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You can't fight a ghost...

So, Dollhouse finally premiered last night as did the return of TSCC, and I have to say that mixed with BSG makes for an epic night of television. I'm still contemplating whether to do epic review posts for them, as I know I'll be doing some meta regarding Dollhouse for sure because of the news buzz surrounding it, but here are my reactions nonetheless:

Dollhouse 1.01 "Ghost"

First, how amazing is it to see another Joss Whedon show back on our television screens? It's been quite a while and it's refreshing to have him back, plus teamed with Eliza and all of these amazing actors. It's like a reunion of sorts and it feels great.

Moving onward, this is an entirely different kind of genre that Joss is coming into. It's nothing like how BtVS/Angel/Firefly had been, this is completely a different playground so for all those fans of his previous works might need time to adjust to this new setting. Which I think it's great that he and Eliza are doing something that is unlike what they've done before, and here I move onto the entire concept for the show. I've loved the idea ever since it was first announced what the show would primarily be about. I had no idea how everything would pan out, but I trust Joss and Eliza and their minds clashing together in such a way to make something amazing. And it has yet to disappoint me because I get it. I understand what story they're telling here and I think it's going to be frakking mind-blowing.

The episode in itself was what every pilot episode is, a general setup for what the series is about, so we'll have future reference as it continues on. I have to say, I'm very intrigued. I was intrigued before but actually seeing the episode in its entirety, I've gotten more interested than I originally did and that's a good sign.

As said I really love the concept behind the creation of the Dollhouse. There's some that disagree or have problems with it, which I'll get into sometime later with the metaing about feminism and such, but overall I understand why this was done and what this represents and I'm liking the bold decision for what they're doing. It's not dark as BSG is, but it's not all fluffy and comical as BtVS had been. It's an entirely different usage of drama and mystery that I think, if people respond to the show, will do well.

The Dolls themselves have been stripped of their memories, from the engagements to their very own, so seeing them wandering around the Dollhouse like they have not a care in the world was fascinating to witness, and it really gives an idea for what kind of operation and atmosphere the place is all about. For instance, we see Echo questioning things and questioning whether she should question those things, and her repeating certain phrases as though oblivious to what's going on -- it's almost like a confused child not understanding the world around them. Treating these people like objects to have implanted personalities and never having their own. I think it's a fascinating, and dark, kind of premise for a series.

Speaking of Echo, I'm very intrigued with her character in general. In the beginning we see Echo how she was pre-Dollhouse, at least in the signing consent stage to becoming a Doll in the first place. Eliza played her very Faith-esque which I found interesting, because I think this indicates something about her life that she's using this opportunity for the big check that comes in after her joining with the program. She even mentioned a bit of that info in the beginning monologue of hers. Not entirely sure what this means, but I have a feeling we'll find out sooner or later. Hopefully once she starts "waking up" during her "treatments" will we get a glimpse to who Echo was and why she's there in the first place.

So the imprinting of personalities into the Actives are other real people's personalities, all rolled into one for one particular Active? Interesting.

Familiar faces: TAHMOH PENIKETT! Playing the FBI agent, which me likey the suit. HE SUITED UP! Also, shirtless!Tahmoh with the boxing = my happy fangirl. Yes indeedy. Also, AMY ACKER! Nice seeing her again, and loving her short hair.

That beginning scene with Eliza and the motorcycle was hot as ever. Can never deny kickass females with motorcycles. Also, dancing in the club to one of my current favorite songs and in that short dress? Yowza. Adding more lust to my girlcrush, therefore I approve mightily. Later on in the episode I really loved her outfit going on; the suit to her hair pinned up and those glasses. Stylish.

Sierra's scene in the end with her coming in guns blazing. Hell yes. Looking forward to seeing more of her.

Overall, I enjoyed the pilot. Not entirely perfect but I'm definitely hooked. Of course it's a Whedon show, there's no doubt about it, but as mentioned this is very different from his other works and it's on a deeper level for people to understand. If anything, I want Dollhouse to do extremely well because of how it'll develop as the season progresses, so I'm urging everyone to continue watching even if they weren't sold yet (and I've read some interesting reviews online already, so I'm going to be writing more about this later). But yes, Joss Whedon is back bbs!

Terminator: TSCC 2.14 "The Good Wound"

Coming back from the hiatus, where we left off as Sarah had chased her obsession from those three dots leading towards what could possibly be a connection to Skynet, however she had been shot in the leg and we last saw her looking up at the sky seeing some foreign object hovering about her before passing out. Now, in this episode, we see Sarah starting to hallucinate Kyle Reese, however he's there to be a motivator for her, helping her rather than just being there.

One of the interesting things I found while watching this episode was how head!Kyle (hee, sorry couldn't help it) had the compassion and patience but also the strength of a soldier. Even though this was all inside Sarah's head I liked that she percieved him in such a light, because that is truly the man she'd fallen in love with. Also I got the impression from his expressions and his comments to her were more than her conscience talking, in fact I think I feel that's how Kyle Reese would've reacted if he were to come back to life and see how Sarah had gotten after he'd died. How hard she'd became, how cold and calculating and even somewhat obsessive with following those three dots. I'm not sure if that was the intention of this episode, but I felt that this gave light to Sarah's situation and how far she'd gone off the reservation from herself.

Riley. Y'know, I've never really given a straight answer for my feelings towards Riley's character in general. Like most I was annoyed with her at first, but after discovering that she came back with Jesse from the future I became more empathetic towards her. I pity her. All she wants is out and Jesse cannot allow her to, so she tried to commit suicide. I kinda want her to admit everything to John, admit the truth so it's out in the open. I'm sure it will happen sooner or later.

I still have this insane girlcrush on Summer Glau despite that she didn't get much screentime, or beat anyone up. Also, I think I have that jacket she was wearing. Heh.

I think John Henry is rather cute -- it's how the actor plays him I think, with the natural curiosity that of a child. Hee.

Am I the only one that thinks Kyle Reese was kinda hot? Because he was. He and Derek are the Hot Reese Brothers, yes indeed they are.

The statistics of this show are having me worried a bit, because despite how action-packed and intense it can be this show is still also about character drama, and I think audiences don't want the drama. They want the action and I read somewhere that the numbers were dropping because of that, and now moving from Mondays to Fridays on FOX is kind of worrying me a bit. Granted it's paired with Dollhouse so IDK how well that'll do as well. I'm just still wary about the Friday night stuff, but the promotions for them have been all over the place on other networks so, hopefully people will pay more attention. That and understand that TSCC will always have action. Sometimes we need some drama because we can't have explosions and gunfights all the time.

Overall, I liked it. Moar Terminator stuffs, plz.

Fridays nights are gonna be the busiest concerning my fandoms, oh Lordy. *is ded*
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