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BSG: "Someone To Watch Over Me" Episode Review + Meta

Battlestar Galactica 4.17 "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Apparently it has been some weeks since the previous episode in the BSG universe, as we start off the episode with Starbuck giving her speech to the pilots regarding their missions, which happen to be the same as it has been for some time. Kara is repeatedly going over the logs throughout her normal routine, and at the end of the day goes to Joe's Bar. We leave it with Joe's Bar as Kara befriends an unnamed man who is playing the piano repeatedly, composing the same piece nightly and they start having conversations about music, her childhood about playing the piano, which results into her revealing an aspect of herself and her past that emerges from the surface which may be in connection to the Final Five.

Meanwhile as the Galactica is getting repaired, it is announced that Boomer is going to be tried for treason on the Cylon baseship due to her siding with Cavil before the civil war occurred. Tyrol, desperately trying to stop this from happening based on his continued love for her after all this time, decides to help Boomer escape Galactica before they do so...however the tables are turned when Boomer does the unthinkable, and escapes with Hera as she jumps away, presumably back to Cavil's baseship.

Emotionally draining as not only the Galactica is falling apart, but everyone else's lives are being turned around and flipped upside down as their time is running out. Where will they go from here? What is in store for these characters, who will survive until the end? We have three episodes left to figure that out.

Tyrol and Boomer: Sometimes the one you love can be decieving...

If there's anything this show has proven to us over the seasons is that it can bring you up just to tear you down and break your heart, over and over again. To believe relationships have happy endings in this show would be a false belief, a fantasy because in the reality that is BSG happy endings are definitely overrated.

Though it would be hypocritical for me to say that since I was definitely rooting for Tyrol and Boomer to reunite. Well, it happened just not in the manner I expected it to, particularly on Boomer's side which has changed my entire view of her entirely.

Boomer. Sharon Valerii. The Number Eight we've known since the miniseries, who has undergone many different phases during the course of the series, from her relationship with Chief Tyrol to discovering of her Cylon nature to finding out where she truly belonged. She went from wanting to make amends between both races to dismissing the entire plan altogether, and siding with Cavil wasn't the smartest ideas of hers, and that has been a proven fact from these recent incidents she has pulled. In this episode, even though I had hoped she was starting to change her viewpoints about things, realize that Cavil was on this powertrip and wanting to take control over things, including her, and get back to the others, she did some unspeakable and unimaginable things that I can no longer see anything redeemable about her character.

First, she mindfrakked with Tyrol, literally with projecting their entire life plans together, making him believe in her thus using him to get out from the brig. Second, she ruthlessly beat up Athena, tied her up and hid her so she could steal her identity to get off the ship undetected. Thirdly, after getting surprised by Helo as he mistakes her for Athena, she goes with the flow and has sex with him while Athena is watching semi-unconscious. She could've just knocked him out too, but no she had to cross that forbidden line. It's a cruel and cold act that really makes me angry, and the last thing which had been the entire plan all along, was kidnapping Hera and taking her back to Cavil's baseship. Exchanging Ellen Tigh for the special human/Cylon child that is their entire salvation. Really, everything she did in these last episodes has been part of a ploy, and we were all played.

You can argue that Helo should've known that it wasn't his wife, but because he's human and doesn't have the kind of knowing between the Eights and the only indicator about Athena is her Galactica uniform, which Boomer stole, it's easy to not know immediately. And that scene was rather quick with the seducing. Now people can get all into this with the "shouldn't he have known" business, but seeing as how Cylons can manipulate and access the memories of another model I think such an argument is moot. I'm more angry at Boomer than anything else because she endorsed it.

I have no doubt that Boomer still loved and cared deeply Tyrol, at least deep down. But things have changed for both of them that to cling onto such hopes for a future together and getting back the way it had been before is just nearly impossible. Boomer had her own motives and agenda, clearly setup by Cavil, and even with her love she broke his heart into pieces. She used him and toyed with his emotions and he was fooled, like most of us were.

I used to love Boomer. I loved both the main Eights in the series for different reasons. I wanted Boomer to find her place, to find herself and to see the error of her ways, but this episode concludes that there is nothing left for her unless something happens that turns her around in these last three episodes, even though I very much doubt it. There is nothing justifiable for what she did. Even if we can theorize that Cavil had did some reprogramming to her "software" and designed her to be his little lapdog just to prove something or whatever, again I reiterate, redeemable qualities are nonexistent at this point. It's sad, I had hopes for Boomer but now? Not so much. I'm done. Finished. Through with her character.

I'm guessing the webisodes with Gaeta and the Eight were kind of foreshadowing the manipulating qualities Eights have imbedded into their personalities.

Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny: Piano Playing Prophet or the Angel of Death?

It was obvious from the clues given that Kara's father would be revealed to have some significance relating to the Final Five, and even though his name hadn't been revealed, or at least not in his truest form, I'm absolutely certain that he was Daniel. However there are some things about that I find interesting.

Like, for example, it's apparent that this stranger playing the piano was inside her head because she was the only person talking to him, however because she was talking to him aloud and hanging around that general area, don't you think people would start wondering why she was talking to herself? Just a perspective on that since there are many scenes where she is conversing with him inside a full bar. Another thing, I'm speculating that this head!stranger guy is either a younger version of her father so she wouldn't be able to tell because of of how long it had been, or an illusion inside her mind like how Leoben appeared to her in "Maelstrom" (i.e. her comment about "you're not Leoben" and him going "never said I was") Or perhaps Kara had noticed something about him and realized that sure, he did look like her father, and maybe started to accept that this man was her father before she got pulled from that mind reverie and his illusion disappeared and it had been her the entire time.

Onto the actual song, I was very pleased with how the reveal of "All Along The Watchtower" on the piano was done. From when Hera gave Kara the drawing of "stars" that just happened to be musical notes to when Kara finally realized it and started to piece the keys together to make the rhythm, and of course the Final Five's reaction. I loved everything about it, it was beautifully done.

Of course this leads to more questions regarding Kara Thrace and what her special destiny may be, which I still maintain that she definitely is an angel sent to guide them, but that's something I'll save for another time. First we have the mandala and now there's the song, both of which she'd a certain fascination and love with since childhood. And with the reveal that her father just might be Number Seven, Daniel, perhaps she's a hybrid like Hera? Or something else? Or maybe her father isn't her real biological father at all, and she's a creation from Heaven or from the Thirteenth Tribe?

Too many theories for this section alone, so I'll reserve all crack-related theories for another post. And believe me, with only three episodes left you KNOW there will be more crackalicious stuff coming from me. Guaranteed.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ The beginning sequence with the montage of Kara going about her everyday morning routine. It's a nice way of showing the tired misery aboard the Galactica and how everyone is just trying to live each day by day by day. Her repeating the lines to herself for the morning briefings, going to the bar, et cetera and so forth, particularly with the piano playing to move along with the montage. Really places the gloomy atmosphere of these people's lives, with no particular hope in the near future despite the threat that Galactica is coming apart and all of that.

++ ...and did she say, "don't wank too much, we need to conserve O2?" Haha, oh Kara bb ILU. XD

++ I really enjoyed seeing the growing bond between Kara and her head!daddy Daniel the man behind the piano. As obvious as it was, it was a nice buildup to that kind of trust between the two, like how often would you go to a stranger and say "yeah hey, listen, I found my dead body back on Earth but I'm still here, what do you make of it?"

++ Plus her "you sound just like my father" was very ironic, heh. Also, I have a feeling their interaction probably mirrored how he and her mother acted towards each other, at least to some extent.

++ Have I mentioned that Hera is adorable? Because she is. ♥

++ Sonia. Yay for having names for the Cylons instead of a random Six or an Eight wandering about with no name whatsoever. Of course I keep thinking had Natalie been alive -- *teartear* -- I'm sure she would've made the new Quorum easily. There needs to be an AU fic about that. I'm sure she would've taken no shit whatsoever from Boomer and executed her then and there.

++ Which, by the way, I absolutely love that there are Cylons within the pilot briefing room along with the humans. That the Cylons and humans are now co-existing and living amongst each other, and although I'm sure there's still uncertainty the mutiny and outbreaks of violence and the threat of Galactica falling to pieces and breaking down has awakened people to reality that there isn't much time left and if they are to survive, they need each other's help. Yes. Exactly. I love this concept and hopefully we can have this for a long time, that these two sides can come to those friendly terms.

++ Oh Boomer. Oh Tyrol. I swear, I wanted these two crazy kids to make it out alright, but this is BSG. There are no happy endings with fluffy bunnies and sparkling rainbows. :(((

++ I will admit the entire projection stuff was very sweet, and the cutting to Tyrol's reaction, tears and laughter and all of that. Emotional and heartfelt stuff. Oh, the dreams they had back then. But of course, it was only a ploy here for Boomer to get what she wanted. *sigh*

++ I WILL NEVER FORGIVE BOOMER FOR WHAT SHE DID! And this is coming from a long-time supporter of Boomer, who loved her when everyone else didn't, who wanted her to reform desperately and get back with Galactica and to Tyrol and live happily ever after. Well, there will be no happily ever afters for her. Her character let me down terribly in this episode. I cringed when she knocked out Athena repeatedly, and I felt queasy and uncomfortable during the Helo/Boomer sex scene and felt for Athena who helplessly watched while tied up and gagged and coming out from her unconscious state. AND DRUGGING AND KIDNAPPING HERA? OH BITCH NO, YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE! FUCK YOU BOOMER. FUCK. YOU.

++ Also note that I don't think Tyrol killed that random Eight. He knocked her out so duriong the blackout he could secretly exchange her for Boomer to roam freely. Just so people aren't getting themselves all up in arms about that. But I agree with others, despite his unknowingness of Boomer's true intentions he has to suffer the consequences for aiding her in her escape.


++ Okay, while the reveal of the song was pretty damn amazing, wasn't anyone else trying to see if the song she would remember would be what had played during "Valley of Darkness"? Just me then? Okay. And I loved that once Kara was interrupted by Tigh and the others that we see there was nobody else there -- all the papers and the top hat sitting on the top of the piano are not there. Only the paper Hera gave her.


++ I loved that Kara still sees Sam whenever the chance she gets, even still comatose. I have a theory that he'll now become a Hybrid (one of the Eights talking about connecting him to the datastream, which we also see in the upcoming episode preview that we does end up there at some point, so idk) or something like that. Oh, how far these characters have gotten over the seasons.

++ LAURA FAINTED! And yes, I do think that Roslin is connected to everything; we see her not feeling well in the beginning, a metaphor for the ship falling apart perhaps? And when Hera was being taken she has this "oh shit..." expression as she suddenly realizes what's happening. I don't think she's dead like some are suggesting, but I do think that she'll definitely be able to connect all this to what the prophecy regarding the Opera House means. WHICH THANKFULLY WE'LL BE GETTING THERE!



Overall: An extraordinary episode that placed the emotional punch directly into the gut. We've had epic episodes before, but this was on a different level of epic because this places the threat, the deep and personal threat for all the characters, and for what's going to be happening in the next three episodes. Things are going to be revealed, their character tested and challenged, what is going to happen with the humans and Cylons, and will the cycle of everything happen again and again or will it be prevented? What will happen with Boomer and Hera? What is Hera's purpose? Or Kara's for that matter? So many more questions left unanswered, three episodes to go, how will we manage this without losing our sanity?

This episode left me so emotionally worn out and crushed, I'm not entirely sure how I'll survive the remaining three. *meeps*
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