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BSG: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" Episode Review + Meta

This is more meta-esque than I intended it to be, and somewhat of a different take on what's happening in the show and the characters than of the actual episode itself, but nevertheless it's written up before the epic back-to-backness of tomorrow and Friday.

Battlestar Galactica 4.18 "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

During this episode we're submitted to several different things, mostly character-centric. The devastation of losing Hera has left the Agathons saddened and angry with the feeling of helplessness, as the Final Five along with Kara try to convince the Admiral that something is happening to them greater than anything they've known; that the string of incidents are a result of a bigger picture every single one of them have been a part of since the beginning, but the Admiral doesn't buy it until the last moments where he realizes that he's clinging onto a fantasy of his own. His ship which, despite the drastic repairs, is falling apart all around him. Baltar spews more religious talk about angels walking among them, and Kara thinks that while it's babble he might make sense of who or what she is, to give her some peace of mind, but the discovery isn't what she expected or wanted to be revealed in the fashion Gaius Baltar does. Meanwhile, the rebel!Cylons have hooked Anders into the datastream aboard Galactica in hopes to have him communicate with them, though it turns out he's been hooking himself into the electrical currents of the ship much like the Cylon's hybrids on their baseship; controlling the functions of it, so to speak.

Elsewhere Boomer and Hera start to connect, in ways that Boomer is shocked to discover, and somehow despite completing her mission and returning to Cavil on the Cylon homeworld (which has been relocated) and perhaps she's finally learning that this wasn't the way to go about things as her understanding of Hera deepens.

This episode is kind of disoriented, but nonetheless gives us information that'll lead into the last two episodes of the entire series, which I hope will be proven to be epic and, like the Galactica, will go out in style.

The Boomer Files: The Eight Models and Sharon Valerii's Journey

I've mentioned before during the last episode that I was through with Boomer, that because of her actions I have come to the conclusion that she is no longer on my Character I Like list and has migrated quickly to the Character Blacklist. Who can blame me for thinking like that? She destroyed the Agathon family and betrayed Tyrol in the coldest and most malicious way possible, and there is nothing justifiable for it.

But even with my sudden change of heart with her character, that doesn't mean I can't take a deeper look into her character's motives between these last several episodes and this one in particular.

Over the course of the series Boomer has gone through quite a ride. Beginning as a sleeper agent, programmed to believe she was human until she needed to carry out her specific mission, thus triggering on her Cylon-mode and shooting Adama twice in the chest. This completely traumatized her since she clearly had no idea what was happening, even though instinctively Boomer knew something was different and wrong about her. After Cally killed her she downloaded and tried to not blend in with her Cylon brothers and sisters, still believing that she was human because of her false memories from the past and even the memories from those last two years of being amongst the humans. She and Caprica Six made a pact to try and have both sides co-habitate on New Caprica, but that didn't pan out as expected and after trying, but failing, to comfort baby Hera Boomer had denounced anything to do with the humans altogether. Soon did we realize that she had partnered with Cavil to understanding her machine heritage better, thus leading her to this point. Her entire journey has been trying to find her place, where she truly belonged in the universe. It's been rough, and she's done things she either regrets or doesn't regret, but either way she's gone through such a transition from the beginning of the series that it's hard to not see things from her perspective.

She's been trying desperately to see where she belonged and find acceptance, but it seems that no matter which road she chooses she always ends up deadlocked. She's now betrayed both the humans and the Cylons, where does she go from here? How will she make amends with the wrongdoings and the choices she's made?

An interesting thing about the Eight models is how they were originally programmed to be, as their personality traits all seem to follow the same example of being indecisive, showing a great deal of naiveté in many situations, hypersensitive, too easily drawn to the notion of love, following their hearts than instincts, but also as Cylons they are by large manipulative and when doing a mission she complete their jobs successfully. Number Six mentioned this during season one that the Eight model is weak and not as strong-willed as the rest of them, but does what needs to be done. We've seen numerous copies that have these traits, most if not all are soft-spoken and kind of nice and meek as opposed to the others. The only two Eights that don't follow such traits or have separated from their entire line are Athena and Boomer, for different reasons of course. Though with the Cylon civil war it appears that nearly all Cylon models, the Twos, Sixes and Eights relatively, have gradually gained a certain individuality perspective than just one collective hivemind of their own entire line.

What can Boomer do to redeem herself after her recent actions, now that she finally has a clarity of mind that what she did was a Bad Thing? Not much, to tell you the truth. At least not much to win herself a proper place back to where I originally defended her before. The damage has been done, permanently. She's already gained numerous disrespect and distrust from both sides, so the only way to make amends now with only two episodes left if to make a self-sacrificing decision to save Hera in some fashion. It's the only noble thing she can do now after all that's said and done in the end.

Angels Walking Among Us: The Greater Purpose of the Galactica Universe

"...And then, they will join at the promised land, gathered on the wings of an angel. Not an end, but a beginning."

The new Battlestar Galactica has taken a relatively interesting prospect about religious faith and prophecy and mixed it into its own mythology, having shaped everything that's happened over the last four seasons and during these last two episodes we'll finally be able to see how this has all been possible. One would hope, that is, if they do intend to reveal or leave us fans to speculate the possibilities or improbabilities of such notions like a single God or multiple Gods, or angels or what-have-you. But it's evident that there is something drawing all these characters and events together to these final moments, shaped by the universe so the entire cycle of everything that's happened before will happen again. Just as it has and perhaps always will be.

Interestingly I've always believed that with the head!beings seen in the show, if there is any kind of explanation that isn't scientifically logical, it has to be angels of some kind. It goes with the mythology of the entire show. We've seen some unexplanation incidents happen already, characters gone from being athiest to having faith, or merely having that faith of believing in the unexplainable, and just shifting their roles completely over the last several years. It is an interesting kind of thing to witness, the developments and how it affects everything and everyone.

In these last two seasons the concept of faith and prophecies and religion have entered the BSG universe so strongly that I've seen people get detached from it. However I find this entire stirring of events symbolic because it represents the brave storytelling and continuity that this is something that's been constructed for everyone in this show, and how the entire series plans on going out. It's always been a mixture of religion and politics and military issues combined with these characters and their realistic drama. That's what this show has always been about, and with everything coming together we need a climatic ending, and we've been reaching that point with the prophetic mysteries and the developments of characters and where they are now as opposed to where they were before. Admiral Adama didn't believe in Earth, and through Roslin he did and believed wholeheartedly in that mission, which has devastasted him into no longer having that kind of leadership he once had; Gaius Baltar was a athiest and a scientist, now turned religious leader of a kind who has faith and underwent a tremendous amount of transitions throughout the series. Kara Thrace started off as just some hotshot pilot who now has something more greater than anything connected to all that's happening, and she, too, underwent something of a change within herself.

Every single character underwent something transitional, and if this has shown us anything is that this show is about character drama; it focuses on them specifically and the overall change within themselves as the universe is greater than they all are. Something is definitely happening, and how will it all play out in these final episodes it's unclear.

But I do believe that Ron Moore has something planned for his Battlestar Galactica to have this bigass explosive series finale which will leave us breathless and wanting more, perhaps begging for more. I know some of these episodes in 4.5 haven't been what some have expected, hell I expected a lot more hardcore shit happening in these final eps myself. However because this entire second half has its own beginning, middle and end it's possible they were playing off that notion and the last of these episodes will have just that. Because it is the finale, the last ending of this entire epic journey, and what else can it do but go out with a huge explosive bang?

We have some many questions left unanswered, and I'm sure some will purposefully be left alone for us to further speculate even after the show has long been done. Plus we have BSG: The Plan and the prequal series Caprica which will give us further background of this epic creation. But afterwards, this entire series will be done within less than two weeks, and already saying it out loud has me mixed with emotions.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ Okay, with all this angel talk in the Galactica universe I can't help but wanting some SPN/BSG crossovers like, now. Srsly. The idea just gives me chills and goosebumps. Cylons and angels? They be badass motherfuckers together, fo'reals. SIX/CASTIEL ALL THE WAY BB! \O/ \O/

++ Speaking of, nice to see more of head!Six despite her not saying anything! At least in the aired version. I don't know if she's spoken in any particular cut scenes from this episode, like other episodes have been during this half of the season I'm sure. Also how gorgeous is that white dress? I do miss the epic red dress but white dress = angelic material I guess? IDK, and don't particularly care because OMG HEAD!SIX YAY!

++ Gaius talking about angels then looking up at head!Six sitting up gazing down at him. a;sjdf;laskjd;lfksaf

++ Kara and Gaius in the bathroom scene. So fucking made of win I can't articulate how much I loved it. Kara has no shame, ahaha. It's also interesting how they finally have another alone-time scene together, definitely a callback to season one of sorts. Also Gaius doing his sciencey stuff mixed with his religious talk is made of win as well. I love how he's returned to his scientist roots even though he still does his other stuff of being a religious leader of sorts. Heh. Of course him revealing Kara's secret before the entire crew wasn't a grand idea in itself, though he was trying to prove a point. More to himself and Caprica Six than anyone else.

++ AND DID Y'ALL SEE THAT CAPRICA AND GAIUS SCENE?!?! GAIUS STILL LOVES HER! STILL WANTS HER BACK! I've been so deprived of anything involving their love, and it's interesting how she claims he hasn't changed, even though he has but hasn't at the same time. Y'know? He's still the flailing Gaius Baltar but he's changed significantly since they last saw each other. Please show, have them go back to each other? Please? Their love is epic, like whoa.

++ Sam being Galactica's hybrid. I still think that's kinda nifty even if Sam probably won't ever be the same Samuel T. Anders again. Probably. You never know, something may happen to break him out from his comatose state. Also I LOVED Kara's speech to him, both times in fact. She truly cares about him, and calls him her Sam and wants answers despite everything and my God. I love their relationship, as frakked up as it is now, she still is by his side. That's dedication right there.

++ So...Kara, an angel? Or something else? Opened for speculated thoughts here people, though I still maintain my original theory. ;)

++ I wanna know the significance to the song and how it's traveled all the way through generations and generations, and how it can still frakking be remembered. I keep thinking the angels part because really, that would make sense if these beings are the way orchestrating the demise of this story in order to restart the entire cycle again, and again and again. But we'll just have to wait and see....

++ Adama breaking down over his ship. Drinking. Smoking weed with Roslin (hee!) It's obvious he's clinging onto a fantasy with wanting his ship to be repaired back to normal, but it's this episode that makes it clear that no, that's not going to happen, and even with all this emoing he'll have to man up and be the Admiral once again. There are more important matters to deal with, such as their entire survival and the safety of one little girl that may be their only chance from preventing their ultimate demise.

++ I kinda wanted to smack Boomer in the beginning, though with everything she's gone through it's kind of understandable her behavior. She kind of holds a bit of resentment at the fact that Hera didn't respond to her before when she had previously been on the baseship in S3 -- that she tried everything to calm the child down, but it did nothing. Now she holds that same grudge but because of Hera's child innocence and understanding there is this connection, and it was sweet to see Hera and Boomer on that same level. Especially with the projection scene. Boomer seemed so shocked that Hera could see her private place of escape, like she was opening herself up to her in a way without realizing it, and there was no turning back then.

++ Also, I didn't mention this before, but the actions Boomer took in the last episode were kinda reversing the effect that happened in the first season. Athena had accessed Boomer's memories so she could seduce Helo, and while it's still up for speculation whether Boomer had accessed Athena's current memories she still had her "identity" so to speak. Also it's a twisted kind of revenge, based on her bitterness towards the entire situation how this woman stole her identity to begin with as part of the "Cylon plan" to have a human/Cylon child and she was still back on Galactica undergoing an identity crisis of her very own -- which she still suffers from, in a way. It's frustratingly twisted in poeticness, really.

++ That hardcore bitchy Six in the beginning was love. Also, notice how some of the Six's are having darker blonde hair, a.k.a. Tricia's natural hair color? That wavy long-haired Six in the room with the Eight and Tigh discussing Sam's connections to the ship I kept thinking back to the Greek Goddess long-haired Six that was with Gaius. It was her, right ppls? IDK.

++ No Leoben anywhere makes me sad. :(((((

++ No Tyrol also makes me kinda sad as well. :(((

++ I cry when the Agathons are devastatingly upset. :( They have that affect over me, besides I want their little family to survive and live happily ever after. With Gaius and Six off to the New World of Happiness with rainbows and puppies and plenty of Cylon and human hybrids. Wishing thinking, I realize, but a girl can dream right?

++ The Cylon homeworld! Or rather the "colony" which appears to be their homeworld. I also kinda assumed it was a planet they retreated to instead of some kind of facility in space, which I think that's what it was? It's too hard to tell from how it was filmed for us but it appears to be that way. Either way, I thought that it's nifty that they would go there. It's so...omniously creepy, amirite?

++ That final scene with Adama and Tigh. Their bromance is forever. Clearly.

Overall: I liked the episode because it's setting up for the epic last two episodes. I mean, as I mentioned it's going to be epic no matter what. Also I get the feeling that most are kind of underwhelmed lately because we're all expecting all this epic shit being thrown all at once at us, but to have it like that would break our brains in thousands of pieces. As much as I would've liked to have things not repeated seeing as this is it it's too late to turn back now. Final episodes are airing and it's drawing nearer to the last one, and all I think about is it's either going to answer a lot of our burning questions or it's going to completely ruin us with just this explosive mass of wtfrak just happened. I have a feeling both, but those are just my thoughts. Either way how this ends up solving things, Battlestar Galactica has been quite a ride and no other show can match up to this fine masterpiece of a series. It is definitely superior to anything else on television today and I am proud to have been here to see it while it's been aired.
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