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Mankind's true nature will always assert itself

Tonight a new Supernatural, one that I'm very esctatic about actually. So here's to praying and crossing fingers that Comcast isn't going to be a bitch tonight like last week, otherwise there will be hell to pay. F'reals.

"Battlestar Galactica" discussion at the United Nations. Just the fact that the show is being taken seriously and looked upon for examples for its paralleling current world events and taking a deeper darker look at humanity, at the freaking UN no less, if that doesn't say something about how frakking epic and influential this show is, I don't know what else does. And how much do I love that Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell were there giving their opinions and thoughts as well? Also, EJO really does love using "so say we all" all the time now, doesn't he? He'll use it every chance it gets. I'm tickled by this.

I'm still trying not to think about the series finale tomorrow. I'm excited yet kinda depressed at the same time, if that makes sense. I know there's The Plan and the prequel spinoff Caprica, but this epic BSG journey will end tomorrow evening. Anyone else gonna have tissues handy? I'll be kinda weepy regardless what happens. ;_;

Just recieved BoA's FIRST US ALBUM in the mail today, and listening to it now. On repeat actually. It's amazingly awesome, and I may do an album review a bit later.

Now I'm gonna wait until SPN comes on, just is in about an hour and a half away, omg.
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