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Bringing in the new year

Seems strange that while everyone is celebrating the new year and making resolutions, I am here treating it like any other day. Aside from my capslocky announcement last night that's all the celebration I did. That and hearing the loud firecrackers outside. But yes, it is officially 2009 and there's much to look forward to, at least for me. I will be graduating in the spring and starting my externship while will be a stepping stone for my future. That there is all the anticipation for the year I need. Everything else that follows is a blessing. I believe resolutions are lifetime goals, not just new year goals, since everyone's goals and dedications change overtime, and having a good year is what you make of it.

I saw Misha Collins in an episode of CSI recently, where he's playing kind of a bad boy and speaking in a Russian accent. I'm not ashamed to admit I squeed.

Oh, there's the Seven Deadly Sins Week on the History Channel which I've been watching, along with their History of Sex programs, and next week is Armageddon Week. Along with that, TSCC, BSG and SPN, there seems to be a theme here which coincides with the 2012 prophecies. That or I'm just really interested in dystopian, biblical and apocalyptic kinds of material.

Remember the Filipino!Twilight I mentioned before? Apparently it's not true, it was all a hoax. Dammit. I would've loved a televised version of the sparkling vampires, simply to see if they improve the storytelling by making it more entertaining and less headdesking and watching that fandom go berserck. But the latter remains, unfortunately, as the racial slurs and bigotry of the rapid Twilighters continues. It's amazing to see their true colors come out, eh? *shakes head*
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