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Why'd y'all order a dead guy for?

Life has taken hold of me, and it's almost surreal that come around May/June I'll be graduating. It's insane.

I actually have been seriously contemplating participating in the sncross_bigbang. I haven't signed up yet but I'm seriously considering the challenge, granted if I do my calculations right between now and the deadline for how my schedule is going to be like. I've never done one of these before, let alone posting an actual full-length story online, and judging by my schedule it may be kinda tight. But everyone knows me and my cracky ideas for crossovers so, perhaps I may be up for that challenge. Yes, I'm debating on whether I should or should not; and if I don't actually end up doing this particular challenge I still have my ideas and may still write them out regardless.

In the midst of getting into new fandoms (Leverage, and even Big Bang Theory, both which are fun and hilarious), I've been rewatching my Carnivale DVDs at least an episode or two a day. Holy shit, I'd forgotten how much this show is just absolute genius. It makes me sad there's only two seasons, but I love the religious themes and mythology mixed with it. Anything that involves those things with a solid plot for storytelling is bound to get me interested.

Normally I'm not one for spoilers, especially when fandom likes to overreact to the huge ones, but this particular interview regarding our favorite angel of the Lord makes me giddy with excitement for what's to come. I've never held a strong opinion about Sera Gamble, but at least she's voicing her thoughts that I can agree with on certain topics.

Speaking of, can y'all believe that SPN returns THIS THURSDAY and BSG THIS FRIDAY?! Holy frakking shit, I'm gonna have a fangasm between those two days, and long afterwards.

Alrighty. Back to finishing homework and studying.
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