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Who watches the Watchmen?

++ All you lucky bitches that get to go to the Creation Con in NJ this weekend and meeting Misha Collins, I'm super jealous yet excited to see your reports. I swear if I didn't have school and exams and practicals and preparing myself for graduation believe me, I would do just about anything to be amongst y'all right now. Just hoping y'all don't frighten the poor man too much with the spastic MISH MISH LOVECULT that has formulated.

++ I'm seeing Watchmen (hopefully) tomorrow, if we get times worked out and such. Though I'd like to direct you're attention to this woman named Debbie Schlussel who apparently has issues with the movie, in her own conservative-fundamental way of thinking. Just read what she's written, plus read her responses to people who've commented below, it's just hilarious and slightly disconcerning that she's serious about what she's written and is all butthurt if anyone disagrees with her. Researching the background on something isn't hard, folks. Srsly, just a search button away. And if you continue to bitch and complain about not expecting what you saw in terms of material or the story or whatever. Um, tough shit? Should've done your research beforehand and not make assumptions.

++ Preview for "I Did It For Love" music video. BOA'S FIRST U.S. ALBUM COMES OUT MARCH 17TH! ♥

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