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What's your life worth to you?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.15 "Desert Cantos"

Well, if that wasn't a grand show for revelations huh?

Another interesting take on episode structures, like the same with "Mr Ferguson Is Ill Today", taking it within a least a day and bit by bit, and y'know what? It was an awesome buildup to the ending which, even though we haven't got all the information we can actually piece some of the things we know together. We know the people at the warehouse were constructing something, something to do with the machines, with the metal, and they were keeping tabs that nobody would tell about this project, and that the piece of metal was the hoverdrone we saw in the end, all in connection to a Skynet project.

Also, I liked that the others saw it along with Sarah, so they know that she isn't crazy and that something was going on from her obsession with those three dots and that warehouse.

And I think I saw that girl that John was talking to before, somewhere else.

I liked the mystery of this episode, I kept thinking that something was going to be revealed, and how it all would be pieced together. Again, we still don't know all the details.

Awww, Whistler's dead. :(

Weaver. I like the progression of Weaver's character, and I like that despite her being a machine that she's interesting and genuinely curious about the behaviors of humans, of how they work and how to interact with them. Having Savannah there is actually a nice way of communication on a level that makes sense; they're both trying to learn about the world. It's interesting, and it's like Cameron's experience with the world in a childlike sense. Same with John Henry.

Next week's preview, could this be what might cause Sarah's deteroriating health? The paranoia, seeing things, the nightmares? Cameron said that she died of cancer, but perhaps it was a metaphor for something? IDK, I'm getting all cryptic about this. But it's worth thinking about.

Dollhouse 1.02 "Target"

What did I tell all you people? Give this show a chance and it'll show you it's true potential.

We have several mysterious plot twists which will slowly be revealed. We have the anonymous past Active who had killed many in the Dollhouse, but left Echo alive amongst all the other dead bodies. Why? Why leave her alive while the others dead? Obviously there's something special about her, and this Alpha guy wants Paul to continue searching for her, giving him the envelope with her picture and real name, Caroline. But why, for what purpose? Does he know that Echo can remember, will start remembering, like he did? To reverse the ability of imprints and be able to take down the Dollhouse once and for all? I'm really curious about this.

Perhaps that is why that she's starting to remember, maybe there's a connection between Alpha and Echo; that she's starting to "wake up" during all her engagements, and it's not just CLICK! and she's awake. It's bit by bit, piece by piece, and suddenly she'll start to remember and perhaps piece all of it together.

Middleman! Being a bad psychopathic killer unfortunately, but you have to admit their scenes together were amazing.

OMG HAI THAR HELO! AND HAI THAR ROMO! NICE SEEING YOU AGAIN! :D Mmm, Tahmoh looks good in that suit, just saying. I can't wait for him and Echo to be on the same screen, and how all that will go down especially since he knows what she looks like.

And the Dollhouse knows what he's doing, has for quite some time. I wonder what they're planning on doing when they'll realize he may come closer than expected.

Here's the thing I see while watching this show -- Eliza and Joss have explained the idea for this show came as they're discussing Eliza's career, all the other roles she's played and how she really hasn't found "that one" that really allows her to express herself as she should, to find herself in this business. I find that Echo's engagements and assignments are what her past roles had been. In the pilot her second assignment about saving the little girl was like her role in Tru Calling, in this episode it seemed similar to what happened in Wrong Turn, the suspense of being hunted, of defending for herself and being the stronger one in the end.

Maybe I'm the only one that sees that, but this makes me very intrigued with how they incorporate that into Echo for her to find herself.

Color me intrigued with where all of this is going, as I have been but this episode has me more intrigued.

Three shows back-to-back in one night. Holy crap. This is why Fridays are gonna kill me ded, just y'all wait.
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