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Being President means you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

++ For the sake of what happened in the SPN fandom I will say it was quite an unfortunate situation and I am deeply as shocked and disgusted as anyone else by the heinous acts and cruelty another person could do out of spite. It was completely uncalled for, and I believe that karma will turn and bite that person in the ass for what they'd done, and praying the other will recover from being victimized in this manner. Also, for the record, be reassured that I would never ever commit such a horrible act against anyone, from disagreements or otherwise. I find it petty and childish to resort to such behaviors. I love and trust everyone on my flist, and I also know none of you would ever do such a thing, which makes me grateful. *hugs you all*

++ I have recently discovered The Tudors. I have been mildly interested and curious for quite some time and, in the midst of my returning fandoms, I have begun watching the first season. I'm still midway through it, but already fascinated with it. Of course there are historical inaccuracies, but it's a gorgeous series nonetheless. With lots of graphic sex, boobies and man-ass to be enjoyed. And I pretty much want Anne Boleyn's wardrobe. Srsly.

++ President Barack Obama -- it's so refreshing saying that now, amirite? -- has signed numerous executive orders within the several days he's officially been in office (including closing down Guantanamo Bay, overturning the ban on international funding for abortions, having the U.S. approval for the first stem cell research, even to uphold his promise to stop the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the U.S. military. As these are just among the many things he has planned for the next four years.) I have to admit, this is my first time ever paying close attention and interest to anything involving the presidency and political issues. Usually talking about it before would get my blood to boil and I would refuse to discuss it further, but nowadays with our new president I have a feeling we will make a grand turnaround from how things have been over the last several years. And I have very happy for that.

And I'm also happy to discover ontd_political, providing the appropriate lulz for the right kinds of stuff, and informative news articles which we can either praise or growl and make fun of at the same time. *g*

++ Mah Battlestar Galactica review to come soonish. So much to talk about, plus a theories post which I meant to do before but, now I have more to say. Hee. I also may do a separate Supernatural post, something with more meta or theories regarding this current season, or what I would like to see in the coming episodes, sans spoilers or course. 'Cause I don't read spoilers. I know, I'm a pussy.
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