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Should be counting sheep...

It seems like eljay is either empty, or people are going on hiatus or there's anonymous defriending going on and I'm unaware of it. Hmm.

jirucloud, I got your Christmas card today. It's so gorgeous and big, and the message you left is incredibly sweet and lovely. You're just a darling. I loves you too, bb. ♥

Regarding New Years, I'm not really doing much of anything. Truth be told I'm not big on New Years celebrations. I don't do those resolutions or go out partying or staying up just to say "happy new year" or what-have-you. It's fine that others do, but I don't necessarily see the point. My major holiday just happened and that's the only one I particularly care about and go all out on. So, heh.


Not So Alone by himhilien; Helo/Mohinder/Anders, R (BSG/Heroes)
You read that correctly, a Battlestar Galactica and Heroes crossover. Y'all, this is absolutely crackaliciously epic and hawt, and even if you didn't think it possible the concept just works. Don't believe me? Frakking read it for yourselves. I guarantee it'll be mindblowingly epic or just simply mindblowing. Or just cracky with teh hot, whatever tickles your fancy. *g*
Tags: fandom, rl on the dl
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