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Tut-tut! It looks like rain!

++ It's all rainy and yucky right now, so there goes my plans of going out today. Well okay, not entirely true since I do have a mandatory errand to run in a few, but still, sometimes I like going out just to go out and now the rain has prevented that. But also when it's raining I tend to be either relaxed or lazy, like I wanna curl up with the fireplace going with a good book or something.

++ I am beyond thrilled with the Dollhouse love on my flist. With all the pessimistic bitching and nitpicking from various places about it or whatever I'm glad there's the appreciation and positivity for it from others that I can squee and theorize with and all that exciting stuff, like what was done in my episode review. New fandoms are fun to play with, and I'm glad there's many others who feel the same way I do about the show in general. It's gonna be quite a ride!

++ Y'all saw Jamie Bamber's BARE SKIN ad for PETA, I'm assuming? Um. Yeah.

++ The Neverending Story is going to be remade. OH HALE NO. STOP RUINING THE CLASSICS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.

++ There be butthurt in the Twilight fandom. But what else is new, amirite? I love the brutal honesty of actors and their opinions about the projects they're working on, especially actors like them who are constantly subjected to weirdass shit from these rapid crazyass fanatics of theirs. What's hilarious is how fangirls defend RPattz but bag on Kristen for saying exactly what he's saying. Heh. Batshit Twilighters are batshit.

++ You know what? They should really have promo character shots of Castiel. Or of Castiel and Uriel in their Badass Motherfucking Angel mode or something. I'm surprised there aren't single character promo shots of them yet, didn't Katie and Lauren have them last season even before their eps aired or something? I want some badass shots, with wings. There's gotta be wings, either shadows or misty-ones or whatever, ANGELS HAVE WINGS AND THEREFORE THERE MUST BE WINGS!

...I'm going through a Castiel withdrawal moment right now. Woe.
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