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BSG: "Sometimes A Great Notion" Episode Review + Meta

I tried the best I could to articulate my thoughts on the episode, since there's a lot of things I want to go over and talk about (and it took me at least over four hours to write this shit out, omg!) I deliberately didn't include everything I wanted in my meta since I'm planning on doing a separate post for theories and speculations. Since, c'mon, with BSG I have to construct theories to keep my sanity.

Battlestar Galactica 4.11 "Sometimes A Great Notion"

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Battlestar Galactica is motherfrakking epic.

After the devastating shock of discovering that Earth isn't paradise, that it's a nuclear wasteland that's been devastated for nearly two thousand years, the entire fleet is in absolute mourning and in deep depression of their crushed dreams. Kara and Leoben venture out to find the locator signal, only to find her crashed viper scattered across the surface of Earth, where she finds her own dead body, now confused more than ever about who or what she may be. The Four start remembering their past lives on Earth all those years ago, and the Colonials and the rebel Cylons find remains of bones and parts of a Cylon Centurion hidden underneath the ground of the destroyed Earth. Coming to the conclusion that not only were there Cylons on Earth, the Thirteenth Tribe were all Cylons. Everyone last one, from metal to biological.

Everyone is crushed, disappointed and even on the verge of suicide; Dee shoots herself, Adama attempts to have Tigh shoot him or he will do it himself, Roslin is losing it as her faith dwindles from the prophecies, even D'Anna doesn't want to continue on with the mission that is no longer there, making it clear she wants to stay on the nuclear planet and waste away with her ancestors. Hope is lost, and even as Adama promises to find a home for everyone, it's a false hope. There's nothing to grasp onto anymore.

There's also that little reveal about Ellen Tigh supposedly being the Final Cylon.

So, where do we go from here? What happens to the Colonists and their Cylon allies as they venture off into space, with no hope or a dream to cling to? What'll happen to the remaining survivors of the human race, will there be bloodshed, more suicides, or will they be wasted away completely? This is the beginning of the end folks, so strap in. It's going to be one hell of a ride.

Prophecies Lost and Fulfilled: All of this has happened before...
Sometimes I live in the country
Sometimes I live in the town
Sometimes I get a great notion
To jump into the river an’ drown
It's been said that these final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are going to be highly depressing, not just because it's the last half of the final season but also because so much is going to happen and it'll be a whirlwind of shock and sadness for both the audience and the characters. "Sometimes A Great Notion" was a amazing opener to the final ten episodes and giving us just that, mindfrakking with us and making us question and ponder many things, rendering us speechless. This is the effect the show does to many of us, and sometimes we're satisfied and sometimes were just "what the frak?" about it.

What astonishes me is the amount of realism this episode presented in regards to everyone's emotional breakdowns after finding out their entire dream about finding Earth has been crushed. This show has always presented a realistic approach to situations, but this in particular was just downright depressing and absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing our beloved characters fall into a pit of despair, losing their faith and hope and some just even giving up altogether. Dee committing suicide was an example that even those who you'd think would be the last one to do such a task, because of their strength and how long they've held up, would crack underneath the disappointment of having no hope for their future; Adama losing sight of his leadership in everything, most of the crew just sitting around, helpless and hopeless, some even creating a disruptance by fighting and vandalism on the ship, letting out their anger. Even Roslin losing her ground of faith, everything she believed in, letting the people of the fleet believe in her, dying in her name and their dreams, everything she stood and fought for, had all been shattered once finding the devastated Earth and discovering that it was actually a planet of Cylons. The Thirteenth Tribe being Cylons, or at least the majority of the remains found there were. It's like a slap in the face for her, for everyone.

To them, this is one prophecy that had failed. Everything had failed, from the scriptures to the prophecies to everything they held onto those four years. It'd been made clear that depending on such a prophecy was like gripping onto a fantasy, and honestly even upon discovering Earth did they know what it would be like? Were there to be survivors, if any at all? No, they didn't. They just automatically suspected it would be like in the prophecies, much like their luck with Kobol and the Arrow of Apollo, following the star systems and so forth. But they didn't really know, they just had high hopes that were crushed severely into their belief that they would find Earth and call it their new home. It's not going to be that easy, especially in the universe that is Battlestar Galactica, because easy happy endings for these people are nonexistent and unrealistic.

There are characters like Dee who will give up on everything completely at the drop of a hat. Others will resort to violence, lashing out their anger and bitterness to the false hope of a new home, after all this time. It's understandable. It's realistic, it's human. For them to simply shrug their shoulders and go "ah well, there will be others planets" just isn't plausible for these people. They need hope and faith, and once all that is gone what happens to them? What is their mental state like, how are they going to react? They are at the end of the line, they've got nothing left to lose, so anything goes.

But not all is lost.

Obviously the scriptures meant something, otherwise they would've never have made it that far to discover Earth. Everything from Kobol and the Arrow of Apollo to the Temple of the Five and the Eye of Jupiter and the blinking lion's head nebula, these have been all clues from the scriptures and there's a deeper connection to it all. The Thirteenth Tribe, the Final Five, the Twelve Cylons, Earth, the Twelve Colonies, the Lords of Kobol -- everything is connected somehow. I have yet to really organize my thoughts on speculations for that, so it'll be for another time, but hope is not lost in that everything they've gone through wasn't all for nothing. Everything has a reason and a purpose, and remember: "all of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again."

Whatever happened to Earth and what will these surviving fleet do now is all up the Fate, and the discoveries they find along the way about their own ancestory and how their roles fit into place in such prophecies and legends. Only time will tell (and we have like, nine episodes left for them to reveal to us the truth).

Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny: Weapon of destruction or Angel with a mission?

One prophecy that did come true in such a sense was what the Hybrid said about Kara, that she is the harbringer of death and would bring humanity to its end. I am definitely intrigued with Kara's storyline. I have always been, and have always speculated different theories, some of which I still hold onto that she is a reincarnation of one of the Lords of Kobol or the Goddess Aurora, and after this episode I have even more things to theorize about adding to them.

Finding her crashed viper on the planet along with finding her own dead body within that viper, burnt and decomposed, is like such a shocking revelation on her part. We've known that she couldn't have just vanished into some black hole and then return with zero memory of her lost time, so this gives a rational explanation for that. However the question still remains, what is she? How did she get there, with everything intact, with a brand new viper, everything? Mindboggling, I tell you. Even Leoben didn't have any answers, the fact that he just stared at Kara and backed away slowly meant that he no longer understands or has any clue to Kara's particular destiny is shocking. He even said that he "was wrong", and when exactly has Leoben ever stated something like that, especially about Kara?

And I reiterate once again, when Leoben starts freaking out, it's a sign that says we're totally frakked. For real.

Whatever Kara is, whether she's an angel of salvation or the angel of death, it's all going to be very interesting to find out. We know she has a destiny, she was chosen for a specific purpose, whether to lead or guide the last surviving of the human (and Cylon) race to another planet that would be similar to the paradise they would've called Earth or some such.

The Final Cylon: Finally revealed or possible red-herring?

I, like most dedicated fans out there, were shocked as the ending of the episode revealed that Ellen Tigh is the Final Cylon. Or is she?

Somehow I get the feeling that this particular reveal isn't the true reveal and is a red-herring, basically because from an interview RDM gave before the premiere was the not only suggesting that the planet they found was supposedly Earth, but also that they weren't going to reveal who the Final Cylon was the first episode returning. I do recall RDM and David Eick saying that the Fifth wouldn't be shown until like some episodes before the final episode of the series, and that doesn't necessarily mean the first episode into 4.5.

Another thing is that this is Tigh's remembrance of his past life, though he may be one of the Five their memories, much like their limited knowledge once discovering they were Cylons, doesn't suddenly all switch on all at once. It comes in fragments. Surely, in that memory flashback Ellen said to Tigh that they would be reborn and together again doesn't automatically mean Cylon resurrection. Perhaps it's like those with deep faith about reincarnation, or a some kind of heavenlike place. Maybe this Ellen Tigh from two thousand years ago was a deep believer, that she believed everyone has a destiny and nobody just withers away into oblivion, and Tigh was just remembering that piece of information to perhaps reassure himself. Remember part of the scriptures and prophecies, "the players change, but the story remains the same" Maybe this is taken literally; that all the characters existed before, just in different roles in this prophecy of everything happening again and again.

I'm not saying that I dislike this reveal, because I do think it's pretty neat considering there's been clues and speculations about Ellen for quite some time now. I'm just weighing out all possibilities until we know for sure this is concrete evidence or if RDM and Co. are frakking with our minds again.

Memorable Moments from the Episode:


++ I love that Earth is a devastated nuclear wasteland, a graveyard of their dreams, of everything they all held close to their hearts. Nothing says bittersweet by finding your so-called paradise to find it a waste dump. Depressing, angsty and suicidal tendencies by the characters. Ah, smells like BSG to me, X1000 with the dark gritty depressing stuff, and it's only going to get even worse. God, I love this show.

++ The Thirteenth Tribe were all Cylons. Thus everyone in the universe were Cylon? Or is it the chain of events; humans created machines, machines take over and created humanoid machines, but those humanoids collaborated and joined with some humans and created hybrids, and those hybrids then became more human and then there's the rebirth of the human race again. Then the human race starts all over again with the technology, and thus the cycle begins? Maybe this is why Hera is so special, to be the first of the new generation of human/Cylons to start that cycle over again? IDEK OKAY THIS IS MY BRAIN ON BSG CRACK AND I AM LOVING IT, M'KAY?!?! EVERYONE IS A FRAKKING CYLON!!!! WHEEEEE! :D :D :D :D

++ The Agathon family is SUPER ADORABLE, AMIRITE? That little domestic scene in the middle of all the depressing stuff was so cute, while everyone else was all emo and angsty, seeing Helo and Athena play with their daughter and act so normally was just, gah, love! ♥ They better survive or else I'll sob like a baby, I swear.

++ Dee shooting herself. DDD: I was never a huge fan of hers but, damn, that was just shocking and sad.

++ All the Leoben/Kara stuff just makes me heart leap with joy. Yes, I admit I really love their screwed up relationship, and the fact they had several scenes together in this ep makes me squee. Of course after the discovery of Kara's viper and her dead body inside did Leoben back away, uncertain of what he knows anymore, it made me sad. It's perhaps the time that Kara wants and needs his answers, but it's something he cannot give. It makes me have sadface.

++ There was some huge lacking in Six scenes (and whatever happened to head!Six?! I saw her in a promo pic amongst the ruins, she should've been there dammit!) Though the Six we did see was definitely cool nonetheless. STILL, WE NEEDS MOAR SIX! BONUS WITH SIX/GAIUS STUFF. JUST MOAR SIX PLZ, KTHX.

++ Gaius in a white labcoat. GAIUS IN A WHITE LABCOAT! 'Nuff said.

++ The flashbacks given for Tyrol were kinda awesome. Him wearing glasses, remembering his past life on Earth. Just wow. Also calling back to Caprica-Six's walk in the Riverwalk in the miniseries, with the flowers and such. Nice work. Makes you wonder what Tory saw and what Anders remembered visually, too. Speaking of which, ANDERS WAS TOTES A ROCKSTAR ON EARTH! HAHA I LOVE IT SO MUCH! HE WAS BOB DYLAN, Y/Y?? XD

++ Poor Roslin. :( Srsly, I feel for her even though she seems to have gone obsessive with her destiny for the longest time, and then she regained her posture and now she's lost hope and her faith altogether, burning the scriptures. I definitely see where she and Adama are coming from in terms of their disappointments. I won't restate what I already said in the meta, but it was heartbreaking seeing Adama trying to comfort her and her just rejecting him, stuck inside her own sadness and hopelessness. :(((

++ Poor Gaeta. Guy never catches a break, does he? But at least there was some screentime with him and Hoshi! \o/

++ Adama and Tigh = BFFs forever, amirite? ♥

++ "I'm getting off this merry-go-round...stay here and die with the bones of my ancestors" Awwww, D'Anna don't say that! ILU too much to just sit down and lay yourself to waste. Don't give up hope, bb.

++ The idea that Cavil's baseships are still out there, lingering in space, is just too good to pass up. Obviously they're mortal now, without the ability of downloading into new bodies, but they are still a threat and with the limited numbers of both sides it'll be either a great chase or a massive bloodshed. I'm hoping for both, because if there's one thing I want is for BSG to end with a BIG BANG.


Overall: This is going to be MOTHERFRAKKING EPIC, y'all. Seriously. After much anticipated waiting over the freaking long hiatus (curse the networks and the WGA strike for delaying longer than it should've been), this is the end of the line. The beginning of the end, and this beginning to the 4.5 half of the season is just absolutely wonderful. Hitting the right heartwrenching spots, the darkness and angstiness, the threat of little to no hope yet having that anticipation for more revelations just around the corner, with the twists and turns keeping us Gods, this is precisely why I adore this show. This is why BSG is the best frakking television series ever. We're counting down to the last nine episodes now people, and I trust RDM and CO. in what they're doing; they haven't let me down before and I believe that they do have a plan how to epicly end this series on a high note. And I seriously cannot wait to see how everything plays out.

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