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Life's a bitch and then you die, and then you come back and start over

++ FRIDAY NIGHT'S ARE BACK TO BEING HARDCORE, BB! We have BSG and the return of TSCC, along with the midseason premiere of the long-awaited arrival of Dollhouse. I'm excited for that to do well, even though I'm still wary about FOX having it on this day and not Mondays, but schedules are what they are and hopefully we'll break that curse. Unfortunately I do have an event to attend tonight, but I'll be recording it nonetheless. I'm not missing my kickass females on badass shows. Also, the fact that we have Tahmoh Penikett on TWO SHOWS on the same night? Oh hell yeah, bbs!

++ I'm still very happy from that Nip/Tuck episode. Oh Misha, what have you done to me? And Katee too! Holy crap. There's only been one Castiel/Kara fic out there but, I DEMAND MOAR, DAMMIT!

++ There's been some things that have been infuriating me lately. Not fandom related, but current events that have me facepalming and headdesking and kind of weeping for humanity's sake. I'm sure everyone's heard about this Nadya Suleman woman and her 16 kids fiasco, but now there's the issue about two kids having babies together. The latter is pretty sad considering they are just kids who knew absolutely nothing about sex, and that's the part that angers me because parents these days aren't talking with their kids about it. TALK ABOUT THEM BIRDS AND BEES PPL! Don't shy away from it, because it's vital.

However, it's the former that infuriates me because we all know she's only doing this for publicity reasons, that she's using this opportunity to gain popularity amongst the media for people to pity her "situation" even though she's doing jackshit to help herself and having her own mother raise her children while she's out having her nails done and getting this makeover and not being a mother at all. Lady, this is a cry for help and don't beg for a reality show, use this time to get professional psychiatric help and hand your kids over to people who can actually afford to take care of them. It's all so fucked up and disgusting, not to mention some of the kids have mental disabilities -- how does this crazy woman think she's going to pay for that? Our economy is in a crisis right now, how does she think that using her student loans is going to help her take care of all those kids under those living circumstances? Fuck you lady, fuck you.

...Yeah, this was supposed to have been a happy post because it's FRIDAY BBS! But it went in a direction of me ranting so, heh, I apologize for that. I guess life has its way of getting to me sometimes, especially when it involves stupidity of some kind.
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