unhealthy degree. Which shouldn't be news to people but, after the latest episode, I'm just turning into goo over him. For serious, and this recent interview that has the most reassuring confirmed news ever along with him being so adorable doesn't help this little obsession. I keep rewatching all his scenes and just watching his mannerisms, the way Misha plays him with such a mysterious presence and otherworldliness, yet even with the badassery and fearing him you wanna cuddle him because of his adorableness just, yeah. He leaves me all flaily and giddy, and I'm just smitten with him entirely, both the character and the actor.

Don't believe me? I shall link to TEH EPIC CASTIEL PICSPAM OF EPICNESS and the MANY EXPRESSIONS OF THE holy hotass ANGEL OF THE LORD! Gaze upon the pretty. ♥

Oh Misha, lookit what you've done to me. Hee!

To top all this flailing: BSG 4.5 EPIC PROMO. Holy motherfrakking shit, y'all. WANTS IT NAO, DAMMIT.

Due to being busy my fannish creativeness had been put on hold briefly, however that has been redeemed. Since I am on break until Monday I am taking this time to try and do some of the fanmixes I said I had in mind. Of course there's something else that's been nagging in my brain, and already I'm starting on that so within now and sometime next week I'll have it done or posted. Some people may already have some guesses based on my current obsession, but I'm just gonna keep in supah sekrit until it's all finished with. 'Cause I am teh evils, muahaha.
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