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++ I just watched the newest Heroes. Shocker, I know, after kind of leaving it be for a long while I heard about what happened in this episode and just had to see for myself. Still confused like whoa and not happy about how things have been dealt with, but some parts were interesting needless to say. Don't know how it's all going to end or how things'll be resolved and put back together again, if it does at some point in the future. Just needed to see what all the fuss was about, which isn't much concerning my stance on the show thus far. But we'll see. My energies with squeeing are being focused elsewhere (*cough*SPNCASTIELBSG*cough*)

++ Another version of the BSG 4.5 promo that aired during the Bond marathon. The music in the promo is screaming EPIC SHIT IS EPIC RIGHT HERE! Which is is, because it's BSG. Also look at on SciFi. Nothing incredibly spoilerish is revealed there, but if you're a complete spoilerphobe you may want to avoid it. If you're a theory-nut like myself, enjoy!

++ Listening to the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack and I AM LOVING IT! OMGS! So addictive. Anthony Head's singing voice is just delicious. Mmmmm.

++ Last night I watched Britney Spears: For The Record and, honestly, I don't care if people persecute me for it, I love Britney. Always have, ever since the beginning. Say what you will about her career and whether you like or dislike her singing, but after all she's been through over the last several years you really have to look at a different perspective as a human being from all the devastations that life brings. Shit happens, and even celebrities can get emotional and breakdown because they are human too, and most times people forget that especially for those who are deep into the celebrity gossip and whatnot. Point is, she's happier now and I'm happy that she's happier and healthier and is bouncing back from everything and is going to be making a stellar comeback. Can't wait for Circus, both the album and the music video.

++ Nothing else to say other than: CASTIEL IS LOVE, DEAL WITH IT! ♥ ♥ Off to browse spn_castiel, because I needs mah hot angel fix. Hee!
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