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There must be some kind of way out of here.

Television has been kinda epic lately, sometimes I feel like I can barely keep up before s'ploding into squeeful fits. I mean hell, I wrote my incredibly epic meta-review for SPN just hours before the series finale of BSG aired, and after both those epic shows I can't fathom how much they have destroyed my brain. This is what worthwhile television does to me, rendering me speechless and incoherent when it does something right. And I know there are a wide of reactions to both, but mine is quite simple at the moment: frakking epic.

During the airing of the finale, two BSG-related promos came out. One for the telemovie, The Plan and Caprica, the spin-off series. Looking forward to both.

Know what I loved about SPN last week? It was the equivalent episode to what "Downloaded" is to S2 BSG, in a lot of different ways. I should really do a separate meta regarding the comparisons and contrasts of Angels and Cylons because really, the similarities are uncanny. I WILL CONTINUE WITH ME PARALLELING I DON'T CARE IT IS APPARENT AND VITAL TO MY INTERESTS! AND SIX/CASTIEL = HAWTNESS, F'REALS.

I have nothing else, except that Castiel/Misha Collins is love. Trufax. ♥
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