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Fucking Heat

However do I sleep for only six hours and I still feel alright? It's a very weird sleep cycle I have. Oh well. *shrugs*

Just finished watching Darkness Falls and am now trying to finish a scene in my currently story that I was writing last night, er, this morning - whatever you want to call it.

Right now I am high off of some NC-17 fanfics that I've been reading. Suddenly I've been hooked on reading a lot of Harry Potter and Dark Angel smut and romantic-related stories. Plus, some really well-written Harry Potter slash. *squee!*

Right now what's getting me hot is Remus/Sirius slash stories. Fucking sexy, if you ask me. Also, I am a total believer in Max/Alec shipping from Dark Angel.

Sex, sex, and more sex....what more could a person ask for? ;)
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