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SPN: "Sex and Violence" Episode Review + Meta

Supernatural 4.14 "Sex and Violence"

The brothers investigate a case that has men who had brutally murdered their wives, despite the fact that they had happy marriages. They believe it to be influenced by something supernatural, succubus or demon possession or something, however they've come to the conclusion that it's a siren. Yes, the Greek mythological creature, which Dean happily states his knowledge of reading The Odyssey. It appears that this siren comes to a particular victim to be whatever they most desire or want in their lives, most of the time it's of irresistible women of their dreams, and once infecting them, mostly through sexual intercourse, these men fall underneath the siren's spell and can do their bidding. Unfortunately during this investigation both the brothers get infected by this siren, and are turned against each other in a sorta battle royale.

That was also triggered by the inner frustrations and bitterness Sam and Dean have been feeling towards each other, as the anger and words exchanged between the two reaches an all-time low and outbursts of anger. Dean feels that Sam is trying to hide things from him purposefully as he senses the apparent change in his little brother, while Sam feels like Dean is inadequate compared to him.

Despite the title and the preview given beforehand, this episode presented more about what's happening between the brothers at this point than the actual case, which was merely pressing forth the issue that has been boiling underneath them for quite some time, and probably will not disappear anytime soon.

The Winchesters: The Secrets That Divides Them

One of the interesting things is that this episode wasn't particularly focused on the sex part, some in the beginning obviously but this was primarily all about Sam and Dean and the issues they have between one another, which were all triggered by the effects from the siren's spell. And I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with how they managed to integrate both things into this episode, addressing their own frustrations and taking it out on each other.

Plus that fight was just brutal, verbally and physically. Damn.

It just needed to get to that point, really, where they just clash with how they feel and end up fighting over it. As I've mentioned before the siren's spell was prompting them to release their frustrations and anger and bitterness about the other, and the fight was triggering all those emotions and how they truly felt, and the violence leading to almost-killing was just a side-effect of that spell. However, the latter was the only supernatural thing induced here, because I believe what they were saying was the God's honest truth and now it's out in the open, no taking it back. They needed to get to this place because it can get old going back and forth of one lying and the other holding back their feelings, nothing ever goes anywhere because of that.

The thing that gets me is how it was all executed. When Dean told Sam would he thought about him keeping secrets, I though okay, a legitimate reason for being outraged and angry because it is true. However, it was Sam's rebuttal that really aggravated me. How could he even say that Dean was the weaker one and not as an efficient hunter as he was, that his torn feelings from his time in Hell was a waste of time and just "holding him back" from getting Lilith, as he so claimed during his rant? He has absolutely no idea what Dean went through, what he's still going through, and he has the audacity to say something like that? It's as though Sammy's transformation from bookish to hunter over the years has left him becoming selfish and self-centered and unrealistically idealistic, and that is frustrating. I mean, surely siblings fight and have arguments and they've had those from time to time, but that? That went beyond that boundary line to where it really hurt, you could tell just by Dean's actions and reactions, even in the end after all was dealt with.

This also gains perspective on how utterly different paths they are now on, and that an actual confrontation between the two will eventually happen based on that alone. This was just the starter of what's going to happen later on as the mytharc continues onward. I can feel it, and I personally want it to happen.

In the end no, nothing's going to be alright until they can resolve this and place it behind them. This is why I think a brother versus brother is necessary, because even though they can duke it out like normal brothers do, this is something that is affecting their entire brotherly relationship on a deeper level than just minor tiffs and frustrations. This has been boiling underneath their skin for some time now and it's because of the incident with the siren that finally gave them the opportunity to let it out into the open, and quite frankly I think they need to butt heads again in order to get passed everything. Because once they do, they'll come back together stronger than before. I truly believe that, but the hurt has to come first, and that's heartbreaking.

So yes, this was just the tip of the iceburg, and there'll be more to come. Just you wait. *gathers the tissues*

Memorable Moments from the Episode:

++ Bringing in the brotherly angst, this show never ceases in that department. This entire season, aside from the Heaven and Hell Apocalyptic mytharc, has been focusing on the boys and their differing opinions on this war and where they are as opposed to where they've been, and how they're dealing with situations differently. We're seeing conflicts between their decisions, their feelings and this episode really brought out the harshness of that, at least in their words and the fact that no, it wasn't a spell that made those words come out. They meant what they said, and they're back to being in denial. It hurts, it really does, especially since we know where it'll head down that road.

++ Thanks to gembat for pointing out all the stripper's names were Disney princesses names. Oh show, lol.

++ Dean being enthusiastic about having a case that involves strippers and strip joints. Hehe, typical Dean.

++ BOBBY RETURNS! It's amazing after all those episodes he's been gone he finally makes a comeback, and brings the many lulz and awesomeness along with him. Because he's Bobby Singer, and awesome is his middle name. F'shiz. I mean seriously, all those phones with the labels on the indicating whether it's FBI, CIA or whatever, being all BAMF on one of those said phones while being all domestic cooking over the stove while wearing a "Kiss The Cook" apron, and saving the boys once again? Definitely made of awesome.

++ Dudes. Dean has read The Odyssey, therefore he has some literacy knowledge. Hee! ♥

++ The fact that they dealt with sirens makes me kinda giddy. IDKY, but there's something about taking those kinds of mythologies into the show. At first I thought they would be dealing with a succubus or incubus or something of that nature, but sirens are good as well. And damn, did that reflection of the siren's true form look fucking creepy!

++ SLASHY SUBTEXT IS SLASHY! XD The fact that the siren that sucked Dean into its spell had been a dude and just saying "he belongs to me" and all those kinds of lines, and the fact that the siren appeared as the image of the person's truest desires/fantasy/whatever, just screamed so much slash I was blinking in amazement. Oh Kripke, you totes know how to create fanservice for the fans. The gay was clear here, and I kinda love it.

++ Okay, so that Karen girl at the medical office -- she wasn't the siren after all? So Sammy sleeping with her was what, just for kicks? IDEK. But a nice red-herring to the actual identity of the siren, well done show.

++ I mentioned this above but I still really love how Dean called on Sam's shit, about keeping secrets and about Ruby and everything else. Again, it's true, and Sam shouldn't be doing all that and he knows it. It's not becoming of Sam for doing all what he's doing and justifying it all because he's a "better hunter" or whatever; he's definitely flirting on that boundary line of the darkside...since that line has already blurred for him. I sensed much evil!Sam in this episode and not just during the fight, his defensiveness and just, holy crap. I do hope they're going there. I know I keep coming back to that but seriously, I really really really hope they're going there. *prays to the Cylon God*

++ NEEDED SOME CASTIEL, M'KAY. *misses my angel like whoa*

++ Though I feel like this needs to be mentioned, the fact that Castiel wasn't in this episode doesn't mean the implications weren't there. Here's why: the Siren's job was the project the object of the victim's desires, their wants and needs right? Well for Dean it's not stripper girls or anything like we would normally suspect. No, but a friend, a buddy, someone to converse and give all his trust and dedication with other than his brother, and who else has entered his life recently to fulfill that need other than Castiel? See, it all fits perfectly and why Castiel is essential to be part of Dean's life, especially now.

Overall: I felt this was an excellent episode based on the brother interactions alone, and the case was merely secondary because it prompted everything that happened between them which have been going on for quite some time now. In the midst of all these episodes after coming back from winter break, and before this other monthly hiatus weren't having, the relevence of the storm coming for the Winchesters was appropriate. We're seeing the major differences between them and what they refuse to admit to the other, now out in the open, and now hidden in denial again. I do believe in that huge brotherly battle will take place, and if it doesn't I will be so disappointed. But judging from this episodes and the previous episodes so far this season, all signs point in that direction.

I feel like I should have more things to say about the episode, but that was essentially it.

But seriously, another hiatus already? I know it's like sweeps or something similar, and midseason premieres are starting up which may be harder to contain with ratings and such, but we have to wait until March 5th for new episodes? Hopefully once we return we'll have Castiel waiting for us. *g*
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