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All that is said and done...

From my little capslocky post from last night, my pissy mode has been toned down. I wasn't really that angry, just vocally disappointed with not being able to see anything on my Comcast box from basic cable channels. Though I'm wondering if it's something that happened locally that affected it. Whatever it is, I've gotten over it. As much as I would've liked to have seen SPN as it aired there are always other online methods of dealing with that. I have read reviews and what it was about, so I'm more or less spoiled in that regard.

Seeing this particular clip from last night's episode, to give me my Castiel fix, left me with many ponderings.

First of all Castiel appearing to Dean with his message that yes, he recruited him and his brother to that town and that particular hunt because that was the only way he could ask them for help regarding a Seal. It's understandable given their last encounter left the Winchesters and the angels at a standstill, but for Castiel to use alternative methods for having them help prevent a Seal from being broken? That's interesting, and kind of sad. Misha did say that he did wish that neither side would be angry at the other all the time, and I agree. I want Dean to trust in Castiel, and I want the Winchesters to at least have knowledge about these Seals and the importance of protecting them. I find it interesting, and also kind of frustrating, that the boys haven't been much of help or concerned about this freaking Apocalypse in the last several episodes. I know that they care about saving lives and whatnot, but sometimes looking at the bigger picture is for the better, and that's what they are lacking. Dean especially; Sam is but for his own intentions, and following a dangerous path at that.

As much as I love the homoerotic tension between Dean and Castiel, I do wish Dean would stop being so stubborn. Start listening, considering that bigger picture. Not that I don't think he is, but he's so consumed with his own personal demons that he's just not accepting it.

Which leaves me to Tessa's words in the end of that clip. I am beyond thrilled that she appeared again, because I loved her in IMTOD. Anyway, her words in the end of that gave me shivers and chills, because while it is true the angels may have something planned for him, something nasty is at the end of that road. Both sides, demons and angels, are not forces to mess with and they do have their own agendas. There was something else that was mentioned, the natural order of things versus the abnormal order of things; how Dean and Sam escape all odds of many incidents, getting stuck in extraordinary situations. It's not just by luck, there's something else, they are part of something bigger that's probably been predestined for them. Castiel said that Dean is "different", and while he doesn't want that to be true, in this case it is.

Oh, and Castiel? ILU BB! Nice cameo, even though short, but we'll have heaps of him in the next episode fo'sure. I just loved that he impersonated Bobby (possessed briefly?), recruited Sam and Dean, saved Dean's ass again and smited, or at least captured, Alastair. Win.

Also, heard about Pamela. Was this the character death that's been talked about, or is it someone else?

That was a lot to say for someone who hasn't seen the entire episode yet, and only from one particular clip too. Heh.

I'm just saying though, if anything interruptions my epic fandom night this evening, especially with BSG, I'm gonna hafta cut a bitch.
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