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The universe is a vast and complex system

Alrighty. I've been thinking about doing a little theories discussion of Battlestar Galactica for some time now, and since it'll be returning on the 16th this month for the final episodes (omgyaysquee!) I figure the time is now. Besides, with the previews and promos and webisodes and "you will know the truth" theories, I can't help but start getting amped up for the remaining episodes before the series ends. Recently battlestar_blog did a post that asked fans would their ultimate wishes were for the 4.5 episodes and how they would want the series to end. I didn't comment there, but I figured I'd write them here.

Top Ten Wishes for BSG 4.5
01. For the reveal of how Gaius sees his head!Six and whether or not she's actually a chip inside his head, just a figment of his imagination, or is truly an angel of God. Same with Caprica-Six's own head!Gaius and how these virtual beings are related to each other. There's obviously a connection. Though, quite frankly, I'm torn with wanting to have an explanation or to keep it ambiguous, leaving us guessing even after the series ends.

02. The Opera House and its significance to everything we've seen. It was introduced as a vital piece of the puzzle back in season one, from Baltar and Six to Hera, and why is Roslin in the picture? What exactly is the truth regarding the Opera House and how does it play into the bigger picture of things? I wanna know, dammit.

03. Helo, Athena and Hera to live happily ever after, or at least as happily as the BSGverse gets, and have many other little hybrid babies. Srsly. It must be done.

04. Roslin and Adama to repopulate the human race with wee!Adamas.

05. A reunion between Boomer and Tyrol. I mean, after all they've been through from understanding the Cylon thing to their own self-discovery, they need to be reunited again. Whether romantically or platontically or just a friendly meeting, it needs to happen.

06. Natalie to return. I still hold firm belief that she didn't die, that somehow a resurrection ship was close enough that she downloaded before the hub had been destroyed. And perhaps she and Boomer escaped together or something. I don't know, but she was yet another Six that I instantly fell in love, she was fierce and started the chain of events of the Cylon Civil War and really, I want her to see the faces of the Final Five, which had been her ultimate goal and wish.

07. MOAR SIX/BALTAR SCENES! We kinda got gipped from 4.0, though it's understandable from all the epic stuff that was happening. But there needs to be more of Six and Gaius together, whether it's him and Caprica-Six making amends or just him and his head!Six, or maybe other Sixes. I don't care. Anything with Six and Gaius is fine by me.

08. Speaking of Caprica-Six, the deal with her and the baby she and Tigh made together. How is that going to play out? How significant is this to the other hybrid babies?

09. The end of the series should go out with a big bang. Nothing conclusive to all the storylines, something like a cliffhanger leaving us guessing while being satisfactory as the closure to everything we've lived through over the years. I don't want a happy, fluffy, puppies and rainbows kind of ending (seriously y'all, this is BSG, we know the ending is going to hurt like hell). I want questions to have been answered but leaving us with more questions, and for futures of certain characters or storylines unknown. I just...want to be blown away. It'll be a sad day when it happens, knowing there won't be anymore of the show. But I want it to be MOTHERFRAKKING EPIC!

10. Gaeta to be revealed as the Final Cylon. Or Doc Cottle. Or Racetrack, or Hotdog. Or that silent viper pilot we see every now and again. Hell, I'm banking on Tom Zarek as well. though the REAL Final Cylon is still Mohinder Suresh, this is trufax y'all.

I've also conducted some theories and speculations on certain storylines that'll hopefully be resolved or answered during the last ten episodes. This is me, I have to do theories, whether practical or cracky, otherwise I'll go insane.

Kara Thrace's Special Destiny and What Really Happened To Earth?

I've been speculating this for some time about the discovery of post-apocalyptic Earth. I think Earth was in peril much like the Twelve Colonies were, having created something they couldn't control and it got out of hand and war struck upon them. Perhaps there are survivors left from Earth but, much like the Galactica and the fleet, ventured out to find salvation on another planet. Perhaps the survivors from the devastated Earth are off to find the Twelve Colonies as those from the Colonies have been on the road to Earth.

I also have a theory that Kara's death and resurrection, or hallucination or ghost or whatever she may be, is definitely connected to Earth and her destiny probably changed the outcome of Earth's fate leading to destruction. Maybe she was reborn on Earth, given specific instructions to go back out into space and find the fleet to bring them back as soon as possible for their help in whatever war was going to happen. However the delays, everyone not believing in her instinct on discovering Earth, inevitably led to the nuclear destructive wasteland that is now Earth.

How are the Final Five involved and why are they so different from the other seven Cylons? We know that the Final Five have been to Earth and know of its inhabitants, and their knowledge of what has happened might return to them in pieces after landing there with the fleet. My belief, having trying different kinds of theories, might be that during the forty years of silence from the last Cylon war and the creation of the human models, perhaps the Five were expelled from the Cylon homeworld (I suspect by Cavil or some other ringleader, which would give the reason for being afraid of what the Final Five know that could change the fundamental workings of the Cylons) and went off to find the mythological Earth. But something happened there, and like I mentioned above perhaps they were trying to have a revolution and it failed, and the Five that are on Galactica now will find out exactly why and what could be done about it.

I know that last bit made little to no sense. It's hard articulating exactly how this theory works inside my head, but the point is that the Five could have more answers within themselves than the realize in regards to Earth and to the Cylons original plan.

Alliance Between Cylons and Humans, Good Plan or Fatal Mistake?

At the reveal of the beginnings of the Cylon civil war I was pleasantly pleased, having this been a long time coming I was awaiting for the Cylons to have an alliance between their mortal enemies. The whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" concept, since even with the made alliance between the humans and the rebel Cylons not everyone is going to be behind it and obviously attempts of deceit or murder will probably happen. In fact, it will definitely happen. The alliance was made for the purpose of discovering Earth together, but now that we know Earth isn't what any of them expected it to be, they're at a standstill yet again.

There will no doubt be misgivings and questioning on either side, where they will go and how will they get there, and due to the webisodes and some of the promos the clues indicate the one of Cavil's baseships survived and is floating about, possibly looking for them. Will it be Cylon versus rebel!Cylons and humans? Will Cavil be able to accept the reveal of the Final Five and have some kind of enlightenment or will he attempt to destroy them? Is he hiding something the others don't know and only him and the Final Five know what that secret might be? Who knows.

All we know for certain based off clues throughout the series is that the alliance between Cylon and human is definitely that next step towards their evolution of the species. From the hybrid child of Hera, following Nicky and even Caprica/Tigh baby, perhaps they can find a way to co-habitate together in peace. Perhaps not exactly peace, since the New Caprica plan didn't work out, but to make amends for the past and try to find a new life together. Perhaps this could be their Kobol; that they are now the created Gods from the scriptures, and like the stories and myths of old the big climatic battle will bring forth the evolution of the next generation.

Which has me wondering whether the end of the whole series will have both sides at war, and without knowing what truly happened, having little Hera wandering about with a Six picking her up and going into a paradise with Baltar (as the vision in the Opera House shows). Almost biblical in its symbolism, starting anew after all that's been destroyed.

Yeah. So, those are my thoughts at the moment. I may have more, especially once BSG returns and we're confronted with plenty of epic shit to discuss and speculate. Anyone want to chime in regarding these theories I have? What are your own opinions, theories and thoughts? Give me your input.
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