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Goodbye To All That (Farewell to 2008)

It's New Years Eve already? Damn See, this is what happens when life sneaks up on you. In fact this entire year has been like that, it almost seems like everything went by so quickly I didn't even get a chance to settle down. I know I probably did but, from having the new year only hours away it seems like it.

There's been little New Years memes circulating about, and I wanted to do one but I figured I'd do something else for a change. Like write about why 2008 has been good to me.

It's saddening reading about other people's misfortunes with this passed year. I know most didn't have a great year and there's been plenty of misgivings and unfortunate events that'd occurred all year long. However I've found 2008 has done right by me and my personal goals. I've accomplished so much during these last twelve months and I'm proud to have made it almost all the way through that goal list. So this passed year has been more about my personal accomplishments than anything else; having a solid plan about my future by getting enrolled into a private college which will help me get there, and while job-hunting has been kinda tough (economy-wise, it sucks) but I'm still at it. I've gotten closer to family and have a stronger sense of self-confidence than I've ever had before. I also participated in the epic and legendary presidential election which will become a historical event in our country's history, and I am very incredibly proud of the outcome. Oh yes, we totes can bbs! Fandom-wise I've gotten a bit more involved than I have before, made a lot of new friends, discovered new fandoms, and have just loved being part of the online community. Which even though I'm incredibly busy with real life still have time for.

All-in-all, 2008 had been a good year for me, and hopefully 2009 will be even better.

As I am not joining in any particular festivities, I'm wishing everyone a safe and joyous New Years celebration and see y'all next year (some of you I'm sure already are in the new year, hee!)
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