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Is it just me or are the days at my school just passing by? I don't know - time seems to fly much faster now in my current classes for some odd reason, and no it isn't because I'm enjoying them - one of my teachers is nice and all, but way too perky in the morning. My second period teacher is cool, my third is alright. Fourth is okay too, but sometimes I'm zoning out to see what time it is. Hey, it's an old habit that's useful from time to time.

Right now I'm in the middle of reading My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews for my English class - first period. And dude, it's going to be hell trying to explain to these people when it's time to do book reports - assuming that I'll stay at the school long enough to do one.

Not that I'm not complaining, really. I mean, V.C. Andrews novels are pretty much twisted and confusing that would literally give someone a headache if trying to figure out an entire family tree from any one of the books she's written. I mean, I actually explained the entire family tree for Dark Angel - the Casteel series - last year and many people, including the teacher, had puzzled looks on their faces. But what was even more wicked was the reactions when I recommended Flowers in the Attic to them, explaining that it was actually inspired by a true story. It was fun.

That reminds me....

When I was reading Order of the Phoenix, when Sirius told Harry about his family heritage, or more specifically his family tree, he explained that all pureblood wizarding families were all related in some way or another. Now, isn't that V.C. Andrews like, huh?

We miss you Sirius! *cries*
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