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News: Weird Weather and Ridiculous News Update

Finally it's been established and officially announced: SpongeBob SquarePants is Asexual!

But really now, anyone who hasn't figured this already has some mental issues to deal with. Considering that he's a sponge, it's mind-boggling how this own ordeal came into play. It's ridiculously amusing. When they aired the discussion and story on CNN, I was laughing throughout the entire thing. Was this alleged attack against the cartoon really that serious and necessary? No. After one episode where SpongeBob sings "We Are Family", the right-wing automatically assumes the message is brining children to accept homosexuality as an equal part of our society.

Because, as we all know, teaching children to accept others for who they are is absolutely a disgrace to America and its citizens! How dare SpongeBob sing such a song!! /sarcasm

Haven't you wondered though, how come it's always the whackjobs that report such ridiculous wankage? Seriously, they're the ones with their minds in the gutter -- not children, creators of the programs or what have you. Like that story with the woman complaining about homosexual-messages when Burt and Ernie are having baths together in Sesame Street. If that woman has a serious issue with two puppets on Sesame Street -- the childhood show we all grew up with, and has never corrupted any one of us as children growing up -- then what she really needs is a good therapist, or perhaps an Institution for the Mentally Disturbed Minds has a spare room for her. Take some medication lady, because your mind has gone off the sane scale.

Unless she's watching Crank Yankers on Comedy Central, then she really needs to lighten up if that's the case.

To sum it all up, I think the entire Blame-Everything-I-See-Immoral-According-To-My-Standards-On-Childrens-Programs is stupidity at its best. But no matter how ridiculous or ignorant some of these people are for getting their panties all in a twist over nothing, it's still fairly amusing. I'm just waiting for the headline: "Harry Potter Hero Exposes Homosexuality In 6th Addition" -- knowing many fandomers, they'll be nodding in agreement. "Who? Harry and Draco together? Yeah, we knew it would happen!"

Onto other news, it's been very weird weather over here. Sunny for about an hour, then darkened clouds, and then the sun'll pick out -- rain would fall. More clouds, tinsy sunlight, thunder and rain....more rain, the threatening for a hailstorm....more rain....

California weather is very unpredictable, sometimes subtle, but often very unpredictable. When the weather reports say sunny days, you'd better bring an umbrella just in case -- because 50% of the time their inaccuracy is unbelievable.
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