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++ Not watching the Oscars. I'd figured I'll be getting updates from online anyway, though these kinds of awards I've never been interested in anyway so heh.

++ It looks like Universal is pining for a Battlestar Galactica movie, however it'll be made from the original concept from the 70s/80s complete with Spandex, Muffet the robotic dog and absolute cheese, not anything remotely relating to the incredibly epic masterpiece Ron D. Moore and David Eick have done with the re-imagined BSG that we know today. First of all, while I understand that back then the original series was like the it thing for people in the scifi world and how without it the new BSG would never exist and blahblahblah, however I think it should stay buried and in the ground, sry2say. Wouldn't it make much more sense to have an agreement to have movies based around RDM's BSG than its predecessor? IDK. I can rant about this more but it's obvious that I disapprove mightily and I hope it either gets a direct-to-DVD release or bombs significantly. But I'm betting Dirk Benedict is having a blast wanting to reclaim his throne as Starbuck since it's well-known that he absolutely despises our Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.

++ So. SPN promo for episode 4.15. Here are some of my thoughts while watching it:
01. CASTIEL'S BACK BBS! I was majorly disappointed when he didn't return from the holiday hiatus, but it seems he'll be here when we return and is to stick around for the remainder of the season, so yay!

02. In this promo Castiel says: "I'm considering disobedience." Now, I've rewatched several times and I go back and forth whether he's saying "considering" or "considered", now the former means that he's actually going to go against his orders for something in particular, whether it's to protect Dean or prevent something from happening, however the latter suggests that because of his questioning and doubting he's admitted to before he probably has considered disobeying his brethren before but doesn't because he still holds faith in his work and mission (which from a Sera Gamble interview previously, she mentioned we will learn of Castiel's true orders from Heaven, whether good or bad we don't know). He also says "he's doing God's work", and I think he may be referring to Dean, but what work exactly?

03. Anna's back. Ugh. Can't she just DIAF now, please? Srsly. GTFO. However it seems she's communicating with Castiel, either he summoned for her or she did, and I guess I can tolerate her for that if it's plot-related. But seriously, she needs to be smited or get gone and stay gone. F'reals. Had enough of her character's bullshit and I don't want her ruining things anymore than she's already done.

04. Dean is torturing Alastair (on a huge metal Devil's Trap with him chained up either like how Dean was on the rack, and kinda symbolic to the crucifiction it seems). Alastair says something along the lines of "they brought you back to torture me?" The they being the angels, I'm presuming. I highly doubt that's what Dean's true mission from Heaven is, although I do recall something in an interview that God's plan for Dean had something to do with his time in Hell. But I don't think torturing is on that Things Dean Winchester Needs To Do In God's Name list. It doesn't sit well with me, unless Dean misinterpreted the message and thought that it's what he needs to do. Then again, God's plan is never truly revealed and remains cryptic unless one figures it out themselves.

05. Tessa's back! Remember Tessa, the Reaper from 2.01 "In My Time Of Dying"? It also appears that Dean winds up in a hospital, once again, and she relays the message about the angels having a plan for him. So she knows, at least something involving the bigger picture of things.

06. Sam. Sam using his powers, becoming more stronger than before. "I need it." Uh oh, this cannot be good. He's definitely going to go darkside, if not now then very very soon.

07. In all honesty? I'm getting bored with the Sam and Ruby schtick. Can't they have something better for Ruby's storyline than this? I mean going back to season three she seemd to want to help the boys and appear to be kickass and independent, but this season they have her becoming clingy to Sam, and quite honestly I used to love her character before but this season I'm so tired of the same old stupid stuff that I am over it. Unless they start having her do more productive stuff I am just not interested, sry2say y'all.
I promised myself I wouldn't get to involved with thinky-thoughts regarding previews, since we all know previews are generally misinterpreted and misleading anyway from the jumbled up clips and whatnot, but seeing it again and again, aside from oogling at my pretty pretty Castiel, I couldn't help but wonder some things. What precisely is Dean's mission from God? Or is it directly from God at all, or is it a mission from the angels themselves who want to see what Dean's capable of? In a way I don't see why pulling Dean out from Hell just so he could torture demons because he spent his last remaining years torturing other souls be useful. Then again, perhaps there's something else to it than that, as I mentioned, that perhaps this is more personal and Dean is gaining revenge for what Alastair had done to him done in Hell, and the angels ahve something else entirely in store for his poor soul.

I'm also curious about Castiel, is he planning on disobeying and following Anna's footsteps because he, too, has become too familiar with humanity that he cannot see why he should follow such destructive orders? What about his true mission from God that we've been told about, what exactly is it and will he not be punished if he disobeys for that purpose alone, because his ultimate purpose is to protect/watch out for Dean Winchester even if it means going against his fellow angels? In a way I can see this a testing of his faith, that even with his questioning and doubting that it's a way to see if he'll be faithful to the very end, and therefore cannot be punished for it, unlike Anna who seemed to want to become mortal and didn't care either way. Also, if they're going to be keeping Castiel around I want to know more about his involvement, why he was sent and not some other higher up angel from Heaven, and all that jazzy stuff.

Yeah, that went on longer than I had anticipated and I will be doing a separate post with furthering these theories sometime soon, because I do have some thoughts than may be popular or unpopular depending. But there you go. Also, what's this I hear that there MIGHT NOT be a season five? Are these people frakking kidding me with this bullshit? I thought we've been cleared that being picked up for a fifth season was a solid go, particularly because ratings have been higher than ever before. I guess we're still uncertain then, dammit.
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