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Russian Roulette just isn't the same without a gun.

++ Haven't been around as much, other than posting episode reviews and such, which I do deeply apologize in case anyone's been looking for anything substantial. Life happens and right now I'm at the end of my semester so that means final exams and turning in extra credit and all that jazzy stuff. I'll be updating on that sometime next week after all that's been final graded, said and done. Also, in case anyone's missed any of the reviews I've just posted you can go ahead and check them out (BSG: 4.13 "The Oath" and SPN: 4.13 "After School Special"), since I posted some from last week a bit later than I'd expected to, along with the current ones this past week.

++ Battlestar Galactica. Yeah. This show continues to be frakking hardcore like whoa, and never ceases to amaze me at how utterly ballsy they can be, and it gets better and better every episode heading towards the last. Just, holy frak.

++ This is my motherfucking president y'all, and he is made of absolute fucking win. Also, I kinda really want the audiobook he does for Dreams From My Father, f'reals.

++ Dollhouse/Terminator:TSCC promo, grindhouse-style. I just hope the promotion FOX gives to their Friday nights are good, because I'm still wary about it all being switched. It would've been better to just have TSCC remain Mondays and have Dollhouse paired with it. But then it would've have competition by other programs on other networks so, idk. We'll see. I'll be pimping it out all over, like whoa, and I'm expecting all those want both to do extraordinary on their new nights to do the same as well. Let's break that FOX curse, shall we?

++ And in case anyone's been living underneath a rock, brand new Misha Collins interview for CW Connect, which he is so freaking adorable and an absolute darling! ♥ My crush for him grows and grows. There's only one spoilerish thing, but it's mild and I don't necessarily consider it spoilery at all. But heh, just a fair warning. Otherwise, GAZE UPON THE GORGEOUSNESS OF TEH MISH MISH!
Tags: barack obama, battlestar galactica, dollhouse, misha collins, rl on the dl, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles
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