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News: Weather and a Remembrance

Well, it's still raining outside -- which was to be expected. However, it's been going on and off throughout the entire day. There hasn't been any blackouts just as of yet, but I'm not complaining. Though it would be nice to light up some candles all around the house, with the fireplace lit and just enjoying the sound of rain pouring down. People don't realize how soothing the rain can be; last night I fell quickly to sleep because of the wind and the rain pounding on the rooftop and the window.

It's been pretty uneventful aside from the long rainstorm we've been having. Waking up at a quarter to three in the morning just drains your energy from the rest of the evening, which is unfortunate and slightly bizarre. You'd think that if someone had nearly thirteen-hours of sleep they'd be fully rested and wide awake. Apparently that's a lie. I do, however, need to get back to my regular sleep schedule in order to wake up on time on Monday morning. Oh joy, oh joy.

Here's a writing/pairing meme I've decided to fill out, due to the massive boredom that I am now in the state of.

1. The basics – edit as you go, or get it out and fix it later? How come?

I like to get it all out and do all my editing later. I feel that if I keep going back and forth, back and forth while still writing a story then I'll never get finished with it. Besides, I've learned this skill since my very first English class -- you always continuing writing until you're finished, then go back and check your work. Right as of now, I have 75 pages of one chapter of a story I've been currently writing for a few years now, and I'm still in the process in editing it. Sometimes, when a writer feels like their work needs improvement they'll change things from whatever they've written. That is why, personally, my method is to write whatever comes into my head and save it all until I figure out if it needs improvement or it's fine as it is. Ideas change every once in a while, so you'll never know if you'll need the editing purpose.

2. Death to adverbs? Use in moderation? Sprinkle liberally? At the author’s discretion?

I tend to use moderation; sprinkling the adverbs in here and there, but if used too often it can get pretty exhausting, let alone confusing. Believe me, I've read several fanfictions where the author placed too many adverbs to describe a noun or when a character is speaking -- it does get to a point where you're wondering if you're actually reading a fanfic or a very descriptive Thesaurus.

3. Do you start with a whole story, usually, or a spark of inspiration that turns into something else? If it's a whole story, does it change as you go, or stay solid?

It's usually a little bit of both, really. Sometimes I get inspirations from various things, and so I write it all down -- through timelines and summaries or just start writing the first paragraph and whatnot to get the clear picture in my head. Other times, though, I start just writing the story from the first paragraph of the first chapter -- and it normally doesn't stay the same from once I wrote it. As my perception of the story increases, the more it changes; whether it be by character's names, the locations, or even the plot and storyline. I believe that all writers have a solid idea of their stories at first, but it's very vague to start off with. But as time goes by -- and that author is still going at that particular story -- then the image of the story becomes clearer and the idea will change since the beginning of the idea from it. That's how I am; sometimes I write things that I never intended it to be something huge, but once the outcome of the story I realize I created something marvelous from just that little thought or detail I wrote down.

4. Do you believe in One True Characterization in fanfic, or do you think there's a spectrum? How broad is the spectrum?

Oh, there's always a spectrum. Always. One True Characterizations don't necessarily work -- though sometimes to others it might just work for them, but for me it doesn't comply with my writing or my muses. This spectrum leads many questions at hand, for example the characterization for Buffy. Everyone in the Buffyverse knows that Buffy Summers is a charismatic character, she's sometimes a klutz and girlie but she's very tough and headstrong -- but in the later seasons we sense that she's changing. She's becoming more pigheaded, distant from her friends, and sometimes too bossy and I-Am-The-Law personality. Seasons 7 really brought this I-Am-The-Law Buffy out in the open, and she became what she desperately wanted to get away from since the first season; the Council. Buffy turned into the one thing she hated, a military-type pigheaded general lashing out on the Potential Slayers when they're scared out of their minds. She turned reckless, and even her friends saw that while Buffy didn't. This wasn't a Once True Characterization for her, that was back in seasons 1-3. Starting from season 4 until the final season Buffy was slowly beginning her change from Happy and Fluffy Buffy to Coldhearted and Stubborn Buffy.

Point with this is, all characters have a different side to them -- writers know this and sometimes toy with their personalities; Joss Whedon did this experimental phase in seasons 2-3 where he knew that he wanted to make one of Buffy's best friends gay, and he wasn't sure if it should've been Willow or Xander. So, he did his little experiment. In some episodes you can see that Xander reacted to the Gay-Am-I-Gay way, example in "Earshot". Then Joss experimented with Willow in "The Wish" and in "Doppelgangland".

In conclusion to this very descriptive explanation, all characters are rounded; characterizations can be toyed with if the author of a story sees fit to them. I believe that if structured wisely and thoughtfully, then a specific character can be formed without the reader noticing the change (a.k.a. Buffy).

5. You're wandering away from fanfic into the hallowed-yet-terrifying world of profic. What do you miss the most? The least?

By profic I'm assuming you mean original fiction. Well, I have written original fiction before and it's nothing different from writing fanfiction -- only in some cases you realize hey, this is my story and I can bend and break the characters as I please to without getting bashed on for messing with the original workings. I don't really miss much, but I guess getting inside a specific character's head and writing down in their voice to what they would've said if it had been in the original work of their creator. I don’t miss, however, how people would say "that's out of character" and something going along those lines. Having original stories created gives you not only strength in your writing skills, but improving yourself from the world of fanfiction.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
OTP: Buffy/Angel
Backups: Willow/Tara, Faith/Buffy, Dawn/Conner, Buffy/Spike, Spike/Drusilla
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): Faith/Willow, Buffy/William, Buffy/Willow, Oz/Willow, Spike/Xander, Giles/Buffy, Giles/Jenny
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): Willow/Kennedy, Buffy/Riley

Harry Potter
OTP: Harry/Draco
Backups: Harry/Hermione, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Pansy
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): Ron/Ginny, Hermione/Pansy, Hermione/Female!Blaise, Harry/Snape, Hermione/Luna, Fred/George, Narcissa/Draco, Percy/Ginny, Oliver/Percy
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): Harry/Ginny, Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione

OTP: Crazy Space Incest, Simon/River
Backups: Inara/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Mal/Simon
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): River/Jayne, Mal/Kaylee, Jayne/Vera, River/Kaylee
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): None; everyone on Firefly gets some lovin' ;D

A Series of Unfortunate Events
OTP: Violet/Klaus
Backups: N/A
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): N/A
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): Olaf/Violet

Dark Angel
OTP: Max/Zack
Backups: Max/Logan
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): Syl/Krit
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): Lydecker/Max, Max/Alec

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
OTP: Minako/Rei
Backups: Usagi/Mamoru, Makoto/Ami
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): Makoto/Rei, Minako/Usagi
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): N/A

Angel: The Series
OTP: Angel/Darla
Backups: Angel/Cordelia, Cordelia/Doyle, Spike/Angel
Pairings I'll Read (if the story catches my eye): Fred/Wesley, Illyria/Wesley, Lindsay/Angel
Pairings I Don't Like (or just don't care for): Gunn/Fred, Wesley/Fred/Gunn triangle -- it just never made sense to me.

I would like to take time now to remember Jerry Orbach, who had recently passed away due to prostate cancer. Jerry was a very talented actor. He played the wisecracking NYPD Detective Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order. He had departed from the show last season because of his character's retirement from that police department, but was about to make a comeback in another spinoff L&O series -- and it was stated that he had prostate cancer just a while ago, but report said he was doing all right. It was rather unfortunate to hear about his passing, especially to L&O fans such as myself who have followed through with his acting career and adored his character on the original L&O series.

Jerry Orbach was a talented actor, and his character on the show made me laugh and definitely created the lighthearted side of the show. Many will recognize his voice as Lumiere in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and his many other productions proved his greatest talents. It was a sad loss to lose someone as charismatic as Jerry, but the memories will still live on in our hearts, and in our television sets.

Jerry, you created my love for Law & Order after hearing you crack those jokes and using your witty comebacks. You'll never leave our hearts, and I know you'll be watching over the L&O series as it still rolls on. Thank you for creating such a performance, and for just being who you are. You'll be missed by all of us, your devoted fans and the fans of L&O.

Rest In Peace, Jerry Orbach
1935 - 2004
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