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Okay, I just want to give HUGE GINORMOUS thanks to tracy for transferring her extra LJ paid time! Now I am off to get more icons for teh extra iconspace I now have acquired from this generous gift, and probably will be rotating them frequently. LIKE SRSLY AND TOTES GIRL, ILU SO MUCH BB. *MUAH!* ♥

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Eventful and yet kinda frustrating, because I hate going to stores where I want something but can never find it. Also, big crowds and me don't mix well. I do prefer shopping online but I also like browsing the malls and stores for things too, but the online bit is a great way to avoid being irritable especially at the holiday season. It's either frustrating or depressing depending on the person, and that I understand but knowing me, I LOVE all things associated with Christmas and the only way to harsh my holiday squee is if something absolutely tragic happened. But I'm not jinxing anything so, knocking on wood. I am getting more decorations and getting ready to start decorating the house, the tree and everything. I just wish it would start getting colder here; I don't know why but it doesn't feel like it's near Christmas. Or perhaps that's just me, I dunno. My wish is to have an actual white Christmas for once. Le sigh, oh well.

Things are a bit tightly wound on the school front. Stresses are high and it's been like this for the last two weeks now, not that I'm not enjoying things so far but the attitudes have changed for some people. I'll get more indepth with that later, though. But I make this statement because ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK, YAYZ! :D :D :D

I'm excited for the holidays, can't you tell? *g*
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