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The College Life (more or less)

Because of my extremely overwhelming schedule during the past two weeks I've been neglecting some of my freetime activities. Not entirely, mind you, but I've had less laidback time than before, just from adjusting to this new schedule and dealing with real life stuff. Due to schoolwork and housework and lack of much sleep, I've been physically drained and running myself into the ground just to keep up with everything. It's a real drag waking up earlier than the sun does, but I've been surviving; crankiness ensues sometimes, however once chocolate enters my stomach I feel fine.

So, the college life definitely is better than high school. Much, much better. The atmosphere is more structured, maturity is a must when inside the classroom (or studio, depending on where you are located at); everything is just all what I expected it to be....people are actually nice and considerate there! Go figure, huh. Never thought it was possible to say this, but I feel that college is home to me. Diversity yet no animosity, friendly strangers that don't get all huffy when you have a different opinion than they do, and striking intelligent conversations with another isn't considered odd or unusual. Oh, where has this place been all my life? I'm in heaven, I am.

Class No. 1: Film History

Monday 10:00am-10:50am -- Wednesday 10:00am-11:55am

My professor seems nice. He's quite patient, speaks well during lectures, and he makes things relatively interesting. I feel that aside from being a film history professor that he might've taught theatre too. It's the amount of enthusiasm and volume in his voice. Recently we're discussing the types of film and how it interacts with individual taste -- and since Monday was a holiday we had a small lecture and watched a short-film Wednesday. The film that we watched was called Life Lessons; on Monday of next week we'll be discussing the premise of the short-film and identifying the nature and levels of it.

This class involves interpreting and analyzing films, the types of films acceptable in our society and the affect they have. Perhaps later on in the next 16 weeks I'll be writing a thesis paper on this, depending if we'll get that far.

Class No. 2: Mass Media and Society

Tuesday 9:30am-10:50am -- Thursday 9:30am-10:50am

Same professor as above, this class discusses what types of things are involved in the mass media, how 99.9% of Americans depend on the mass media every single day, and the affects that it's doing to our society. The lectures are fascinating; the amount of enthusiasm is the same, except we're discussing what the mass media wants to put out -- and we're finding out the secrets that they pull the manipulate and draw in viewers; the underlings of the mass media, if you will.

Insightful information, revealing the media and what to be expected of them, and thought-provoking discussions and lectures dealing with the mass media in our daily lives. I feel that even with the heavy reading homework, it'll be a great class and I'm glad I'm participating in it this semester.

Overall, the college atmosphere seems pretty nice; though I'm still slightly intimidated by some of the professors -- it's the intellectual minds that frighten and intrigue me, sometimes I fear that I might not fulfill their expectations for a college student. However, I feel that in due time I'll come adjusted and warm up to this place. I do feel like this is the place where I need to be, other than the lesser intelligence that is my high school I am still currently enrolled in. Hoping that graduation won't be so far along now, I am grateful to actually experience a place where educational value is expected and respected by the students, unlike the Intellectually-Challenged school I still participate in, unfortunately.

Knowing that I have plenty of things to say about that place, I'll get off my soapbox now.

In the midst of the trash that's on the television nowadays, it's hard to find something decent that's worthwhile watching (i.e. CSI, Law & Order etc.) And because Buffy and Angel are cancelled, except for reruns, it's hard to find something that'll spark my interest. I hardly watch television anymore -- most of it is all reality shows, and that's all scripted anyway (something I'm also learning in my Mass Media class). However, just recently I've found two new shows that are my new fandoms now.

Medium: This is a new series inspired by the real-life story of Allison Dubios, played by Patricia Arquette. Allison is a thirty-something wife and mother who has been working hard at her job at the DA office, yet she struggles when her powers of seeing dead people and things of the past starts to interfere with her job, or, possibility, help her at her job. I see this series as a mixture of Tru Calling/The Sixth Sense/Law and Order all in one -- it's a unique series that, hopefully, will continue without getting cancelled. Perhaps it's because I like Patricia Arquette, or perhaps the real-life mediums, the afterlife and the Beyond are mysterious things that intrigue me so much. I don't know. I have an odd sense of series, and they always end up either being low-rated shows or cancelled ones (anybody remember The Others? The series that was much like this series, but spookier?)

If anyone wants to get out this series, just to see what it's all about, it airs Mondays on NBC at 10:00pm, 9:00pm EST. This show, in my personal opinion, is geniusly awesome with brilliant lines and the concept is amazing. Of course, you'll have to take your own judgement on that part. But truthfully, it's really a good show.

Point Pleasant: A brand new series that will be airing its third episode this Thursday on FOX. For any Buffy fan out there, Marti Noxton, who was one of the producers of BtvS, is the executive producer of this series. The basic storyline is about a girl's discovery, Christina Nickson played by Elisabeth Harnios, about who she really is and where she came from; she is the daughter of the Devil himself, Lucifer. Her mother was a mortal that was God-fearing and, assuming that this is true, got mixed in with the Devil -- so technically speaking, Christina learns more and more about who is really is, and what powers she might have inside of her. Is she a source of good? Is she a source of pure evil? What exactly is she?

Based on the shows extremely controversial contents (religious propaganda and the dealings with the Devil and God), and the fact that this show is taking place of Tru Calling as of for right now, there's no telling where the series might end up. Besides, FOX is airing it, and we all know how anal they can be about ratings and popularity of their shows; however, despite of all the negativity the series might get (or already have), I'm still being optimistic about it. I find it a rather interestingly unique series with a great cast, plus someone that worked on Buffy -- so you just know it's going to be beyond great. The concept and plotline is awesome, and the main-lead actress is perfect.

Right now I am working on a Firefly fic, generally a River-centric story. Her voice just, I don't know, speaks to me. Of course, I'm doing a Simon/River one along with it -- and I'm also working on a Tru Calling fic as well, but that one is taking longer than expected.

Between my cramped schedule, I still find time to write more of my stories. Sometimes when inspiration hits you, you can't seem to ignore its calling. Funny how that works, eh?
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