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News: Updating weekend thus far

LJ has been fixed! Yay!

Nearly 26 hours without LiveJournal made my weekend slightly of the boredom scale -- only for a little while, might I add. Actually, to tell the truth, I'm actually glad that it was temporarily down, or else I wouldn't have been able to tear myself away to finish the work that I've been putting off for a long while. I've spent several hours finishing up paperwork and researching earlier today because the deadline is next week. Since I'm a master at procrastinating, this was my assignment (and still is) for this weekend. Oh, and I've got more to finish, never mind the pain in my neck from being hunched over for the longest time reading and writing down things. Yeesh!

However, I'm glad that LiveJournal is back in business. Kudos to the LJ staff for working so hard on fixing the problem, to which I believe was a massive power outage.

Well, more research must be done, though I'm thinking about putting it off until tomorrow. I'm completely drained and exhausted, not to mention that my sleep schedule needs to change since I'm starting my college classes on Tuesday -- early Tuesday morning. Oh, hopefully my willpower to wake up at an ungodly hour (7:00am) won't fail me again! Hot chocolate might perhaps perk me up or something....or chocolate!
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