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21 February 2009 @ 02:27 pm
BSG: "Deadlock" Episode Review + Meta  
Battlestar Galactica 4.16 "Deadlock"

Upon returning to Galactica, Ellen Tigh is reunited with the rest of the Final Five as the beginning stages of their evolution and alliance with the human fleet starts. However there are complications once learning that Saul had been having an affair with a Number Six, Caprica-Six, and that they are expecting a child. This causes Ellen to passively aggressively lash out as her disappointment and jealousy take over, but it ceases when Caprica starts having abdominal pains that may result problematic for the baby, which has an unfortunate miscarriage. In the middle of this the rest of the Final Five had been planning on either staying with the human fleet or leaving, knowing that they could procreate, and were going on majority rule to determine, but Tigh refuses this notion.

Meanwhile Adama continues his visits to see how Galactica is reacting to being repaired with biological Cylon goo, Gaius returns to his lovecult from slightly delaying his return after the mutiny and realizes with the help of head!Six that one follower in particular may trouble, and he asks the Admiral for guns for protection purposes, and Boomer is taken into the brig. Oh, and Sam regains consciousness brainwaves. In the end, the decision is that the Five aren't going to jump away but rather have the Cylons and humans join together aboard the Galactica as they prepare themselves for the long-term survival of their species.

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down: The Relationship of Ellen and Saul Tigh

An interesting tidbit about this episode is that despite the fact that those of the Final Five have knowledge that they are Cylons, deep down at the core of themselves they are still the same individuals they were before this realization. Ellen is of course no different as it appears she started behaving the same way she did before the revelation began.

Someone pointed out that this episode was more soap operaish than the previous ones based on the jealousy between Ellen and Caprica-Six, the baby and relationship issues, as it clearly had been written or advised by a women on the writing staff. I kind of deem this true, judging from the disjointed feeling of certain scenes, bouncing back and forth between this drama and the drama aboard the Galactica.

On one hand I can see where this could eventually have been problematic, since Ellen and Tigh have been together all those years ago back on Earth, their love is eternal, nothing can separate them and all that. It must've been a huge shock discovering that her husband had been shacking up with a Six, a Six they, the Five, had created thus turning into some twisted incestuous affair and the jealousy sets in with her claims of always trying to have children but never could all those years, and now with this Six it suddenly happened and all that. It's the classic kind of argument of "what does so-and-so have that I don't?" However, neverminding that Ellen had cheated and gone with different men thousands a times during their marriage, and she even admitted that her relentless jabbing at him then was just to hurt him. That's something that those two always did within their relationship, fight and then makeup sex, fight and makeup sex, the push and pull of their strange marriage. And you'd think in the midst of everything she would be able to set that aside and focus on the important matters at hand, but she became territorial and wanting to hurt Saul like she's always known how to from years and years of experience. It was personal, and it was petty, which had backfired when Caprica-Six started having pregnancy issues leading into a miscarriage.

I've never been huge on Ellen Tigh to be honest, and the only episode I found myself liking her was the previous one when she regained all her memories and revelations about her as one of the Five, the maternal one of them in fact that has almost all the answers. She seemd more mature and adult there, however when she returns to Saul all that changes. I guess that's what her marriage with him as always been.

In truth they didn't need to spend all that time with that entire storyline, though it was an opportunity to break out the tissues for Caprica, which now I'm wondering whether Tigh will stay with her or now that there's no longer a baby in the picture he'll cease to be. We know that there's the possibility that Caprica may be at risk health-wise from the baby, and psychologically she's not well because of the miscarriage and, I've been having this discussion with others, that perhaps with the baby gone Caprica will go into some kind of depression and suddenly snap, and decide to take the only other special Cylon baby there is. Hera. It might not be as much of a stretch as some would think, because it would materialize the Opera House vision in a scary kind of way, and maybe Caprica hides within Baltar crazy cuckoo lovecult as that's the only safest place to retreat to other than the baseship.

In any case, without this going too far from where I was describing, as much as the frakked up relationship Ellen and Tigh have the only thing that this episode brought out was how ultimately human they are underneath all this Cylon knowledge, and how this brought forth the Cylon/human intermingling on the Galactica as Caprica's baby is no more, leaving with suspicions and theories on what might happen as this starts becoming the norm for them.

The Future for the Humans, Cylons and the Galactica

In the midst of all that dramalama that was happening with the Tigh/Caprica/Ellen triangle, some issues came up regarding the futures for both Cylon and human alike, even the ship itself.

First we have the development of Gaius Baltar's little lovecult fanclub, where in the event of Paula's sudden change of demeanor since the mutiny and where Gaius asks the Admiral for a shitload of guns in means of protecting and defending themselves. Of course there's the issue rising about the Sons of Aries and whether Paula is actually with them secretly, which might not be farfetched all things considering. This may lead to a bad recipe for unnecessary violence of their part, or whether another anarchy uprising may occur but for different reasons. I also believe that head!Six's appearance, after being gone from our screens for so long this half of the season, and her guidance of Baltar means something is definitely going to happen, if not in the next episode then definitely very soon. We're also probably going to see another side of Gaius Baltar, because I also do believe he has a greater destiny than leading these followers of his, these followers that he deems nutty but with good intentions nonetheless.

Secondly we have the Galactica, the battlestar warcraft that has survived many attacks, many beatings and many tugs and pulls over the years, as it is now finally coming to light that her bones are weakening, falling apart. It was inevitable, but even with the Cylon goo there is no telling how long she'll survive out there in the dark abyss of space unless they all find a new home to live on. Adama agrees to patch her up, but it's only temporary, since even if she stays upright after they jump again who knows what'll happen later on if Cavil's forces return for payback.

Lastly is the blending of Cylons and humans, the fact that in the end of the episode we see Eights and Sixes walking the halls and corridors of the Galactica amongst the humans, even when upon repairing the Galactica we have a Six mechanical or sorts fixing her up. I'm sure there's still some within the fleet that dislikes this idea, as we know the mutiny divided those lines and the example of Caprica-Six going into Dogsville, but the main priority of this is for their own survival. The Cylons cannot go out on their own, especially with no real reassurance that procreation can actually work given Caprica's baby, let alone being able to defend themselves if Cavil shows up anytime; the Galactica also cannot survive without being in repair from the years of damage that might as well end them if another jump is issued. They need each other, whether they like it or not.

Quite frankly, I'm relieved it's finally come to this point. It's an uneasy kind of alliance as I'm sure it will be for some time, but this is something that needs to be done. If you would have suggested this from the beginning of the series I'm sure many would've laughed, said it would be impossible and improbable considering how much the Cylons and humans hated each other. But both sides have come to a realization of their desperation for living, surviving. Also, I have always kind of believed they would reach this point sooner than later, and with this being the last episodes better now than never. Roslin and Adama then saw a Six place a picture on the memorial walls, and they finally see that the Cylons aren't heartless and unfeeling machines, they do have remorse and regret and mourn over those that have not survived, especially now without resurrection. It places into perspective their ideas of who the Cylons are, that they are now like them, mortal, and that is something I hope all the humans will soon understand (but that's hopeful thinking on my part, the "why can't everyone just get alone?" mentality).

Memorable Moments from the Episode:

++ TYROL AND BOOMER REUNION! I've been waiting for this since like, season two, and I just loved that Tyrol was able to recognize her and say that it was nice to see her again. EEEEE! *squees* Of course I'm all nervous about what's going to happen in the next episode, but it looks like they are going to be reunited after all this time. FINALLY! :D

++ I realized that the majority voting system is just a bad system overall, since it happened on the baseship with Cavil and the others but that didn't turn out for the best. So yeah, thankfully they aren't going to be jumping away.

++ CAPRICA! AND HER BABY! D: *cries* OMGTPTBWHY?! Liam was a lovely name, and with Caprica crying in the hospital bed and Adama comforting Tigh. Just, damn.

++ I can't help but laugh at the Tigh/Ellen bickering that overlaps everyone else's concerns about staying or leaving the fleet, and I think I kind of had this "uh oh" and "huh?" look on my face, the same as Tyrol had when he had that awkward expression. Hee.


++ Did anyone else get the feeling that when Ellen visited Caprica in their quarters that she was going to slap/hurt her? It was the way she carried herself all based on jealousy and such, the typical Ellen Tigh way. Also the way that Caprica held herself back, shying away from her like she knew she would do something -- and I wouldn't put it passed Ellen to do something brash like lashing out on the "other woman" or whatever.

++ O HAI THAR HEAD!SIX BB! ♥ ♥ So happy to see her and Baltar interacting just like old times, and did Six look gorgeous in that white dress or what? :D I'm just so happy that we had more than just a few seconds with her, and how influential she is once again and just, gah! GAIUS/SIX FTW BBS! MISSED YOU SO MUCH NEVER LEAVE AGAIN BB, 'KAYS??

++ Gaius is still lolarious with him with the little boy named Gaius. "I feel flattered...." "he was named after his father" "....to share the same name with him!" LOL O GAIUS ILU BB. Also his monologue to his groupies about "MORE GUNS! BETTER GUNS! BIGGER GUNS!" all smiling and giddy and hoping they listen to him. XDDDDD

++ I have a bad feeling about Paula.... :S

++ Adama is all worried about his ship, I can tell he has mixed feelings about his precious girl being filled with Cylon goo but at the same time hoping that it works and that she'll get repaired and they can move forward.

++ As mentioned, I liked Ellen better in the previous episode than this one when she was being ridiculously obnoxious and petty. But at least she understood her mistake and regretted it. Let's hope she keeps that up.

Overall: Not entirely plot-moving or with more revelations like the infomation overload we had previously, but I still liked it nonetheless. It had a bit too much of the soap opera drama than I would've liked and focused too much on something they should've cut down to only a few scenes, but I felt that despite that we got an interesting look that despite the Final Five being Cylons they still hold their human emotions in check. Jealousy, bitterness, anger, sadness, regret. I think it's a defining thing that even these people are Cylons they are still human underneath it all, as I mentioned above in my meta. I'm hoping for more to be revealed in the remaining four episodes of the entire series, since there's so much that needs to be answered to our questions, and perhaps this episode is setting that up in a way.
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Renée: Gaius Baltar. Toaster pimp.rogueslayer452 on February 22nd, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
Yeah, I know, and it makes me sad but scared because I can definitely see Caprica going off the deep-end especially now that her baby is gone. And if there's anything more traumatizing than losing a child is losing a child when its still in the womb, an unfortunate miscarriage. Just, man, can they please make Caprica happy for once? Please? ;_;

I like the drama this show has to offer but, overall, they should've had more with the plot stuff than just the drama, seeing as how we're on the final four episodes of the entire series. I guess my stance on this is that with only several more eps to go we don't have time to luxuriate on drama-filled stand-alones. We have questions that need answers, more revelations, the epic climatic battle that'll bring us to the very end. I get we need drama, because what is BSG without the drama, but c'mon, I WANNA KNOW ABOUT THE VISIONS AND THE DYING LEADER AND THE OPERA HOUSE AND ALL THAT STUFF!

I really love Gaius, and I love that he's transformed himself in so many ways. And yay for head!Six returning! :D :D Their secretive antics are so fun.

Me too. I just about gasped when I realized Sam had gone braindead, but now he's back on the scale. I don't think he'll be able to remember things now that they messed with his brain again...or perhaps he just might. I dunno. We'll have to see.
♛ part-time maenad: bsg; you think of equationsradon_ on February 22nd, 2009 08:32 am (UTC)
I remember reading somewhere that Ellen and Tigh brought out the worst in each other, while Tigh and Caprica brought out the best in each other. In a way, they do have a little compromise between them, ie about the frakking other people part. I guess what Ellen couldn't handle was that Saul frakked their daughter and got her pregnant, the latter which stung her. She was reacting more towards the pregnancy than towards the frakking-the-daughter part, because it made her feel inept as a wife to Tigh and on some level, as a person, ie she couldn't provide for the one she loves. Throw in her vindictive and petty personality and the result ain't exactly pretty. :/


I think Galactica needs the Cylons more than the Cylons need them. The Baseship should have regenerated from its wounds and its pretty much shipshape (plus, Heavy Raiders!) while the Galactica is currently incapicitated thanks to Cylon goo. As it stands, many are unhappy about the idea, esp the humans, but I guess they do understand it as necessary (just not welcomed).

In short, humans and Cylons? Get together and make babies already.

- Caprica! I just burst out in tears when she started crying and telling Cottle to sacrifice her Darla-style to save baby Angelus. ): DAMMIT SHOW, STOP MAKING ME CRY.

Renée: Gaius/Six. Passion.rogueslayer452 on February 22nd, 2009 09:38 am (UTC)
I guess what Ellen couldn't handle was that Saul frakked their daughter and got her pregnant, the latter which stung her. She was reacting more towards the pregnancy than towards the frakking-the-daughter part, because it made her feel inept as a wife to Tigh and on some level

That part I completely understand, especially since even despite their dysfunctional marriage she did love him as well as he did with her, but perhaps it's those differences of how they handle their relationship that creates such a rift. I can understand Ellen from that standpoint, though how she dealt with it made me very...nervous. I was expecting her to do something, hurt Caprica or lash out at someone because of her jealousy.


INORITE? I mean, I don't know if they'll go in that direction but my mind immediately goes to OPERA HOUSE! It juse makes sense, esp. given the events from this episode and how her mentality will be afterwards. :( And yeah, I was starting to wibble when Caprica was begging Cottle to cut out her baby and didn't care if she died, only if it meant that her baby could live. I just. I can't even. OMG CAPRICA! ;_;

I just wish EVERYONE CAN JUST HUG AND GET ALONG but alas, this is BSG where happy endings with rainbows and unicorns and bright shiny futures are overrated. But yes, they both essentially need each other for the best of their survival.

In short, humans and Cylons? Get together and make babies already.


I really would love some more head!Six/Gaius stuff, spinoff, webisodes, don't care. They need like an entire movie dedicated to their twisted sexy relationship. Hell, I would totes love a head!Six and head!Gaius spinoff as well! :D
♛ part-time maenad: bsg; happy ever afterradon_ on February 22nd, 2009 11:09 am (UTC)
And yeah, I was starting to wibble when Caprica was begging Cottle to cut out her baby and didn't care if she died, only if it meant that her baby could live.
The part where she went "Cylon babies must be strong right?", just omg ;_; If you'd told me back when that I'd be crying over the fact that the babykiller (and I say that most affectionately) lost her baby, I'd have committed you to asylum. But now. -cries-

this is BSG where happy endings with rainbows and unicorns and bright shiny futures are overrated.
The writers must hate life lol ):

They need like an entire movie dedicated to their twisted sexy relationship.
YES PLZ. lol Head!Six and Head!Gaius would be EPIC AWESOME. Alternatively, I wouldn't mind a telemovie set 2 years before the attacks centred around Caprica/Gaius. At all.
Mmfirefly10 on February 22nd, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
I PRAY you're wrong about Caprica 6, but I think you're right on the money. It's the only reason I can think of for including that Roslin/Caprica scene. The writers wanted to remind us of Caprica's connection to Hera and the Opera House. I LOVE Caprica but if she takes Hera away from the Agathons...let's just say they don't call 'em the 'Fighting Agathons' for no reason! I don't think Baltar's crazy harem could have enough firepower to keep Athena at bay!

I LOVED the Tyrol/Boomer reunion. Totally fell in love with them all over again...but I'm now terrified for Boomie!!!

I wish they'd had less with Tigh/Ellen/Caprica and more with Boomer...
Renée: Six. It's good to be a Cylon.rogueslayer452 on February 22nd, 2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
Considering we have only four episodes left I definitely think we'll be getting close to discovering what Hera's true destiny entails since she is the savior of them all. How this can be and if Caprica takes her what will that do, we don't know, and hopefully we'll find out soon enough. Honestly I don't want the Athena and Helo to be devastated again, they've gone through so much over the seasons that they should just be left alone and live happily ever after with their little family. But alas, this is BSG, not a fantasyworld.

I wonder what this "treason" they're talking about from the preview could be. I just want Tyrol and Boomer to be happy, too. They ALL deserve happiness after the hell they've all suffered, tbh.