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There is a Superman, and he's an American.

++ Things are relatively normal regarding computer stuffs. There are a few things that needs adjusting and reinstalling, but otherwise all seems good.

++ I finally saw Watchmen. It was really good, and I mean really frakking good. I definitely recommend it to people, but take caution because it is really graphic and most certainly not like your regular superhero movies. Like as advertised, it's pretty violent and explicit in controversial subject matter. Most importantly, young children? Need to stay out from the theaters. Srsly. Why parents think it's okay with a film like this, I have no idea. But there were small children there while some questionable material was onscreen...and Watchmen is certainly not kid-friendly or even family-friendly. But it's still a really awesome movie nonetheless. Totes seeing it again on IMAX.

++ Okay. So. There's that SPN 4.16 SPACE promo that's been circulating around.

Apparently, based on Alastair's words in the promo and the information that he'll reveal something that'll shatter Dean's world, it was Dean that initiated the first Seal to be broken in start of the Apocalypse. If this happens to be true, way to go for making Dean feel even more shitty, show. Seriously. Can't this poor boy ever catch a freaking break? F'reals.

Though I find it interesting since, in the scheme of things, it would make sense even though the prospect behind all of it is twisted, but it has me wondering. Out of all the other mortal souls being tortured and tormented on those racks and giving in too soon, why does it have to be Dean Winchester? Why is he suddenly special where Hell is concerned? Is it because he made a selfless deal, or is there something else at play here, because he's of the Winchester line? I'm betting there were others before him, other hunters, men who simply made deals with devils for selfless causes. Perhaps this has something to do with the right "timing" or the connections they have with the paranormal, but really. It has me pondering. This also brings up more curious thoughts on why God commanded Dean be rescued from Hell, and when exactly did this order take place. Is Heaven running on the same timeframe as Hell?

I believe that if what Alastair is saying is true, since remember demons do lie and twist the truth, maybe God knew that Dean meant no harm in this and probably wants him to forgive himself and take part in making things right in the balance of things. Take his part in this prophetic apocalyptic war between Heaven and Hell on Earth. But there's also some interesting concepts regarding the concept of Heaven as well, and whether it is They who are orchestrating things from above. I'm also pondering why it was Castiel who, out of all the other angels of the higher angelical order, was sent to save Dean from the fiery pit.

I'll have more pondering and thinky thoughts once the episode airs and all is revealed, I just would like to give my two cents regarding that particular thing.

Also, wtfrakking hell Sam? Srsly. Enough with that shit with Ruby, drinking her demon blood like some frakking horny vampire and getting hyped up with juicing up his psychic mojo or whatever. I'm not bashing another female character here, but they've seriously kinda destroyed her character for me, unless in the future they prove me wrong by having her do something productive for a change (like in that deleted scene where Castiel says that the angels believe she has a role to play in the events to come), but with all that I see what's happening there I doubt so. It'll be the same-old Sam/Ruby stuff that's been happening and, quite frankly, I'm getting tired of it. Whatever.

++ News regarding the statistics and future for Dollhouse, and what Joss has to say about next week's episode and what's to come from here on out. Brief little article, but I'm liking the odds. People are finally starting to realize that hey, Dollhouse ain't so bad. Where have y'all been? Get with the program already!
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