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'Tis the Season, y'all.

++ Firstly, onlyechoes and secondstar? I got your Christmas cards! You guys are just so super sweet, just recieving them made me feel better as I'm gradually recovering from being sick. This is what this time of year does to me people, the blessing of the holiday spirit outweighs the curse of getting sick. Love you alls!

++ Posted mah Six/Castiel ficmix. If you haven't checked it out you should, 'cause it's epic. yes, this is self-whoring, what of it?

++ I watched the first two episodes of Leverage, and I am really loving it. It's just a fun show! It's not exactly serious but it's not entirely quirky either; it's just a mixture of the right stuff to keep one interested. Well, me at least. So far I'm liking all the characters, especially Alec and Parker. There's also a good amount of subtext in this show, and what more do you need then a show about cons taking out other criminals and evil manipulating corporations? Srsly, my kind of show. Needless to say, I think I found another new fandom to add to the list. Like I need more than I already have, and need to catch up on!

++ CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! FEEL THE HOLIDAY LOVE, Y'ALL! And for those that don't celebrate Christmas but other holidays this season, wishing you the best as well. Just, YAYHOLIDAYSQUEE! :D :D :D
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