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BSG: "Daybreak, Part 1" Episode Review + Meta

Battlestar Galactica 4.19 "Daybreak, Part 1"

The second to last episode of the series begins like no other Battlestar Galactica episode since the miniseries, where we are given a flashback to Caprica City before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, even before what we knew it to be before the miniseries began in fact. We see the lives of some of the characters of who they once were (Adama going back to the Galactica, Kara meeting Lee for the first time, Roslin and her family, Gaius and Six), then as we fast forward to the present see where they ended up. We see as the Galactica is being taken apart piece by piece, a plan has been forumlated to find where Hera has been taken to and rescue her, as it is to be believed she is their last hope in survival; through Anders hybrid comatose state he gives answers to the coordinates and location of where she is being held, and Adama has everyone onboard make a choice to either join this mission or stay behind, as it is likely to be their last.

Their final voyage is about to begin, and their entire saga comes to a close. Who will survive, who will sacrifice everything? What will happen to these characters in the end, or will there be a definite ending at all? All will probably be answered.

The Journey, Destiny and Calling of Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

I've read many theories, thoughts and speculations regarding Kara's role in these recent episodes, ranging from logical thinking to outlandish cracky theories about her origins, what it all means with her remembrance of a thousand year out song and the painting of that mandala, and all the other strange occurrances that have happened. I've even seen some people denounce anything regarding Kara's special destiny because looking back at her character, why should she be considered special? Wouldn't that be something of a discard for the entire character altogether, the continuity and keeping with the sane logic from the earlier seasons? In truth, there has always been something about Kara as based on Leoben's predictions; even though he hasn't been much part of her path in this last episodes (why I don't know), the ongoing continuation that there is something different about her, that she has a special destiny, has been lingering overhead for quite some time ever since the first season. It has only been in these last two seasons that it has finally taken a strong hold in fulfilling that prophetic foretelling.

My belief still holds strong: she is simply a reincarnation of Aurora, the Goddess of the Dawn, and among the others who have theorized this so have I.

The mythology for the Goddess Aurora is that she brings in the dawn of the new day, bringing in a "fresh start", which can be used metaphorically or even literally, and I also see this as what's been happening here in the show. From every beginning there is an end, and every end a new beginning; "all has happened before, all will happen again." Perhaps Kara Thrace is an angel, as there is no other logical explanation for her being fully intact, viper and all, while her dead body crashed and burned on Earth. In "Maelstrom" as she makes peace with her past there is a head!Leoben, but it isn't truly him. She also tells Lee over the intercom that "they're waiting" for her before she crosses to that otherside, whatever that otherside may be.

Now she's made peace and acceptance that she is no longer that same young and wild Kara Thrace we once knew from the miniseries, as the beginning montage of this episode clearly indicates. She's changed, different. Of course they all have shifted in the duration of their journey over the years. But Kara has gone through hell and back, the complications with understanding herself, where she belongs and who or what she is and her purpose for being there. Now she's come to terms with that, even if she doesn't truly understand as to what she is yet, she knows she's there here and now, and that's all that matters.

Whether angel or reincarnated version of the gods of old, from prophecies and scriptures or otherwise, Kara Thrace's destiny is to lead humanity to their end....of their journey. To draw the curtain on this voyage, and pull them back for the new beginning of the next which shall come to pass.

The Opera House Prophecy: "Thus shall it come to pass..."

Out of all the mysteries and questions the show has yet to answer, I think the one concerning the Opera House is the biggest one I want to be revealed out of all of them. We've gotten the glimpse that this is a very important part of the series and what it means for their journey, and I do have some thoughts and theories about what it all means.

During season one Six leads Baltar to the ruins of the Opera House on Kobol, and it transforms itself back to how it originally used to look, and this is where the prophecy regarding Hera begins, and the role Gaius Baltar must play in protecting that child from anything ever happening to her. In Six's words, he is the "guardian and protector of the new generation of God's children" and therefore the "father" of Hera, the Cylon-human hybrid, the first child ever to be the creation of two great races that have been at war for thousands of years. She is the key to everything, and yet somehow the visions of the Opera House tend to mean more than what it appears to be.

My theory is that when the series finale ends it'll be that "rocks fall, everybody dies" concept except for Gaius, Six and Hera. During the course it has always been about Six and Gaius within the Opera House and Hera; the dreams and visions shared between Caprica, Athena and Roslin all indicate something that yes, this is a prophetic vision and this is what will happen. But in this vision neither Athena nor Roslin get to Hera in time and they are left behind as Six and Gaius cross the threshold into the theater of the Opera House. The main theater being the next chapter of the new generation, another reason to wholeheartedly believe that Six/Gaius is definitely going to continue on even if this season has been less with their scenes.

This episode also emphazises on the fact that Gaius Baltar has only looked out for himself, whatever he chose to do it wasn't just for the benefit of others but it was to make himself look good, and he would do anything for that fact if it meant saving himself in the process. But overtime he's shifted and changed, even though the survival instincts are still there, I think he has a different mindset than before. So when we see him talking to Lee regarding his people, a.k.a. his lovecult harem, but it's more about his own survival if anything. But we've seen Gaius have some interesting realizations about himself, and that he does care for these people, even if he places on a show at times. So during that last bit where they were all choosing sides, and Caprica Six was joining the mission, I kept chanting "go with her Gaius, go on the mission! Care about someone other than yourself!" Because it just has to happen. It has to.

The reason I say this isn't just because of him proving himself to anyone, but rather accepting himself of not being immortal and fulfilling his destiny as Six has guided him through this whole time, and completing the role he's going to play as the protector of Hera, allowing that prophecy to take place as he comes to terms with acceptance and redemption. That he and Six will be the ones to successfully pluck Hera out from the chaos that'll ensue, and whatever will happen next is unpredictable.

All I know is that the Opera House may just be a metaphorical meaning at this point, unless they do find a habitabal planet which miraculously does have an Opera House located there, but I doubt so. While I know that RDM and CO. have been playing things by ear as they went along with the mythology, they have done a great job with connecting things from the beginning of the series as they are ending it. I'm sure if we don't get a clear vision of what the influences and meanings behind everything, they'll reveal it sooner than later at some point. But I maintain my hopes and predictions regarding this little mystery that has been something of backbone to everything about these prophecies. They wouldn't make such a huge deal about them otherwise, would they?

The Galactica's Final Frontier

From the preview for the two-hour series finale, we see that this is going to end with the big bang I expected it to go out in; gunfights blazing, massive explosions and possibly more violent character deaths, if more shocking revelations are even possible at this point. But my feeling is that most will not survive.

The likeliest person to not see it to the end is Laura Roslin, because of her cancer reaching new heights and even joining in the fight. I also predict that the Admiral, our very beloved Papa Adama, will die alongside her. I mean, he loves his ship and he loves her, and if the ship is going to go down in a blaze of glory, I'm sure he'll send everyone out onto their assignments to finish the mission and he'll stay behind defending his station and dying alongside the two most beloved things in his life. I mean, it hurts thinking about it, but with his honorable leadership of the entire fleet, it might be his last wish before going out in style.

I don't like thinking about the deaths of beloved characters but, in the bleakness of this show it's bound to happen especially in the finale of the entire series.

And honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way. I also wish for there to be a satisfying ending, but not conclusive as to have that cliffhanger to continue on questioning more things, for more of those possibilities of the future, whether or not it may happen

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ The entire beginning montage. Everything from the filtering of the flashbacks to having everyone returning back to how they once were before all went to hell. I mean, it's quite surreal that these actors can just switch back to that mentality of those original mindsets of like the miniseries; seeing Katee play the coy and flirtatious and carefree Kara Thrace she used to be was a treat, seeing the pompous and arrogance of Gaius Baltar living in his own world, and even Tricia going back to the natural curiosity and even perhaps some understanding to humanity in her beginning days of understanding and coming close to Gaius, it's all very different from how Caprica Six is now, isn't it? Just the way she carries herself, the way she speaks, it's all there. It really makes you appreciate the actors more than before, doesn't it?

++ I also would like to comment about the scenes involving Roslin and her sisters, because that was a nice lighthearted moment just seeing Laura being Laura. Not Secatary of Education or President of the Colonies or even a Prophet, but just herself. And seeing the devastation even before the real devastation began, you see what might happen with Laura and how far along she's come.

++ I do admit, that small scene with drunk!Lee chasing after that bird was lolarious, but seeing as I also see that as a metaphor because the jargon for vipers are "birds", and in the preview for the finale is Lee getting back into that cockpit. Foreshadowing?

++ And how nice was it to see Zac Adama?! I mean seriously, they could've just had this whole scene revolving around Kara and Lee but they had ZAC FREAKING ADAMA there, and it was awesome. Plus, hello there MANDALA PAINTING on Kara's apartment wall. We've always known it was there, but it's a nice callback that hey, it's been there on her apartment this entire time. Loved it.

++ Going back to present day stuff, I really like that Kara is spending most of her time with Sam and trying to understand and figure out the patterns of the notes to the song. And how awesome was that scene with her and Adama? I mean seriously. "I know you who're my daughter, and don't you forget that." Like she ever could. Awww. I've loved their father-daughter-esque relationship on the show, and even after everything it's so nice seeing that they still have that same relationship they've always had since the beginning. That's what this episode was about, I felt. Going back to the beginning. Seeing these people for who they were, and even after everything they've gone through, everything they've experienced, all they've lost, they are still essentially the same person underneath all those layers. Right down to that core, and even finding that hidden stuff that has been there the entire time. LOVE IT.

++ Athena is so totally broken. She has lost all hope. Helo is the only one that is holding things together. Just, wow. MY AGATHONS OMG. ;____;

++ Boomer is going to do something to save Hera. Definitely. She may have changed sides repeatedly and not know where she stands, and might've done something so unforgiveable, but she hasn't lost all her humanity.

++ The mission. How much did I love the whole assembling of everyone onto the hanger deck, and the red tape separating one side from the other? And Adama's speech -- he's back in Admiral mode, bbs. Also, Roslin joining even though she's too sickly to even stand upright. ♥

++ The Colony is located near a black hole. You guys, this is almost just as epic thing ever, especially for such a mission by saving Hera from their grasps. With only one way in and out, and that will lead to a definite battle either way. This, I feel, is going to be FRAKKING EPIC like, f'reals.

Overall: I am most certainly pumped for the finale, like seriously. It seems kind of unreal that is it finally ending, come this Friday it'll be all over. I know there's been a mixture of underwhelming feelings about some of the episodes, but I feel that now is the time to really just assess and pray that this finale will do the entire series justice. Which I know it will, and I don't think I can possibly wrap my mind around how they can answer everything we hold in two hours. It'll be like information epic action and explosion overload. But yes, this episode is preparing us for that epic finale. Everything we've learned and come to know over the course of these four seasons is drawing to a close, and that final chapter is about to be written.

It is still kind of unbelievable. This Friday is the frakking series finale to BSG. Somehow it just doesn't seem real, even though I've been anticipating this epic ending for some time. Even though I don't want it to end, the time is right to end it where it is the strongest. I feel this entire season overall has been amazing, and the whole series has been one epic journey that will go down in television history.

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