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And so I said to my doctor...

The Christmas decorations are almost all down now, since it's been a while after New Years it's about time to start getting things back to normal and away until the next upcoming holiday season. But alas, there's trouble a stirring inside this household. Something so disturbing and irritating, it's getting on my last nerve.

Haven't you ever wondered how much insect repellent it takes to wipe out an entire swarm of ants? I've been pondering this since yesterday when I've stumbled across the Invasion of the Ants creeping out of nowhere; it amazes me that these little critters automatically go into the most oddest places, the places where you'd think last to suspect these creatures to pop out from. The bathroom and the living room aren't really places to go for (unless you're eating in the bathroom, that might attract them). Now the kitchen, that's understandable -- however, inside the sink and shower? Either they're confused in the head or their sensors are completely off, and I mean way off.

Fortunately, I cleaned up all that I could after spraying them a thousand times to make sure they've all, well, died. I vacuumed and cleaned once again, and my mother suggested to take down the Christmas tree (which was the obvious place they might be coming from). So today, I picked off all the ornaments and Christmas tree lights and we're going to chop up the tree tomorrow afternoon. This won't solve the ant problem permanently, but at least some might hibernate outside for a while.

But you'd think after spraying the repellent on them once, they'd get the message and leave the house -- not gather up the rest of their posse and move toward the opposite side of the house and invade there. It's Attack of the Ants over here, I swear.

Well, it's finally 2005. And it looks like a great year for brand new films to be showing in the theaters! I've taken a look at some of them and I've pinpointed which ones I'm dying to go see:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: It's quite obvious about this one, eh? Not only am I anticipating Daniel dancing at the Yule Ball, I can't wait to see Harry going all ga-ga over a girl (Cho Chang). So far, the filming is going great and the pictures are just coming and coming. Is it November 18th yet?

Serenity: A Joss Whedon production, directed and created by his genius imagination. The Browncoats will return on September 30th, 2005. After the devastation of the series Firefly being cancelled on FOX, the amazng fanbase reacted hugely towards it, thus Universial bought the right for Joss to recreate this masterpiece into a motion picture (or as we Browncoats like to call it, the Big Damn Movie). Even with the series' cancellation in 2002, the fanbase continues to grow as many others unfamiliar with Joss Whedon's work are converted onto the otherside of the universe and being pulled away on Serenity's wing. If you haven't checked out Firefly, you can order it on -- which I strongly suggest you do, to support the show even more. Or, if you're the kind of person who wants to do the try-and-then-buy way, you can download the episodes here, but I highly suggest buying the DVD's though. It's a lot better quality, and the interviews and extra stuff is definitely worthwhile. So, anyway, Browncoats on September 30th! Whoo-hoo! Watch out for them Reavers, though...

Elektra: Starring Jennifer Garner as Elektra herself, the spin-off of Daredevil. The trailer looks incredible, and I feel that this is going to be an great action-packed movie.

Proof: The movie inspired by the play written by David Auburn; I've read the play a few years ago and I was so enthralled with it I considered, and still consider, it a masterpiece. Sure, it's not Shakespeare or anything, but the character developments and the communication between them and the all flowed through this play. Hopefully, this movie will recreate the love that I have for the play itself. Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be playing the main character, Catherine, and Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be playing Hal, the love interest of Catherine. It's going to be great, I can already tell!

The Last Unicorn: This is the Live Action version, starring many of the original people from the cartoon version that was made in 1982. It says on IMDB that it's going to be released in theaters at Christmas of 2006, but I do recall it saying before that it was going to be released this Christmas of 2005. I guess we'll find out and see.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Come on, you'd think I wouldn't post this? Johnny Depp is going to be playing Willy Wonka in this musical remake of the original movie. Now, many people will argue that they'll be ruining the original film -- to be quite honest, I love the Gene Wilder one too -- but the teaser trailer looks absolutely fantastic (and hilarious), and so colorful, that how could anybody not want to see it? Besides, it'll be a hoot to see Mr. Depp sing and dance and act silly in this film.

Ice Princess: Okay, I'm not really into Disney movies anymore because they aren't really putting anything out there that's really enjoyable and entertaining lately, but this film actually seems pretty good. Besides, I like Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn Summers in Buffy). Plus, the storyline isn't really horrible -- like some teenybopper-esque Disney films have been lately. Michelle's character is a know-it-all school-a-holic who can calculate mathematical terms easily, but she wants to prove that she can have fun too, as well as be competitive in the art of figure skating. It's not as corny or cheesy as some Disney flicks are, and it looks to be hopeful.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Honestly, did you really think I'd forget this one? Although the prequels have been argued to be ruining the Star Wars universe from the original trilogy, I've been hooked on them along with my sister, the Mistress of All That Is Star Wars (insanely a fanatic, that one) -- I'm looking forward to seeing this on the big screen, and seeing our beloved Anakin becoming the ultimate evil, Darth Vador; anyone who was surprised by that revealed information seriously needs to brush up on their Star Wars history and do more research. Because, hell, who doesn't know the entire mythology behind the Star Wars trilogy?

Chance: Now, this is just a rumor for now, but Amber Benson's independent film she made back in 2002 -- starring herself and James Marsters, will probably make it out into selected theaters between now and next year. If this rumor will come through, I have no idea. I've tried ordering the movie Chance from the official website, but it's been sold out for the longest time, and I'm guessing that's probably why they're thinking about doing this. It's not for certain, so don't be getting your hopes up kids. I'm just repeating what's been told to me. However, those that want to check out the film before it's confirmed, go to and take a look at the information about the film. Amber Benson wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the film -- and it's been known to be an excellent film by a very talented woman. But of course that was to be expected, right? ^_^

Right as of now, I'm trying to tape the independent film My Life Without Me, starring Sarah Polley that's been airing on Showtime and HBO -- however our cables been kinda wonky and keeps hiccupping every 5 minutes. Is it due to the storm or massive winds over here? I don't know. I've also been trying to find A Tale of Two Sisters and that incredibly short film that Christina Ricci had on the Sundance channel -- the racy and almost silent version of Little Red Riding Hood, but I could never catch it for some reason. Either that or our hours are different than what the schedule is online.
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