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In the quiet, I hear a distant sound

By now everyone's probably heard about the devastating news about Kim Manners passing away from lung cancer. I'm still in a shock, to be honest. He did a lot of amazing work in his career, and most recently his well-known place was amongst the family of Supernatural, directing some of the best episodes and was praised like whoa. It's quite unreal, I never knew there was anything medically wrong with him, and it's just so strange that one minute this is the guy that his creative mind worked behind the camera and he and the boys frequently traded back and forth pranking each other, and the next hearing the news that he's no longer with us. It's just so sad, and a terrible loss.

Onto more lighter things, I did finally see the extended Heroes Volume 4 promo and just, holy crap! Show, I was disappointed with you previously, but with that and where I think it's going with everyone ganging up together and generally being awesome? You may just be pulling me in again.

I am so not one for the Super Bowl, but the commercials are always fun, especially wheh they involve supah hawt mens with supahpowahs in uniform. *g*

How is it that recently my dreams have become less of the surrealism stuff and more about real life? When exactly did this come about and why? Almost every dream I've had in the past week have been about or relating to things occurring in my life, school or otherwise, and it's pissing me off. The reason why I like sleeping is to escape reality for the moment and focus on cracktastical shiznit my mind likes coming up with. Now it's all about things I'm already doing when I'm awake, and it really confuses the hell outta me because it's almost too real. What the frakking frak, subconscious? STOP MAKING ME HATE REALITY EVEN MORE AND START AGAIN WITH CRACKTASTICALLY INSANE SHIT! I NEEDS IT, DAMMIT!

All the more evidence saying that life has taken over, like whoa.
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